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13 years of archives makes for a big file. So, I have started a new index, with the past issues accessible here.

Below, you will find the links to a huge amount of interesting stuff, some of it of perennial relevance. (That means, you will want to read it, now.)

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Subject Index

Counselling: answers to cries for help
Culture Change
Ethics and Religion
Humanitarian and Compassionate Action
Philosophy -- understanding our world and ourselves

Do you really need new? by Alfredo
Alfredo: protect your Mac
Alfredo on spyware
Dealing with spyware by Alfredo Zotti
Advice from Alfredo
Larraine Barker on Alfredo's advice re computers
A worm in the Apple
A new anti-spam device
When is a book more than a book?
Australian Online Bookshop.
On 'Flaming'.
Where can a writer be interviewed?
Links on racism and the environment.
Melbourne Writers' Network.
Mailwasher fixes spam.
More here.
Grammar: an invaluable resource.
A new language for emails by Pamela Faye.
Xenu: eliminate dead links.
More here.
Recommending Hotkey
Godaddy: silly name, great service
Humour: an error message

Conservation and Environment
Japanese intend to circumvent court ruling
Why current population growth is costing us the Earth by Roger Martin
Climate change is NOW
Find an ethical paper option at your local store
Avoiding climate catastrophe is super cheap -- but only if we act now by Joe Romm
Solar Hawaii leads
Jury awards $3 million in first fracking case
VicWind is going national
An answer to a denier
Fish getting smaller
Methane unfreezing: a graphical summary by John James
Australia’s record cooking from Tim Flannery
75 Percent of Rain and Air Samples Contain Roundup Pesticide by Kevin Mathews
The pitfalls of resource wealth
Sea level rise on the rise
Drowned treasures of the future
What do Condoms Have to do With Climate Change?
The whales won!
Cetaceans are persons too
Vermonters Want to Try a New Way of Banking by Kevin Mathews
How To Ditch Dirty Investments by Brian Brown
European parliament resolves to protect the Arctic
Killer coal caught in Italy
Cliches define a culture A project you're invited to contribute to
The 4 r-s of sustainable usage
Coal mine fire still raging
How to predict disaster
Rebuttal of the need for nuclear power
Chemical weapons all at sea
Trouble for tea
Arctic ice: no words needed
Your water footprint
Freezing in most of the US? Heatwave in Alaska
Norway wildfires — in winter
Another source of eco-paper coming
From SumOfUs: list of recent successes
Backyard gardens could feed a city, research shows
Church Of England Takes On ‘Giant Evil’ Of Climate Change by Ari Phillips
Grantham: The Great American Shale Boom Is A Dangerous Waste Of Time And Money
Moving the Opinions of Climate Change Deniers interactive webinar
Cycling around Australia Greg Foyster's new book, and my interview with him
Climate and vaccine deniers are the same: beyond persuasion by Professor Clive Hamilton
Can we be sued for climate change? by Chris Huhne
4 Hiroshima bombs worth of heat per second by John Cook
Direct, observed evidence that warming now is unprecedented
The ecology knows no borders West coast of USA cops Chinese smog
Report from the Philippines post typhoon
Norway divesting from coal
Eco crime punished Indonesian court fines palm oil crim company
Meet the World’s Largest Rooftop Farm
Beware abrupt climate changes
The facts about the Antarctic Expedition by Chris Turney
Operation Relentless is on
Princeton research: stopping emissions is not enough
Being Passive or Neutral is not an option… from Soren Anderson
If you’re interested in urban permaculture…
China “solves” smog problem
Minesota: solar cheaper than gas
Student Conservation Association for young Americans
A tree farming project that protects the rainforest?
Not in MY backyard, thank you
I agree! with a comment about "clean coal"
Sadly, my predictions are coming true: methane release will lead to mass extinctions
Paper doesn’t need to kill trees
Climate change to disrupt soil nutrients in drylands by Ollivier Girard
If all the ice melted
Why we should be sceptical — about media content by Wendy Bacon
