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Dr Bob Rich clucthing one of his EPPIE Awards
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   My 16th book is nearing release. Please visit the prepublication page for Hit and Run, where you can read the first chapter and several advance reviews. You can request a free copy in order to review it, until the book is listed for sale.

   The LiFE Award: Literature for the environment has a new recipient: Getting Home, by Jennifer Poulter

   I think you'll enjoy listening to Diane Wing interviewing me.

   Ankió: The stranger who loved me, my multiple award-winning biography, is now available in Hungarian.

   I have moved my newsletter to a Wordpress blog. You can find the last several issues there.

   My award-winning historical novel The Making of a Forest Fighter is now available in Kindle and Nook formats, after a thorough revision. It has 3 advance reviews from 3 excellent writers of historical fiction.

   Florence Weinberg has reviewed Sleeper, Awake.

   THREE wonderful ladies have interviewed me. Jean read Ascending Spiral, and sent me a very complimentary email. I asked her to post a review, but she preferred to interview me instead. I think you'll like our exchange.

   Second, Sally Odgers has interviewed me on her blog. She is an old internet friend, and is one of those rare writers who can make a living from her many books in a variety of genres. Sally asked just one question: the BIG one for a writer.

   Third, Teena Raffa-Mulligan and I talked about writing. If you're a writer, and even if you're not, you will find this interesting and useful.

   Lori Soard has interviewed me on internet radio. You can listen at http://coffeewithauthors.com.

   Are you a writer? My latest essay on the craft of writing is live at Savvy Authors.

   Grab a free book, You too can live in contentment.

   Read a new essay about my predictions for the near future: But there is no need for despair.

   As part of my promotion for Ascending Spiral, I have been doing review exchanges with writers I respect and even admire. Have a read of my reviews of their books, and theirs of mine, in the archives of my newsletter.

   Want some fun and win a free electronic book? Find at least five of the ten hidden pictures on this web site. One is on my Welcome page. The other nine... who knows? A click on this link will open a form in a new browser window. As you find the invisible links that lead to the pictures, you can enter the information on the form.
   The contest is explained in full on this page.

   A simpler way is to buy any of my books anywhere, in any format. If you've bought it elsewhere, you can email me proof of purchase. Buy one, and get a second title, free.

What you can enjoy here

Short stories:
   The Spaghetti Warrior
   Prisoners of the Home
   Portrait of a Firebug

Humorous stories:
   The Naughtiest Kid in the World
   Propping Up Virtue
   Lorraine in the Rain

For writers:
   Exercises to keep RSI at bay.
   Book editing service.
   If you are new to it: interactive writing course.
   And you will be entertained by the interviews I have been subjected to.

Book extracts:

   Ascending Spiral
   Sleeper, Awake

   The Start of Magic
   The Mother's Sword
   The Travels of First Horse
   The Making of a Forest Fighter (These four books are from the Stories of the Ehvelen)

   Striking Back From Down Under
   Through Other Eyes
   Bizarre Bipeds

   The stories of the book covers.
   A free book about the youngest hero.

Four stories designed to heal.

   My reviews of many excellent books.
   The LiFE Award: Literature For Environment.
   Bobbing Around, my occasional newsletter.

Three essays:
   The Quiet Revolution,
   But there is no need for despair.
   The Connoisseur and the Customer.

About e-books:
   Is there a future for them? Just a little fun...
   A speech on a more serious note,
And a speech by my friend Rita Toews

An essay by Kathe Gogolewski: Journalism and Ethics: New Challenges in a Wired Age

   Or you may be interested in receiving a free electronic book. It is one of the Stories of the Ehvelen, about a wonderful little boy who became an immortal hero. Such fame comes at a high price.

Editing Service

   Are you a writer? My freelance book editing service is one of the cheapest, and yet many highly competent, established authors have praised the quality of my work. Having edited everything from graduate texts to erotica, I am happy to take on any content, any genre, any style. Have a look at what I am offering.

   If you have trouble with the technical aspects of the craft of writing, you will find my interactive writing course to be good value.

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