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Good News
Compassionate Action
People who Inspire
Counselling: answers to cries for help
Philosophy -- understanding our world and ourselves

   Each issue has announcements from several people or organisations. They are time-limited, therefore not listed in this index.

   My bunyips are safe: 12th life: How I survived my 12th opportunity to die.

My newest book is Lifting the Gloom: Antidepressant writings. It is an entertaining collection of short stories and essays... sort of.

   You can now enjoy my 18th book, From Depression to Contentment: A self-therapy guide. This is the book that can change your life, whether you suffer from depression or not.

   My 17th book is published. Hit and Run is now available for your enjoyment. You can read Chapter 1, and several reviews.

   My friend and writing mentor, Florence Weinberg, has a weekly chat with Frank Mackay on his radio show, "Breaking It Down." She very kindly devoted an entire episode to talking about me and my work.

   Lovingkindness practice: meditate with Penny Fenner

   Alternatives to Amazon shopping

   The rationale behind face masks will give you a laugh.

   Food for the soul for publicity: Kim Robinson is offering publicity to other authors, only you need to submit a recipe. I have three there.

   Help plan to save our future. Every Wednesday, Andrew Gaines and his friends conduct a globally available Zoom conference for networking and brainstorming on environmental action.

   Tas Readings: work on your aura, dream interpretations, etc.

   I've finished renovating my house at Moora Moora. You may enjoy historical and current pictures.

   The Good Men project

   Medicins Sans Frontieres needs your support for their lifesaving work.

   Weekly Peace Salon is a phone call away in the USA, every Thursday.

   First aid for any problem can immediately help you. It is an essential, early part of my latest book, From Depression to Contentment: A self-therapy guide.

   Here is a new collection of answers to cries for help from people tortured by compulsions to kill people

   And a similar list about people suffering guilt and shame because they'd sexually abused a child while children themselves

   I post free short stories at my blog at irregular intervals. Read and leave a comment. I am happy to consider stories submitted by others for inclusion.

   Ask a scientist Conservation International can answer your questions.
   And Climate Reality has a free educational booklet about climate change.

   Essays on writing:
A great many can be accessed in the listing of my monthly contribution to Rhobin's Rounds
Dialogue Basics
Comma tips
How to avoid ungrammatical sentences: beware of the ug
Grabbing pics legally

   Interesting posts on my blog:
The resilient mindset, about an inspiring little old lady.
A beautiful stop smoking hypnotic script
A band-aid: Buddhist equanimity
Buddhism for Christians
Sin and guilt
Painting as if the planet mattered
What are the most important aspects to pay attention to that relate to sustainability?
Humanity at its best
A random act of kindness
A useful form of exercise
Difficult kids
The reason for all the craziness in our world: the work of John B. Calhoun
Where do souls of the population explosion come from?
We need courage, not hope, to face climate change
Amazon's new review policy: this affects every author and publisher
Cancer: the unacknowledged global epidemic

   Joe Zammit-Lucia invites you to help redesign society.

