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   Ascending Spiral now has 29 reviews at Amazon. 19 are 5 star, 10 4 star. Latest one is from Beverley Batemanís blog, which is worth visiting. The one before is from one of Amazon's "top reviewers" who dishes out many 2 and 3 star reviews. The 4 stars are therefore a compliment.

   My latest editing client has sent me an appraisal of my work.

   If you are a writer, or a reader wanting to understand what makes a book grab your attention, you'll want to read my new contribution to Savvy Authors How to START well.
Please leave a comment there, and share the link

   Ankió: The stranger who loved me, my multiple award-winning biography, is now available in Hungarian.

   My first-ever interview of another writer is now at my new Wordpress site. She is Joan Edwards, with excellent advice on how to generate interest in your blog.

   My award-winning historical novel The Making of a Forest Fighter is now available in Kindle and Nook formats, after a thorough revision. It has 3 advance reviews from 3 excellent writers of historical fiction.

   I have moved my newsletter to a Wordpress blog. You can find the last several issues there.

   Florence Weinberg has reviewed Sleeper, Awake.

   THREE wonderful ladies have interviewed me. Jean read Ascending Spiral, and sent me a very complimentary email. I asked her to post a review, but she preferred to interview me instead. I think you'll like our exchange.

   Second, Sally Odgers has interviewed me on her blog. She is an old internet friend, and is one of those rare writers who can make a living from her many books in a variety of genres. Sally asked just one question: the BIG one for a writer.

   Third, Teena Raffa-Mulligan and I talked about writing. If you're a writer, and even if you're not, you will find this interesting and useful.

   Lori Soard has interviewed me on internet radio. You can listen at http://coffeewithauthors.com.

   Are you a writer? My latest essay on the craft of writing is live at Savvy Authors.

   Grab a free book, You too can live in contentment.

   Read a new essay about my predictions for the near future: But there is no need for despair.

   The LiFE Award: Literature For Environment has SIX new recipients.

   As part of my promotion for Ascending Spiral, I have been doing review exchanges with writers I respect and even admire. Have a read of my reviews of their books, and theirs of mine, in the archives of my newsletter.

   Cheryl O'Brien has reviewed Anikó: The stranger who loved me.

   Cynthia Richards' newsletter has something about Ascending Spiral in it. [PDF file.]

   Magdalena Ball of Compulsive Reader has interviewed me on internet radio.

   Two blog appearances are with Christina St Clair and Lily Sawyer.

   My 15th book, the novel Ascending Spiral: Humanity's last chance has just been released. It's my best writing to date, and has already garnered several very positive reviews.

   I have been interviewed by Joan Edwards, a multi-talented writer who is as obsessive about language as I am. Look it up on her web site, or right here.

   Gloria Orren has also interviewed me, about Ascending Spiral. Her blog Gloria's Corner is worth visiting.

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