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   Talented YA author Michael Thal has a list of the 5 best books he's reviewed in a year. For 2017, he has chosen two of my books: Guardian Angel as his favourite, and Anikó: The stranger who loved me as the second.

   Delighted to let you know, the LiFE Award: Literature for Environment now has its 41st recipient Sublime Planet, a book of poetry by Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball. This is the 5th award in the last few months. Please support authors whose writing cherishes our little planet.

   I am being honoured with a long succession of interviews. The questions are all different, and even if they weren't, I make sure my answers are. Above all, I aim to be entertaining. Please visit my blog Bobbing Around to find links to current ones. There is always a book giveaway to commenters.
   I am also reproducing with permission those guest appearances that have become buried in newer posts. The list is also at Bobbing Around.

   My latest editing client has sent a very appreciative comment, and authorised me to post it to my editing page.

   After all, Hit and Run won't be my 16th published book. Have a look at my new page about Guardian Angel.

   My now 17th book is nearing release. Please visit the prepublication page for Hit and Run, where you can read the first chapter and several advance reviews. You can request a free copy in order to review it, until the book is listed for sale.

   Last year, I spent months on editing an excellent book on an economic philosophy that has the potential to save humanity from the global economic system: the "Sufficiency Economy Philosophy" of the just-deceased Thai king. The book's editors wrote a testimonial for my services.

   Economic growth is killing us and our planet. Read an essay by Samuel Alexander, who offers the attractive alternative I have been practicing for many years.

   I am offering a service to authors whose books I have reviewed. See the details.

   Ankió: The stranger who loved me, my multiple award-winning biography, is now available in Hungarian.

   Grab a free book, You too can live in contentment.

   As part of my promotion for Ascending Spiral, I have been doing review exchanges with writers I respect and even admire. Have a read of my reviews of their books, and theirs of mine, accessed through the archives of my newsletter.

   The blank space below holds an invisible link. There are a total of ten of these scattered throughout Bobswriting.com. Identify five, and you have earned a free book.
   Books are listed on this page.
   A click on this link will open a form in a new browser window. As you find the invisible links that lead to the pictures, you can enter the information on the form. The first secret link should be easy to find...
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