Sufficiency Thinking: Thailand’s gift to an unsustainable world

Thoughtful essays about the state of our world by John Scales Avery

Conservation and Environment
George Monbiot nails THE PROBLEM
Murdering forests increases fire risk
I hope this pig of a fact won’t boar you
Protect the environment, but without cruelty
Don Lubov on how to deal with climate change
Can renewable energy save us?
Rain on Greenland’s peak
Submission on a new gas pipeline
How to survive climate change
Poison Planet confirmed
Are we just delaying the inevitable with climate change?
5 tricks you can use to reduce plastic pollution
Plastic for dinner?
Not nuclear
Michael Mann on floods and fires in my country
Sand: a problem that’s a symptom
Plastics: a reminder
Goodbye, glaciers
Gas is gasping but follow the money
A blueprint for survival
100 seconds to midnight
10 Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas: a guest post by Shannon Sullivan
Going… going: extinctions on course
Incontinent container ship
Coal power: on the way out
Reforming the professional liars
It’s not only pandemic and climate catastrophe
Another reason not to poison your brain
Switch it off!
When did climate change become a concern?
My recommendation: move inland, to higher ground
New research shows we are destroying the web of life even faster
Why I do my best to avoid single-use plastic
Mont Blanc is a dangerous place
Japanese town cut waste by 80%, but…
The story of plastic
Can anyone STILL deny catastrophic climate change?
The Idle Off Project
Another reason to protect the environment
The drying out of SW North America
The planet is still on fire
Burnt Country: a Greenpeace report
Methane levels at all-time high
Crying for the child, a poem by Veronica-Mae Soar
Red snow celebrates summer in Antarctic autumn
Spend less money to save the world
Virus or no, climate change is still a bigger threat
New diseases are a predictable result of our attack on nature
No, I won’t jump off the planet
Does bike riding have a carbon footprint?
Bumbling toward extinction
How much can climate change affect us in the near future?
New report from the Club of Rome: PLANET EMERGENCY PLAN
Official: we must get rid of pesticides
Understanding the science: Australian bushfires
Worrying about future generations?
A picture says it all
Denial is terror under the surface
Rachel Carson was right The pesticide industry is killing everything.
Don’t be tricked into reducing pressure on the fossil criminals
Insect apocalypse
A person from India is worried. Please read my answer.
Yet another way coal is a killer: mercury.
What’s wrong with nuclear power, from Friends of the Earth
A trustworthy source of climate news That’s the Copernicus Institute.
The 20 companies guilty of ecocide
In defence of a fine young woman
Why is Brazil on fire?
You can SEE climate change here
Bayer/Monsanto is killing birds, too
Melting Ice Everywhere — Arctic Sea Ice Extent Hit New Record Lows in Late July and Early August
The Climate Arsonist
Why do so many people still believe climate change is a myth?
Why have some US states banned plastic bags?
3 new studies: Global heating is real, and we are to blame
Antarctica lost as much sea ice in four years as the Arctic lost in 34 years
It’s gas or your life
We ARE in the Plasticoferous Era
Understanding why extinctions matter
What can we do about the environment: an answer at Quora
Going, going...
GM technology is dangerous
New York again leads the world
Quora question about building a better world
Winter fires in Britain
Habitat destruction is suicide
Rocketing toward apocalypse
The canary is dying
The polar vortex explained
Cork is out of the methane bubble: rain in the Arctic is speeding climate change.
Collapse is already here by Chris Martenson
A beautiful must-read: an essay by Dahr Jamail
Still a chance for survival?
Killing Gaia from the bottom up
Planet on fire
That word "unprecedented"
More on Monsanto: following tobacco and asbestos
Powerful post about climate change
Eco-flying tips
Reduce your shopping footprint
Fascinating essay on water
2018 and before

Good News
Gina Reinhart, climate scientist
Harvard Uni set to be unfossilised
Bushfire survivors force climate action
Dove for the future
Greenpeace wins court case
No you can’t kill Europe’s bees!
Reincarnated Barbie dolls
Guilty under the law, but acquitted anyway
Renewables have won in the USA
Housework is worth money at last!
Solar benefits your neighbours
Cooperation beats intimidation
Terra Carta: Prince Charles leading toward survival
Coal failed — solar more than saved the day
European Investment Bank cuts off gas
FoE Netherlands sues Shell
Thank you, Denmark
Europe’s smoggiest city has decided to un-car itself
Undoing some palm oil ecocide
Attacks on our finned cousins halted
Small, local self-sufficiency works
Confusion to Big Brother
Good man cleared after 7 years
COVID19: Australian Aborigines show the way
World first: University of Queensland produces more green electricity than it uses
Oxford University divests from carbon
Hygiene and precautions are necessary, but reassuring news
The silver lining of the lockdown
One less coal power station
India will stop importing thermal coal by 2024
Great Australian Bight SAVED
A princely prize for environmental solutions
A better way to feed a city
Judge clears Swiss climate protestors, because climate change is a clear danger
Regreening of an island nation
Five climate experts with hope
Australian engineers look to the climate
Renewables winning faster than expected
Chubb insurance adopts sanity
Minnesota pays you to feed bees
Let’s all follow Ethiopia
Plant trees to save the world
Higher education declares a climate emergency
Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative
6 on board, 44 to go: US states aiming to be carbon-free
BHP knows about climate science
Killer Big Oil is closer to being sued
New Zealand gets rid of an insane economic measure
Cars don’t turn on youngsters anymore
Whales and sea turtles have a chance in California
Fracking is unlawful because of climate change
Law gains sanity even in the USA
ACF is an excellent global resource
Japan blows coal away
Law catches up with science: An Australian court has refused permission for a coalmine on climate change grounds.
Cash in that empty
Free public transport in Luxembourg
Pressure protects rainforests
2018 and before

