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   A Cappela Publishing, run by Patrika Vaughn: your one-stop shop, offering help with your writing, critiques, publishing, and marketing, even agenting. Getting it all from a single source guarantees a program customized to your needs, offering continuity and managable fees. Take a look, at www.acappela.com

Art Media -- Australian and New Zealand writers and artists

   Aussie Reviews is a website aiming to review the best Australian books of all genres. A great resource for writers and readers alike.

   Australia the World Wordsmiths is not just for Australian writers, but has members from all around the world.
   Its moredator is 'ferylgirl'. "A poet, screenwriter, and story writer, ferylgirl is a left handed, healed, caring creative woman residing in a house that's too big with her three beautiful children and the requisite cat & dog. She is the moderator of Australia The World Wordsmiths, an international networking group for writers."

   If you like good reading, visit Awe-Struck Books www.awe-struck.net/. They also offer advice, contacts and various services to writers.

   Books OnLine Directory http://www.chinarice.org/ Links to thousands of free books and stories, book reviews, and resources to help you improve and publish your own writing. Learn why authors should never pay to be published.

    Swiss-born Tasmanian artist and conservationist Marlies Bugmann has an increasingly popular service, making covers for books, CDs and, well, anything you want to cover. She also works for Zumaya Publications, and painted the artwork for the cover of my fourth Ehvelen book The Making of a Forest Fighter.
   Her favourite medium is to paint in acrylics. Her style, subsequently fused with digital art, gives her work a unique appearance. Look her up at http://MM.resourcez.com.

   If you're looking for a critique partner for your novel, try the free CritPal service. You do your own "matchmaking" by placing an ad in The CritPal Post and by checking the ads and sample chapters others have posted. Open to all genres and levels of experience.

   Interested in the American West, whether it's true and now, or fictional and wild? Dally Press publishes travel, self-help, and fiction books oriented to the American West. They also publish a monthly E-zine, the Dally Press Gazette.

   Bonnie Mercure runs Dowse.com. A great many short stories can be found there, both classics and newly written offering. She has posted two of my stories.

   My page listing contacts with Environmental Ethics web sites contains links to magazines that accept submissions, in particular Adbusters and Bear Deluxe Magazine.

   The Eternal Night is a website dedicated to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fiction including author interviews, original fiction, book reviews, author bibliographies and short story guides, genre news and links to many Speculative Fiction sites.

   Interested in freelance writing? David Ware has lots of interesting information for you at A FREELANCER'S LIFE
   Articles, tips, tricks and an in-depth look at one successful freelancer's life.

   Write about your fondest memories, your wedding day, your birthdays, your vacation trips. Keep them so that you can read them again when you want to reminisce. Gazillion Days helps you focus on writing about one day (morning, afternoon, and evening) at a time. Put these days together and you'll have a great story about your life.

   If you're launching a publishing company or just want to know how they work, you should explore the resources on the Gropen Associates site. Preditors and Editors calls it truly useful, and the articles, recommended reading lists, blog and web directories will help you avoid common mistakes. Marion Gropen herself offers financial and management advice to the smaller publishers, as well as courses and inexpensive downloadable tools to improve profitability.

   Indipen is an online press/literary agency for journalism, magazine features (in all categories) and short fiction.
   Indipen allows writer to have their work viewed and purchased by potentially thousands of international publications. We take a 15% commission on purchased articles, but apart from that the service is completely free.

   The MuseItUp Club, a Writer's Digest 101 Top Writing Site of 2005 and recipient of the Preditors and Editors Most Useful Writing Site Award, is a writing critique community for the writer serious about honing his craft. More details here: http://museitupclub.tripod.com.

   Do you like historical fiction? Trace Edward Zaber runs the popular web site "Of Ages Past: The Online Magazine For Historical Fiction" devoted to this genre. He has stories from me. Pressure of other business has stopped him from posting new material, but the archived reading is great.

   Tasmanian writer Sally Odgers has compiled a listing of electronic books put out by writers in Australia and new Zealand. You will find links to many wonderful books here. If you have an e-book that's not yet on her list, you should email Sally at sodgers@hotnet.net.au

   Rainbow Writing, Inc. -- We are an inexpensive yet highly professional freelance and contracted writing, editing, copy editing, copy writing, ghost writing, graphics design, and ultra-cheap dedicated web host and website design company.

   Sharpwriter is a web site with resources, articles, help for writers, review and interviews.

