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   Most of my internet activity is now at my blog. This includes a great deal of the kind of material I used to post here, so check it out.

   You can grab a PDF of my recent submission to the Australian Senate on what to do about extinctions. It is actually a model for changing society and saving YOUR life, in 5 pages.

   I have added 10 new pics of my house at Moora Moora.

   Read an important essay by Dr Glen Barry: Ecocide Is Not Development; Love and Ecology Are the Answer. I agree with every word he wrote.

   At my psychology web site, I have reproduced an excellent essay by Dr Ellen Walker on the childfree life. Choosing not to have children is the best thing you can do for humanity.

   My part of the world has been devastated by terrible bushfires, and the danger is still here. Given climate change, chances are that this will become the new norm. Paul Purcell's response has been to supply an essay on how to improve your chances of surviving a wildfire.

   I have the honour of posting the last chapter of a wonderful book by Brandon Wilson: Along the Templar Trail: Seven Million Steps for Peace. You need to read this book, and after looking at this chapter, you'll want to.

   The real, accurate information about climate change is an easy-to-understand summary of the evidence by Andrew Glickson and Graeme Pearman, two distinguished Australian climate scientists.

   A few years ago, my colleague David Morawetz inherited much more money than he expected. He is using it in the way I would (read my essay How to change the world). Read the speech he made at a conference on philantrophy.

eppie2007finalist.jpg (62430 bytes)cover of 'Woodworking for Idiots Like Me' My newly reissued book Woodworking for Idiots Like Me has WON the EPPIE Awards.

   This book sold over 40,000 copies between 1994 and 1999. I have now prepared an electronic copy you will find more useful than anything on paper because of the way I use internal links. Besides, it's half the cost it was as a paperback.Have a look at a sample.

Late last year, the Australian government appointed a panel to examine the feasibility of nuclear power. The draft report this group produced is a travesty. Read an important rebuttal by John Hill and Jo Wynter.

Order your AUTOGRAPHED copy of the Earth Garden Building Book: Design and build your own house. The 4th edition is now available, in every bookshop in Australia (and probably New Zealand, I'm not sure about that). But wherever you live, I can send you a copy.

For years, people have been asking to see pictures of my house. OK, here they are.

   A mudsmith is a person who crafts useful objects from earth. And what could be more useful than a house? The term implies a craftsman rather than an artist, a worker in soil.

    I have been doing mudsmithing since 1979, writing about it since 1980 in a variety of magazines in Australia. In particular, EARTH GARDEN magazine has printed an article by me in almost every issue since. Want to READ one?

    In 1987, the then Editor of EARTH GARDEN, Keith Smith and I published our book: the EARTH GARDEN BUILDING BOOK.

To building book CONTENTS
To a SAMPLE from the book

The fourth edition is now out, after a lot of work. It has a new chapter on strawbale, by John Glassford.

    In 1994 I published my second book, WOODWORKING FOR IDIOTS LIKE ME.

To woodworking book CONTENTS
To a SAMPLE from the book

   You can read REVIEWS of the two books.

Also at this web site:

My newsletter, Bobbing Around is controversial, entertaining, informative, useful, but never boring. In some issues, I received so many excellent contributions from others that I hardly had space to squeeze in my own stuff.

I live at the Moora Moora Co-operative, an intentional community that has been going since 1974.

You can't divorce conservation from politics. I don't mind stepping on toes in an attempt to wake up people. You'll find many challenging articles in Bobbing Around. You can also read

   More are coming.

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