Bill McKibben has hope
Aim for the achievable
What kinds of protest are effective?
What’s wrong with nuclear power?
Yvonne Rowan on the second American Civil War Four entries in the Greens essay contest:
Intersections of Suffering by Anna Sri
Scovid by Jon Cocks
The Allegory by Mark Pooley
The situation is hopeless. We must take the next step by David Feith
Robert Reich on taxing the super-rich
The benefit of refugees
IMF says, tax the rich!
Proof: Murdoch lies on climate change
The rage of a punctured empty vessel
A first for Scientific American: endorsing a political candidate
13 years of torture without trial
Alternatives to Killing People for the Economy Reblogged from Cynthia Kaufman
The 2020 awards for the very worst people of coronavirus
The new country of California
Labor politician’s call to action on climate
Bushfire liars are out in force
Powerful essay by Cindy Matthews
Understanding fake news
Israel and anti-Semitism
Even fundamental Christianity wants to get rid of Trump
Consequences -- the best teacher
Exxon knew -- but coal knew too
America misled: the climate liars
Stealing from people with disabilities from Peter Gibilisco
Wake up! Your house is on fire!
Recruiting youngster power
A picture is worth a thousand words. But pictures can lie.
They dress the Devil in God’s clothes
Australia’s REAL opposition
Who should be a politician?
Sister of my spirit
Letter to all candidates in my electorate
Getting priorities right
Decency wins
One pic worth 1000 words
Hungarian PM in a hurry toward extinction: He wants Hungarians to breed, in order to keep refugees out.
Germans want sane agriculture
2018 and before

Compassionate Action
Help desperate people in Afghanistan
I love this generous spirit
Beautiful writing about a terrible event: man fell from plane
You can visit the city of the kindness revolution
Spiders deserve love, too
COVID19 survivor saves lives
Definition of forgiveness, by Pragito Dove
Bullied boy became a star, and now supports a bullied boy
He closed his restaurants, and is feeding people anyway
Short boy finds people with big hearts
Being of benefit is better than having more money
The story of an enlightened spirit
The people’s architect
Greta’s wisdom Why I approve of Greta’s decision to decline a big award.
Compassion in practical action
Generosity defeats crime
2000 climate change victims saved
Only love can create peace
These sensitive, loving beasts should NOT be city pets
Radio host saves a life
2018 and before

People who Inspire
Thank you, Prince William
Inspiring incarceration
A farewell speech from the heart
Stone axe finds its way home
Sports star shows what humans are really like
Go, Anna!
A mighty little lady: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Dalai Lama and Greta Thunberg inspiring to action
Beautiful essay about a beautiful man, who is dying
People I am honoured to share the planet with
How to confront the double standards of misogyny
Book by homeless youngsters transforms lives
Leo is an 11-year-old Lorax
She founded a new branch of science
From trash to value: we can all learn from Nigeria
Kim Robinson and coronavirus
Two beautiful meditations, via TA Sullivan
One of Calhoun’s rats
Interview with Daralyse Lyons
A cartoon of love: the more you give the more you get
Angels from Jail
What would YOU do with a huge lottery win?
Simple drawings, wonderful message
The husband-and-wife team who may have saved the world
Three heroes for the environment
Urban permaculture helps a devastated country
A doctor’s heartfelt words
Two teenagers challenge the coal industry
Six champions for survival
The wisdom of a dying young man
If we all shared this lady’s vision…
I love this little story
Greta Thunberg inspires again
Another inspiring young woman
His business was set on fire, but he is of benefit in several ways
CREDO Mobile, the Carrier with a Conscience
Pope Francis: Divest from carbon now!
Courage and inspiration: infectious disease response in South Sudan
Grandmother power
6 boys marooned for over a year: what is human nature really like?
Avaaz: 10 beautiful acts of Love
Waiting for wings
An inspiring modern explorer
What money is really for: Quaden Bayles’ family shows the world how to be a human
Disaster relief that addresses the cause of the disaster
Two of my favourite young women meet
Basketball star is successfully reducing extinctions
Greta’s wisdom
Love and admire them both Two people on this planet everyone needs to copy.
How to protest: empathy beats confrontation
Please meet Georgina Byrnes, Farmer and be inspired.
Francis: get rid of nukes!
Two of my favourite people on this planet, shaking hands
Inner beauty
1% for the planet
Arguing over money
Paddle from California to Hawaii?
A plumber with a heart
Hand in Hand school in Jerusalem: we are all brothers and sisters
Microplastics: young Irish genius to the rescue
The best of human nature
Happy birthday, Dalai Lama
A true world leader
Will my daughter inspire you?
The environmental shopping portal
Human nature being what it is…
A 76 year old Greta Thunberg
Meet the Oyster Wench
Join the kindness revolution
Thank you, Dayton, Ohio
I've interviewed an inspiring lady
Old ain't decrepit
Basketballer scores with “irredeemable” kids
8 women to admire
Brown is beautiful: a Kenyan monk to admire
Better than survival
British farmer gains enlightenment
What money is for
Action Nan
Inspiring quotes from Martin Luther King
How to grow from a terrible act
Trees to save the world
Refugee kid wins Rhodes Scholarship
2018 and before