   A self-publishing guide from Stinkyink: The route to getting your own book published is far less torturous than it used to be but you still need to know the best way to go about getting your literary creation out there and in the public eye. The odds of getting your book into print through a publisher have always been fairly slim in comparison to the number of author’s who try but thanks to the internet, publishing your own book is not the financial drain that it once was. As this guide will show you, you can either pursue the eBook format or still pursue the established path of physical publishing. Whichever route you choose, all the information contained within A Complete Guide to Publishing Your Own Book should provide valuable assistance.

   TRI Studio is a company of authors that include Kathe Gogolewski, Ann Durand and Ray Grant. We write in a variety of genres for different publishers, magazines and ezines. Please check out our individual websites to learn more about each of us and our publications.
If you are a writer, we invite you to visit our Writer's Resource page, or submit your work to be considered for our Featured Poet page or Guest Author Page. You can also sign up for the Newsletter, packed with information for both readers and writers! There is even a page for children's art and stories.
Tri Studio also features ongoing contests, as well as short stories and poems for your reading pleasure.

    True Crime Stories The True Crime Library is a complete resource for news, stories and magazines about non fictional crimes. They are happy to receive your contributions, and it's a great resource if your writing needs this kind of background.

   W3 is an almost monthly FREE newsletter offering theory, samples and exercises about all types of writing. I am a subscriber, and get value from it.

   Whispers online magazine for women is an interesting magazine for interesting women. It's about women helping women. They have articles on personal image, food, home, finance, computing, travel, entertainment, and romance as well as community message boards and chat.
   They have published one of my poems.

   The Writing Life is a group of writers who work together as writing partners to develop their creativity and writing skills through the use of writing projects.

   Writer to Writer a FREE monthly ezine for writers of fiction and non-fiction. Featuring tips on writing, marketing, techniques, finding ideas, submitting, selling and more. To subscribe, send a blank email to writertowriter-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.au **Check out our website: www.writer2writer.com -- Regular contests for writers -- No entry fees.




   Gary Allen has this to say about his web site www.lathroug.com:
   "The official web site of The Lath'roug Saga by Gary Allen, a new fantasy author from Queensland. Two ancient noble families clash, oblivious that their feud is bringing to life an ancient wildblood prophecy of doom. While the West plunges into civil war, a beautiful outcast must find the hero destined to save them all."

   Jeanne Allen, author of The Most Daring Dreams. Visit Jeanne's website...where Science and Romance intersect... http://www.cpinternet.com/~jeeniec

   Lillie Ammann is a writer and independent business owner. In addition to information about Lillie and her books, her websites includes links to resources on e-books and writing. Visit her at www.lillieammann.com

   Beth Anderson had three traditional print novels successfully published before she ventured online to try independent publishing. Okay...she admits it, she inadvertently -- as she always seems to -- stumbled onto independent publishing while surfing the Internet one day, and started having so much fun for a change that she's never looked back.
   She soon fell in with the motley crew known as the Clocktower Mafia, so named internally because of the way Clocktower burst onto the scene with seven EPPIE finalists in their first year. Beth has two more books in print now with Clocktower, NIGHT SOUNDS and (EPPIE 2000 Finalist) MURDER ONLINE, has just finished a third, SECOND GENERATION, and is starting on a fourth, BLOOD SISTERS, thus finally holding what is, to her, her own personal seven card stud poker hand.
   Her third print book out, DIAMONDS, was considered by Hollywood producers for a movie which never quite got off the ground due to financial concerns (they couldn't find any) (finances, that is; they had more than enough concerns) so she's hoping one of her new novels will make the next cut. She really wouldn't mind if all of them made the cut, but she tries very hard not to be greedy.
   Beth shares the spotlight with her alter ego, Hotclue, who is actually more famous on the Internet than Beth, but that's mainly because Hotclue will say just about anything to anybody, and she laughs at everything. This embarrasses Beth greatly, of course, but there's very little she can do about it because Hotclue is both irrepressible and unstoppable. Beth, of course, is quite circumspect and limits herself to a raised eyebrow or two when the situation calls for it.
   Hotclue, by the way, wrote this bio. You can see both of them, and excerpts from their books, at: http://www.bethanderson-hotclue.com.

