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   I have been interviewed by several delightful people. Not being the tidiest person in the world, I don't have a record of all of them. However, I thought you would be entertained by reading some of the ones I managed to chase down.

   To make life easier for you, I have constructed this page so that a click on a link pops up a new window, leaving the list still there on your hot little screen.

Enjoy! (I hope)

Gloria Orren runs a busy blog, Gloria's Corner. She and I share many things: like me, she is a Writer, Book Reviewer, and Award-winning Editor. She does a service to many other writers like me by featuring them on her blog.

Joan Edwards has written an amusing and inspiring story for children, adult fiction, and a book on elder care. She is meticulous about the use of English, and this shared interest is what got us together.

Lea Schizas is famous in writing circles as the organizer of an annual FREE online writers' conference. She is also the founder and inspiration of the Muse-it-up collection of writers' email lists and critique groups. She is a writer and professional editor, passionate about many issues such as authistic kids, and is always there when people need help and support.

Linda Eberharter, the publisher of Atlantic Bridge Publishing -- http://www.atlanticbridge.net She has a background in not only writing for business and pleasure, but also in marketing. She discovered the e-publishing industry in mid-1999 and was quickly convinced of its bright future knowing it would change the standard of publishing positively. Her belief in the talent of the authors she has come in contact with propelled her to pursue an e-publishing house within her business and now finds she is loving every moment of taking up her role as a fellow pioneer in this exciting industry.

British publisher and writer Karen Scott interviewed me and was kind enough to display the cover and first chapter of Sleeper, Awake. Her web site is Author-network.com.

Christine Spindler writes in vivid, exciting, faultless English, remarkable because her native language is German. She gave a rave review for my Anger and Anxiety: Be in charge of your emotions and control phobias -- being a person who has conquered long term psychological problems, she is a connoisseur of counseling. When she offered to interview me, I was surprised at her method. Unlike other e-interviewers, she sent me one question, every day or so, then moulded her next question in response to the response... if you know what I mean.
   Christine is the author of a series of psychological thrillers featuring 'Inspector Terry'. Click to visit her web site.

Next was Sally Odgers, a writer who has my full admiration. Her titles number in the hundreds, as you will find out if you visit her web site. Sally has a regular column on Australian writing at Suite 101.com, and this is where she placed our chat, in two parts: here and here. Note that Sally's series is on Australian writers, so if you are from elsewhere, you either need to migrate or lie in order to have her interview you.

   Valerie Hardin has a brilliant, automated concept: the instant interview, just add water. She posted the results here.

   Stephen Mazey and his wife Lesley run The Eternal Night, a British web site devoted to science fiction, fantasy and horror. They have built a spiraling reputation among fans and writers both. His interview with me is here

   Barbara Hodges is the author of Blue Flame, published by Hard Shell Word Factory. You can look her up at http://www.barbarahodges.gobot.com. She interviewed me on behalf of 'EPPRO': Electronically Published PROfessionals. Barbara lives on the central coast of California with her husband Jeff, two basset hounds, Winston and Sydney, and Wallace, a slinky yellow tabby that just adopted them. Besides writing she is a decorative painter, and the president of the California Poppy Decorative Artists.

   Lori Soard runs Wordmuseum, which is a wonderful resource for writers, and a great place to visit if you want to find good books to read, and learn about their authors. [Sorry, it's no longer operational.]

   Lori Soard has moved on, and now runs promotional activities in other ways. She thought up a new lot of questions, and I certainly gave her a new lot of answers.


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