Counselling: answers to cries for help
Passed on the baton
I can’t help being affected by blemishes on faces
My thoughts are making me suicidal
Repeating thoughts are driving me crazy
I’ve done horrible things and am now having panic attacks
Breaking a terrible habit
My suicidal thoughts are torturing me again. What do I do?
Sexual urges for young girls
Tortured by sexual attraction
I am a paedophile and want to kill myself
That was then, now is now
A Thai little girl who kills ants
A loss of grip on reality
I feel terrible about the sexual games I played as a child and teenager
What should I put in my suicide letter (I refuse to call it a note)?
What do I do when I’ve gotten myself romantically involved with someone who is still grieving the loss of their girlfriend who committed suicide? He says he likes me a lot but I’m just not her.
A survivor of trauma in infancy
Why don’t I seem to want to live any longer? I don’t even care about other people or the environment anymore, even including my own family
Resolving guilt for a past action
If I could only die…
My dream job sucks
Dealing with terrible grief
13 and suicidal
I enjoy murder and violence, but refuse to do it
Cutting each other off
Why do I cry all of a sudden? I have depression and I cry often out of the blue for some reason. I haven’t thought about suicide, self harm, self doubt, and I still cry for no reason
How can I kill myself without having anyone miss me?
What can I do to stop hating a particular social group of people?
More self-assessed sexual abusers
Tortured by a sexual dream
I am no longer suicidal!
Can’t find reason to live within myself, help?
A few minutes of fun for an eternity of torture
I need help
All-consuming suicidal thoughts
I’m 11 and I have thoughts of suicide on a daily/weekly basis is there a way to cure it?
I am tired of being suicidal
Drug overdose is affecting my breathing
My mother doesn’t care
There is a terrible secret in my past
I want to die and nobody cares
Why do I hurt the people I love?
My parents are driving me to suicide
She pulled me out of depression
Contemplating suicide
War inside my head
My husband and son don’t get along
My past mistake keeps torturing me
Body Dysmorphic Disorder and beautiful people
Everything is going wrong in my life
How can I live with having hurt the person I love the most?
Should I stay or should I go?
Sexual abuse
I want to hurt/kill bad people
Tortured by guilt
I am raising my grandkids because my daughter is an addict
I’m so ashamed of my mistake!
I want to die so I can be with my father
I hurt because my sister is in an abusive relationship
Why am I still living?
My mother has become paranoid
Girls think I’m a little kid
I am suffering from my daughter’s BPD
Is there hope for a self-destructive guy?
2018 and before
Should I stay or go?

Healing light from space body scan
“Be a whale” guided imagery
Eagle guided imagery
Loving all guided imagery
Waterfall guided imagery
17 facts about depression
Liana Taylor on anxiety
How therapists deal with climate anxiety
Relapse prevention
Forgiveness, from Pragito Dove
A script for insomnia
8 dimensions of wellness
The loneliness of Christmas
Message from a new grandson
Staying sane despite the news
Accepting the Unacceptable, a guest post by Penny Fenner
Irreconcilable differences
Social media trick people into overspending
Inside view of abuse
How to deal with anxiety
Is depression a chemical imbalance?
How to raise children: A speech at Toastmasters 20 years ago
Genetics of mental disorders: one side of the coin
Ways to Boost and Improve Memory by Julia Morrissey
How well are you coping? Take this test at Queendom
A 50-word entry
You may benefit from reading my answer to a suicidal young woman’s cry for help
How To Stay Calm When You’re Anxious About Coronavirus (or anything else!)
No, I won’t jump off the planet
How to talk to anyone on a controversial topic
Suicide attempts can make things worse
The onion and the pearl
Denial is terror under the surface
What point is there in living if humans have destroyed the planet and there’s nothing good left in it?
Anxiety help
Positive psychology
Dealing with difficult kids: a podcast
Helping a victim of bullying
What do children think about climate change?
Featured in a podcast Bob Pessemier asked me all about depression, and how to get rid of it.
Happiness vs. contentment
Sad and grumpy
The Effects Death, Traumas And Disasters Have On Mental Health
“Grandsons” doing well
The psychology of denial
Magic mushrooms for depression
Support for people experiencing PTSD, by Doug Briscoe
The effects of sleep deprivation, by Kelly Patricci
Child raising for a better world
Trauma help from Dorothy Watson
Dope drags you down: Teenage smoking of marijuana leads to adult depression.
A beautiful essay about a brutal sport
The more you give, the more you get
2018 and before