   Morgan J. Blake, author of tales of the American West. See excerpts of Morgan's novels, and keep updated on publishing news and upcoming projects.
   When Cara Kinson disappears from a small settlement in the Arizona Territory in the spring of 1873, her older brother, Army Scout Wylie Kinson, suspects the Apaches are to blame. But when he rides to Texas after her, the trail leads both siblings down a bloody path of betrayal and deceit. Redemption -- by Morgan J. Blake.

   Links of interest for writers of all skill levels abound on the Writer Resources pages of Mari Bushman's website. While you're there, take a gander at a story or two--they're always good for a laugh. If you have an author or writing link (especially your own) to suggest, or perhaps a useful research website, please drop me an email at the link provided at the bottom of the page. I'd be more than happy to add it to my growing list. And thanks in advance for stopping by--go on, make it a habit.

   She threw the hot, boiling oil at him for not letting her cook dried fish in the house. He howled. Then, he was the young boy who sang carols in the traffic of Manila for a cent. Then she was the brave yet vulnerable maid in Hong Kong who found the harbour a solace for her questioning soul. And other stories. Read them from The Beach Spirit and Other Stories, released in Sydney this May, 2001. It's a collection of engaging and enjoyable short stories, heralding the arrival of a talented new author Erwin Cabucos.

   Jim Cohn writes:
   At the conclusion of "Annie Hall," Woody Allen tells this joke:
   Two fellows are talking. The first one says, "My brother-in-law thinks he's a chicken."
   "Oh?" says the second. "Did you take him to a psychiatrist?"
   "Nope," says the first.
   "Why not?" asks the second.
   And the first fellow says, "Because we need the eggs."
   Writing is a lot like that. There is great satisfaction in taking something that doesn't exist and making it real enough for others to believe.
   But, the greater satisfaction is internal; we write because we are compelled to write. It is a ceaseless drum beat to be ignored at your own peril. I spent 30 years refusing to listen while I pursued other interests. But eventually, that loud, pounding beat overwhelmed me. The result is my first novel, a crime fiction, titled, The Y2Kaper.
   As of this writing, the novel is unpublished. No matter, I'm working on a another. Why, you ask? Because I need the eggs.
   You can read Chapter One by clicking: http://jimcohn.com/chapter1.html. Send me an email to let me know if you enjoyed it.
Thank you,
Jim Cohn.

   Charlee Compo sent me this inducement for you to visit her: Enter the Realm of The WindLegends Saga where sci-fi/futuristic and sword & sorcery adventures slip invitingly into the brawny arms of the paranormal and run from the evil beasties of the WindWorlds created by dark fantasy author Charlotte Boyett-Compo.

   Patricia Crossley wrote this about herself:
   I love writing stories with a twist. With a strong romance, my books have elements of mystery, time travel and the paranormal. A SUITABLE FATHER has been called a tale of betrayal, deceit and the triumph of love. JOURNEY'S END whisks the reader from the present, to the past, to the future as a doctor from modern England finds love and happiness with a maverick time traveler. This story received four stars from Romantic Times in January 2001. In BELOVED STRANGER, ghostly voices from the past help a modern hero and heroine solve an ancient murder and heal their own wounds. Please visit my web site at http://www.patriciacrossley.com. You'll find exerpts from my books, reviews, some fabulous free downloads and a slide show of Vancouver Island where I live.

   Cecila Dart-Thornton is the acclaimed author of fantasy series "The Bitterbynde Trilogy" Catch up on her latest news at http://www.dartthornton.com.

   Rosanne Dingli is a Western Australian author whose new thriller, According to Luke, will be released very soon by BeWrite Books. Her first novel, Death in Malta, was reviewed by Dr Bob Rich in 2005. See his words and those of others on Rosanne Dingli's review page at her author website.

   Alex Domokos is a versatile author of poems, short stories, plays, essays and novels as well as an accomplished sculptor, photographer and cinematographer. He currently has two books published with CrossroadsPub.com and five books in publication in his native Hungary. His works have been included in several Anthologies of Canadian-Hungarian authors.

   H. D. Ezzat is the author of Extreme Passions, a fast-paced romance adventure full of high ambitions, extreme relationships, betrayal and ultimately destruction. Addictive in the sense that you won't put it down until you've finished it, contagious in the sense that once you've read it, you have to tell someone about it. The web site includes sample chapters, testimonials, resources for both readers and writers and much more.

   Rita Hestand's author site is full of more than just romance and children's books. Discover her Poetry, short story writing, resources and her research page built to help you the reader with a rich source of history, and details. Then check out her contemporary romances, and her children's illustrated series.
   Here are the links for the poetry, research, writing, and Willys World:

   Barbara Hodges says this about her site: "Ready for a little fantasy California style? Come check out my site, barbarahodges.gobot.com. Read the first chapter of my novel and take a trip into a world where magic both heals and kills. Where reunited sisters must first battle each other before they can take on a soulless evil. Are you ready to be marked by the Power of The Blue Flame?"

   Inkie Inks, the author of Henry & Harriet, the Prize of Dragonhart, although being an avid reader, had never in her wildest dreams thought she would ever write anything, let alone a fantasy novel for children. However, once Inkie started to write, that was it, she was hooked! Now well into book number two, and much to her family's amusement, Inkie is forever scribbling on the first piece of paper that comes to hand, be it an envelope, letter, bill, bank statement (not much there to worry about) or even the receipt from the local store. Numerous handwritten pieces of VERY IMPORTANT PAPER litter the house until finally the mood strikes and they are entered into the computer. Mind you, occasionally the scribbles do become confused with actual telephone messages which causes all sorts of problems. Click on www.inkieinks.com to read Inkie's 'Piece of Advice'.

   Misti Bailey Jackson has a link exchange system. She lists the books of other writers, provided her banner is displayed.

   I attended a workshop on e-publishing by Sherry-Anne Jacobs, and later joined her mailing list ANZauthors. This marvelous lady writes in several genres, using different aliases. I have found her book, 'Plotting and Editing' to be very helpful. Visit her.

   Martine Jardin is now the Publisher at Zumaya Publications, the publishers of my books in North America. She is a talented artist and writer herself.

   Kathleen McCabe Lamarche, author of award-winning political intrigue The Plot, learned the importance of participatory citizenship at her father's knee and discovered she had a talent for writing and the power to change minds and lives when she was appointed editor-in-chief of her junior high school newspaper. "I found that I liked being the voice of the little guy who has no voice in the elitist structure of society." Her penchant for "rocking the boat" earned her steadfast friends and staunch enemies throughout her years as editor-in-chief of high school and college newspapers, but it wasn't until 1991 as a local newspaper columnist that she discovered the extent to which "City Hall" and the local elites would go to discredit anyone who dared challenge their plans. After "going underground for several years," she has once again emerged to challenge the status quo--this time on a national level--with her novel, The Plot, which is a tale of deception, murder and intrigue extending from the highest levels of government to the powerful mass media. Visit her at www.KathleenMcCabeLamarche.com.

   Michael LaRocca http://freereads.topcities.com/michaellarocca.html
Who Am I? Why should you care? Find out here! Bios, interviews, free sneak previews of all my books: An American Redneck in Hong Kong, The Chronicles of a Madman, Rising From The Ashes, Vigilante Justice.

   Brenna Lyons
Brenna Lyons is laughingly known as the thief of attention by misdirection. In her first two years as a published author, Brenna has signed more than sixty contracts with six small press publishers, everything from science fantasy to dark fantasy and even a few contemporary books, some with romance or erotica and some without. To date, she is a three-time EPPIE finalist, two-time CAPA finalist, a PEARL finalist, TREBLE HEART finalist, DREAM REALM finalist and Fallen Angel's Author of the Year for eXtasy Books, all with different books. Brenna also maintains an extensive and interactive site which contains a wealth of information for new authors.

   Caitlyn McKenna is author of Echoes of Angels.
   Sime~gen calls it a 5 star winner! "Ms. McKenna's Echoes of Angels is an excellent story; one I guarantee will stay in your mind long after you have turned the last page."
   The Best Reviews: "This story is a keeper. One you'll want to revisit, re-read, just for the joy of finding a story that immerses you in its characters."
   A Romance Review: "Echoes of Angels is a fantastic trip into a page-turning story that will be read many times over and made a 'keeper' by fans of the paranormal romance genre."
   Winner of the Word Weaving Award of Excellence. See more reviews: www.geocities.com/caitlyn_mckenna.
   Check other Zumaya titles: www.zumayapublications.com.

   Bonnie Mercure is a dark fiction author of short stories and book length works. Her fantasy novel 'The Curse of the Three-Headed Circus' is published by Double Dragon Publishing.