Philosophy -- understanding our world and ourselves
Putting things in context: link to a short post that may make you think for a long time.
Want to understand why economics is science fiction?
Bird brain?
Is certainty worth anything?
Lessons from Taoism: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times reblogged from Andrew.
Offgrid community living
Sweat the small stuff, by Lauren E. Persons
Will swatting flies, mosquitos and cockroaches make a bad karma?
Smart little people in the sea
Eating a factory-farmed animal is like eating suffering
Are we God’s puppets? A guest post at Kevy’s blog
Mindfulness meditation resource
Guided meditation Monday evenings
Two beautiful meditations, via TA Sullivan
One of Calhoun’s rats
Laurent Grenier’s improved talk
Cindy Davis shows the path to inner peace
$1000 bet: the end or not the end
The Grassroots Manifesto, by Don Lubov
More evidence: trees are people too
And fish that have domesticated a shrimp!
You don’t need a big brain to be smart
Biosphere Earth, by Chris Searles
The What’s Important Manifesto, by Don Lubov
Wisdom every day
The truth of sacred writings
You CAN do it — the requirement is persistence
Inspiring Transition: Climate anxiety in kids, by Andrew Gaines
Feathered people
Economics for People: a wonderful essay by Dirk Philipsen
On fear and love, by Laurent Grenier
Positive psychology
A grassroots manifesto, by Don Lubov
The Yin and Yang of COVID-19, by Paul Bedson
Mice reveal emotions through facial expressions
More on respectable bird brains
Do evil people deserve to be reincarnated?
How to have a vibrant social distancing experience
Coping with anything, from an expert
No, I won’t jump off the planet
Web intelligence is about spiders.
If humans are the cancer of Earth, should they be eliminated?
Buddhist new year message
On trans
Protection from the liars: a must-see movie
Plants can complain
Paul Bedson on forgiveness
Should we use Mars as a lifeboat for humanity?
Motivational list for the new year
Nobel laureate knocks the GDP
The Meaning of Life
Quora answer on choosing to be childfree
The crown of creation? About the human body
Peter Gibilisco on what’s wrong with the neoliberal interpretation of meritocracy
A path from achievement to satisfaction A guest post by Makesh Karuppiah
A list of blessings from Joan Edwards
Are we just delaying the inevitable with climate change?
Global economy A must-read essay by Charles Eisenstein
A modern parable: the prince’s birthday party
Reducing suffering by one
Feeling down? Joan can help
How to improve your inner beauty
Wasps can do a Sherlock Holmes
Can we really save the environment?
Joan Edwards on acts of kindness
The farmer’s footsteps: why humanity needs to stop breeding
Why did I emphasise reincarnation in From Depression to Contentment?
Tolerance works
Better than survival
Why I wrote a book about living with a disability in Australia by Dr Peter Gibilisco
Nonhuman people
I agree with Avaaz
On being childfree
Saved by the long view
True Islam is service
Suicides and drug overdoses rise
Buddhist wisdom about climate despair
Wisdom from an economic philosopher
2018 and before

World first: shifting demand to match supply
Electricity consumption less than a quarter of neighbours'
You don’t need a metal box around the delivery
Robots: a solution to Poison Planet
Climate victory gardens
No paper is better than recycled paper
Circular life for chopsticks A brilliant model for converting waste to something useful.
No cars is better than electric cars
Ingenious return to the stone age
Inspiring cooking stove
Keeping takeaway containers
Cheating tube cheats
Recycled safety
Two Irish boys make face masks for frontline workers
Useful Mac advice
Are you still buying bottled water?
Plastic stopper
Completing the cycle of nature: loop the poop
Clean your carpet without poisoning your home
CO2-sucking concrete?
How to cheat Apple
How to prepare for a hurricane
Leather from pineapple leaves
5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Using Appliances in the Home, by Emily Porter
Energy-free air conditioning
California in the 1970s generated the equivalent of two new nuclear power plants of energy, just by improving the efficiency of fridges
Bagging the plastic
Recycling people
Plastic-free gardening
Not nuclear
My beard is an environmental benefit
Bagging the plastic
Gently keep ants out
Hydrogen is not a fuel
Green renovation
An electric car epic to admire
Electricity-free refrigeration
Antibang dog home
Loop: Lock in the consumer
Better, cheaper, and uses up trash
Replace the avalanche of wrapping paper
Trash into road
2018 and before

Train the parent to cure autism
Learn about asbestos
Entertaining read about a terrible topic: cancer
The voice of reason on vaccines
Placebo without deception
The monster Asbestos
Numbers count: the risk of a clot
More on microplastics
Pre-surgery visualisation How to maximise your chances of doing well in surgery.
The truth about vaccinations
Nonstick death
Killing our insides?
Dealing with long COVID
No, public transport won’t kill you
A problem with painkillers
Surprise: meditation is good for you
Coronavirus may help you to save yourself from coffin nails
Inner peace when the whole world worries
Active brain in retirement, by Samir Ferdowski
How I deal with a virus gone viral
Virus! Virus! Here is sane advice from Prof John Wilson, president-elect of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians
Reblogged a post from TA Sullivan: on the effectiveness of Reiki
Should you exercise? And how much?
Drugs and oral health
White crocodiles A way of stopping the flu and other health problems.
Alcohol and older livers
Climate emergency is a health issue
We swim in a sea of poisons
6 days: the health effects of organic food
Water bottle hygiene
Glyphosate DOES worsen cancer risk: The evidence is in.
Reset your gut after the holidays
Know the pesticides in your food
2018 and before

Look over a writer's shoulder
Hallo! Ween?: an exercise in hopefully humorous writing.
That is not always deadwood (yes, “that”)
Writing about gender without "they"
Writing nonfiction: my September homework for Rhobin Courtright
Well, I just don’t know: repetitions August Rhobin’s Rounds on how not to put distractions into your writing.
Words that mean their opposites
Plot gone to pot June Rhobin’s Round
POV: the heart of fiction
Writing as growth?
Unblocking the Writer
Writer’s block and what to do about it
Name game where do my characters’ names come from? This is the April Rhobin’s Rounds.
Developing tension. No, it’s not about knitting, but my contribution to Rhobin’s Rounds on writing.
A muse: February Rhobin’s round about where my ideas come from
Free check of readability
2021 in Bob’s computer Buddhist philosophy for Rhobin
Spaces those little blank characters
Signposting the past
Criteria for judging any piece of writing
Criteria for an essay
My best read of the past 10 years
Grammatical metaphor
Of all the many books I’ve read… The October Rhobin's Round.
How I get reviews, a guest post for Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Let’s Stop Saying, “I Don’t Like Poetry”
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Elementary, my dear Rhobin
How to write third-person narrative
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How easy or difficult do you find including humour in your writing? April topic of Rhobin’s Rounds
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Sharing the sharing: a review at Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s “New Review Site”
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Hit and Run is now available as a paperback
The Obsolete Present January Rhobin’s Round essay.
Cutting the expense of book promotion
What the BookLife Prize judge thinks of From Depression to Contentment
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A fun writing collaboration
Oddballs from an oddball my November contribution to Rhobin’s Rounds.
Writing a persuasive essay?
Hey, what? My October post in Rhobin’s Rounds.
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The Plot Thickens: my contribution to the September Rhobin’s Round
Frugal Book Promoter in third edition
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This page won me an award
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Writing fun, July 2019
How not to self-publish
Real life in stories
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Kristin Johnson being thoughtful
What would you like to your readers to know about your novels and their purpose?
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Brag: member of the week, NFAA
Seasons: the April post in Rhobin’s Rounds
Then I posted again, when I remembered an old poem of mine
March is National Reading Month but the post is still relevant.
How do you self-edit your books before submitting or publishing?
Helena Fairfax’s contribution to the March Rhobin’s Rounds: content editing
Sex in writing
School dragon at New Book Review
Interview with the winner of my free edit contest
Principles of good writing, condensed
Help with your grandma
Secondary characters for Rhobin
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Dialogue basics
How to avoid ungrammatical sentences: beware of the ug


Please note: you will find a great many reviews of fine books I've read, and from other reviewers, in the index of the past several years.

My books, reviewed by others
Books I have reviewed
Reviews submitted by others

My books, reviewed by others
Ascending Spiral: Humanity's last chance
Anger and Anxiety: Be in charge of your emotions and control phobias
Anikó: The stranger who loved me
Bizarre Bipeds: What IS humanity's role in the universe?
Cancer: A personal challenge
The Doom Healer series
Earth Garden Building Book: Design and build your own house
From Depression to Contentment
Guardian Angel
Healing Scripts CD
Hit and Run
Lifting the Gloom
Maraglindi: Guardian spirit
Personally Speaking: Single session email therapy with Dr Bob Rich
Sleeper, Awake
Striking Back from Down Under
The Making of a Forest Fighter
The Start of Magic
The Travels of First Horse: a trilogy
Through Other Eyes
Woodworking for Idiots Like Me