   Sally Murphy is a writer of educational resource books, poetry, children's stories and reviews. Her web site is http://www.sallymurphy.writernetwork.com/

   NDK, Creative Artist, is a fellow who prefers to exercise that timeless right of anonymity that is afforded writers in a free world. Originally from New Zealand, NDK makes his home in California where he writes fiction (fantasy and sci-fi, non-fiction and poetry), much of which reflects his concern for the state of our culture, and solutions for its advance. NDK is publisher of The Free Articulator -- "A vehicle for cultural ideas whose time has come." Over the coming years NDK will be releasing examples of his writing from a body of work that spans 14 million words on his website at Allforart.com. NDK's site also sports some stunning fantasy illustrations and cutting satire. Said one editor, "NDK brings wit, irony, and new fire to fantasy!" The official launch of Allforart.com will be announced in The Free Articulator.

   Robert W. Norris is an expatriate author living in Japan. He has published two novels: "Looking for the Summer," about a Vietnam War conscientious objector's search for identity on the road from Paris to Calcutta in 1977, and "Toraware," a psychological drama centering on the obsessive relationship of three misfits from different cultural backgrounds in 1980s Kobe, Japan. Bob's web site is http://www2.gol.com/users/norris/

   Sally Odgers is the most prolific writer I know. And her web-site is a wonderful jungle of information about the several worlds she has created. She runs a regular competition in which she gives the winner a free book.

    The Online writer is John Moss, a very helpful person with a large collection of writing in his complex site. He accepts submissions from anyone with writing to display.

   Sadly, my friend Ariana Overton suddenly died. Her work lives on, so I choose to leave the following:
   Ariana and Max Overton are people of many skills. Ariana Overton is an author who loves to travel and write about many different places, people and things. She crosses genres the way she used to cross state lines in her travels; always in search of the next great story.
   She writes murder mysteries (TRAPDOOR, THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS, DRUID, DEERPATA, SCARAB), Time Travel Thriller (TAPESTRY-EPPIE finalist in 2000), Action/Adventure (GLASS HOUSE, A GLASS DARKLY & LOOKING GLASS)
   She also writes Children's picture books (A GIFT FOR ROO, GREEN EGGS FOR ROO, ROO & STUMPY, ROO & THE EASTER BILBY and A GECKO IN MY ORANGE JUICE- A series in progress)
   Born in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Ariana became the family gypsy, traveling the United States, meeting new people and finding new places. After adventuring to Australia, she met Max Overton. He taught at James Cook University in Biology, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology, but his passion is butterflies, which his personal site at http://www.angelfire.com/in2/butterflynet/ will show.
   Max supplies the original wildlife photos for the Roo books. He also writes Historical novels. His first novel, LION OF SCYTHIA, was published by Clock Tower Books in 2000. Max's current website is http://www.maxoverton.com/.
   Ariana is a member of the Australian Society of Authors, Australian Writers Association, EPIC, a former Senior Editor and Director of Services for Romance Writers of America/Australian Chapter and a Contributing Editor to Suite 101 with articles she writes about other authors. Her articles have been published in Inscriptions Magazine, Suite 101, Disceptatio, an e-magazine, Bamboo Grove and the Romance Writers of American/Australia Newsletter. She has been a Managing Editor for Sharpwriter and Senior Editor for Clocktower Books.
   Ariana is now working on new novels and is a reporter for the Suburban Journals in Illinois, as well as continuing to design covers for herself, her husband and other authors. She also does website design and creation.
   Visit her personal author's site at http://www.angelfire.com/ri2/theovertons and read excerpts and read reviews of her books.
   To see her original cover art, go to http://communities.msn.com/ArianaOverton/

   Tony Sarrecchia, a columinst on Libertarian-right, tackles politics, society, injustice and other timely topics with wit and uncommon good sense. Vist his site at http://www.tsjgroup.com/tony.

   Christine West writes a weekly column called, "Single in the City" for The London Free Press. She has also recently published a book entitled, "Service With A Smile". Christine invites you to her website to read her column, short stories, poetry and outlines of her upcoming novels.

   http://fieldofthemes.com/writers/writersguide.html The main home of the writer's guide. Contains the info required to purchase the latest version of the writer's guide as well as an inexpensive promo item for writers. There is also an extensive list of links to useful writing sites. This site will eventually link to a more comprehensive site with useful info for writers, links to author's sites, book reviews, and much more.




    I am pleased to be a member of the Victorian Writers' Centre. There are similar groups for other Australian States. Membership has several benefits, worth checking out.

   The Australian Society of Authors is the professional organization for writers in Australia.

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