Ascending Spiral

You can find all the reviews of this book here.
Michael Amos
Theresa Crater
Sam Goodman
Oliver Kollar
Finona Lemmon
Annie Otness
2018 and before


Anger and Anxiety: Be in charge of your emotions and control phobias
2018 and before


Anikó: The stranger who loved me
Victoria Chatham
Holli Kenley
2018 and before


Bizarre Bipeds
Rebecca Minto
2018 and before


Cancer: A personal challenge
2018 and before


From Depression to Contentment: A self-therapy guide
Carol Anderson
Bodan Bouldercombe
Beth Burgess
Shagun Chetri
Elizabeth Clements
Erica Cirino
John Cooper
Rhobin Courtright
Rachel Dehning of Reader Views
Hendrika de Vries
Kamal Gabri
Ian Ellis-Jones
Joan Edwards
Laurent Grenier
Amy Hunt
Jake Irving
Kristin Johnson
Holli Kenley
Kishore Kumar
Don Lubov
Daralyse Lyons
Amy Lyman
Lyndon Medina
Isabella Milan
David Morawetz
Mike Muntisov
Jack Pilgers
Dawn Owens
Lauren Persons
Kevin Richardson
Yvonne Rowan
Dipa Sanatani
Nina Savelle-Rocklin
Balvendar Singh
Rod Taylor
Nancy Wagaman
Christina Warner
Florence Weinberg
Larry White
Carolyn Wilhelm
Kary Youman
Laurie Zelinger
2018 and before


The Doom Healer series (currently only available for beta read)
2018 and before


Earth Garden Building Book
Dr Murray Hollis


Guardian Angel
2018 and before


Healing Scripts CD
Janis Silverman


Hit and Run

   You will find many reviews on the book page.
Lawrence Brown
Jay Kerk
Chynna Laird
Stan Skrabut
Sandra Warren
2018 and before


Maraglindi: Guardian spirit
Mary Tod


Lifting the Gloom: Antidepressant writings

Beverley Bateman
Peter Cock
Theresa Hortley
Fiona Lemmon
Isabella Milan
Michael Thal
George Wahab
Florence Weinberg


Personally Speaking
Comments from a reader
Victor Volkman


Sleeper, Awake
Stephanie Black
Cindy Davis
Fiona Lemmon
Mike Muntisov
Boris Petrov
Jodi Pratt
John Rosenman
Carl Stonier
Gary Swanson
2018 and before


Striking Back from Down Under
Fiona Lemmon
Nancy Wagaman
2018 and before


The Making of a Forest Fighter
Max Overton
Florence Weinberg
Margaret Tanner


The Start of Magic
Charlene Austin


The Travels of First Horse


Through Other Eyes
Georgiann Baldino
Alan Clay
Kenneth Langer
Fiona Lemmon


Woodworking for Idiots Like Me
Woodworking for Idiots Like Me reviewed by Ron Peters.
A response to Ron Peters.

Books I have reviewed
101 Tips To Lighten Your Burden: Practical Advice for Life by Jennifer Bonn
Thicker than Water by Erica Cirino
The Emergence of God by Kenneth Langer
Daughters betrayed by their mothers, by Holli Kenley
Blame Gabriel by David Kaye
Original Wisdom by Donna Bond
Lost but Found by Lauren Persons
Beyond Carbon Neutral: How we fix the climate crisis now by Samuel Goodman
Seven Choices: Finding daylight after loss shatters your world, by Elizabeth Harper Neeld
From Misery to Hope by Robert Palmer and Kary Youman
The Lip Reader, by Michael Thal
Inspired by the Holy Ghost: Spiritual Poetic Messages Received from Popular Songs by Aimee Cabo Nikolov
In Its Shadow: A 9/11 memoir, by Jodi Pratt
Great little last minute editing tips by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
The Eclectic by Colin Reynolds
Light After a Layoff, by Dawn Owens
Paris in Ruins, by Mary Tod
Court of the Grandchildren, by Michael Muntisov and Greg Finlayson
Lucky G and the Melancholy Quokka, by Amy Wilinski-Lyman, illustrated by Leela Green
Demystifying Diversity: Embracing Our Shared Humanity by Daralyse Lyons
You are the Phoenix: Trauma recovery is possible, by Lorraine Hardy
Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers by Mary Brett
Exploring Your Intelligent Body, by Rob A. Rich
The Little Green Frog by Jack and Harry Beaumont
Uncovering and Embracing Soul Power, by Edward Miller
Ten journeys on a fragile planet, by Rod Taylor
Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project SAVE: Students Help Save the Earth, by Carolyn Wilhelm
Snow and Caramel, by Jay Kerk
Confessions of a Zen narcissist, by Larry White
Conscious Conversations across the Horizon of Death by Janice Dolley
Spirituality Matters, by Amy Hunt
Senior Wisdom by Don and Linda Lubov
I Will Light You on Fire by Kellman Heinz
Praying for a miracle when it is hopeless, by Isabella Milan
Jack’s Path, by Jack Pilgers
Lost in Wonder by Matthew Buonocore
Two parenting books, by Dr Laurie Zelinger
Connect by Ilchi Lee
The Binge Cure, by Nina Savelle-Rocklin
The healing power of girlfriends by Deborah Olson
Mental Health Strong by Erin Ramachandran
Olivia’s Escape, by Cindy and Adrian Matthews
Heaven on Earth by Kamal Gabry
Bipolar: Living With It, by Ian Higgins
Distorted Perception, by S. Karki
Taming Chronic Pain, by Amy Orr
So Man Created God in His Own Image, by Romain Gagnon
The Invisible Brand, by William Ammerman
Quantum mechanics for kids, by Christopher Gilbert
Love is the Answer, God is the Cure, by Aimee Cabo Nikolov
His Unexpected Muse, by Victoria Chatham
When a Toy Dog Became a Wolf and the Moon Broke Curfew by Hendrika de Vries
Wholistic Wisdom by Elena Bensonoff
The Old Testament Case for Nonviolence by Matthew Fleischer
David Savakerrva Book 1 by Lawrence Brown
No one is too small to make a difference, by Greta Thunberg
The Little Light by Dipa Sanatani
The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Essentials by Nancy Wagaman
Meditation Time by Laurent Grenier
Shaded by Stone, by Ari Schneider
Down and Back by Julia Novak
And then they were gone by Judy Bebelaar and Ron Cabral
Positive Paradox, by Kevin Richardson
An End to Stress: A Guru’s Guide to Inner Peace, by Don Lubov
This kind of silence, by Michele Susan Brown
The Forest Giant by Jennifer Poulter and Theda Mimilaki
Down to Dirt by Kevin Killiany
Instant Wisdom, by Beth Burger
My Nutritionary by Catherine Saxelby
Once a Copper by Vikki Petraitis
2018 and before

Reviews submitted by others
Franky The Fearless Flamingo by Wanda Luthman, reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
The movie, Anthropocene, reviewed by John Platt
Corrupted Science by John Grant, self-reviewed in The Revelator
The Story of Plastic: a movie reviewed in The Revelator
Peter Gibilisco’s Six and a Half Years on a Dunghill: Life in Specialist Disability Accommodation, reviewed by Frank Stilwell
Six and a half years on a dunghill by Peter Gibilisco, reviewed by Susan Prior
2018 and before

Mourning Coffee by Lauren Persons
Dark Magick by Laurie Corzett
Enjoy the Ride, by Laurie Corzett
A Dedication, by Lauren Persons
Remember, by Laurie Corzett
Logic of Evolution, by Laurie Corzett
Loving Meditation, by Laurie Corzett
The Guinea Pig
Kindly Meditation by Laurie Corzett
Brigid Day, by Laurie Corzett
The Red Horseman by Elizabeth Tindle
The Zamang
A tale of two terrors, by Elizabeth Tindle
October, by Laurie Corzett
The Grave, by Casey Rich
The Lyrebird
The Underlord, by Arianna Rich (written in 2018, when she was 8 years old)
The Pun
Crying for the Child, by Veronica-Mae Soar
Times Long Ago, by Danielle Tindle
Solemn Beauty, by Laurie Corzett
The Lyrebird
The dunny prayer
The cause of rising CO2
Lament for the lost, by Veronica-Mae Soar
2018 and before

Peace for the Joker: the first short story I wrote. It won a prize.
The glow
The bible and homosexuality
Forgiveness: an extract from my work in progress, Lifting the Gloom
Before you can care for others, you need to care for the carer first by David Hooper
Eulogy for Paul
Forgiveness Backstory from the Doom Healer series, and an extract from my current work
The Distance Runner What it really feels like
Plant something beautiful. Feed it Sunshine. Water it with love.
National Sorry Day: Jarro
How to Serve Your Fellow Man A humorous story to take you a little aback, by Don Lubov
A 50-word entry
Puzzled or intrigued? The start of a science fiction story
I am now posting new stories directly to my blog.
2018 and before

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