Our sustainability crisis didn’t start and doesn’t stop at climate change by Steb Fisher
Oil Pipeline Explodes In China, Killing 35 And Setting The Ocean On Fire by Andrew Breiner
Breakthrough Shoe-Recycling Technology Gives Old Kicks New Life by Beth Buczynski
Sydney City’s plan for renewable power by Nicholas Brown
Turning Detroit into Farms and Forests
BHP Billiton scraps plans for new coal port at Abbot Point in Queensland
Colorado Voters Send a Loud and Clear Message to the Natural Gas Industry by Beth Buczynski
Australian Psychological Society signs Statement of Commitment on Climate Change
Sir David makes a couple of valid points
How Congress Just Stuck It to Monsanto by Zoe Carpenter
TAKE ACTION to stop Canada’s filthy tar sands from Dr Glen Barry
Climate change? Try catastrophic climate breakdown by George Monbiot
When you lighten the lid... Greenland ice melting from below
Leaky frack
IPCC climate trends: Blueprints for tipping points by Andrew Glikson
Leading climate change economist brands sceptics 'irrational' by Fiona Harvey
Amazon: no words needed
Germany is detoxifying from coal addiction
World’s biggest solar thermal power plant fired up in California by John Upton
Wind turbine syndrome: farm hosts tell very different story by Simon Chapman
A drawing by Jill Redwood
Two calls to action from Bill Sosinsky
Siberia, The Newest Hot Spot by Andrew Breiner
Our sustainability crisis didn’t start and doesn’t stop at climate change by Steb Fisher
Metal roofs: a lesson from the true poverty experts by Michael
Rubbish recycled into sustainable building
Bringing Back the Night: A Fight Against Light Pollution by Paul Bogard
Indian Farmers Growing Record Yields With No GMO Crops or Pesticides
Waste, olive oil and the environment by Joe Zammit-Lucia
Get the information on climate change from the National Research Council
Methane and the risk of runaway global warming by Andrew Glikson
David Attenborough Says Humans Are A 'Plague On Earth' Who Need To Stop Breeding
It's closer than you think
Importance of planning 3 by Allen Currie
No fracking in France
Thanks to Comprehensive Sex Ed, California Cuts Teen Birth Rate by Mindy Townsend
Boy Scouts of America introduce sustainability merit badge by Lloyd Alter
Too Much Stuff? Share it on Yerdle by Peter DiPrinzio
Peru's poorest will soon have solar power by Holly Richmond
The Sustainable Joes go off-grid in the city by Lloyd Alter
How to Jump-Start Behavior Change Around Energy Conservation by Lee Ann Head
The Importance of Planning 2 by Allen Currie
Move our money out of fossil fuels to secure a safe climate future!
Earth likely to warm between 2 and 6 degrees Celsius this century by Jeremy Hance
Northern hemisphere losing last dry snow region from CIRES
Protecting environment key to ending poverty from WWF
Sea Shepherd: Operation Relentless
Monsanto Surrenders: Ends All GMO Lobbying In Europe by Beth Buczynski
Seattle leads again by Kirsten Gibson
A bit of the Great Barrier Reef protected
Understanding extreme weather events
The Importance of Planning 1 by Allen Currie
Food Shift: Feeding People Not Trash Cans by Dana Frasz
Joint statement from Alliance of Small Island States and the Least Developed Countries
Village in India plants 111 trees every time a girl is born by Stephen Messenger
Greenland's First Female Prime Minister Says 'No' To Arctic Drilling by Judy Molland
Stop investing in climate change from
Air pollution kills over one million p.a. in China by Allison Winter
Coal-fired power in India may kill more than 100,000 p.a. by Lisa Friedman
Coke and Pepsi are Scamming Consumers by Judy Molland
Greenpeace celebrating change to responsible fishing
KFC promises to stop throwaways
Zoos for the future Victoria's zoos are now carbon-neutral
Unique area saved -- for now Kimberely in Western Australia
Ontario is putting an end to coal-burning power plants by Keith Schneider
We are not drowning. We are fighting: Pacific Islanders need support.
Reality Drop by Jason Mraz
100% of Japanese Nuclear Plants Failed the Safety Test by Beth Buczynski
Record snow in a warming world? by Marlene Cimons
Climate Change Strategies from a Country on Fire by Michael Looker
Whale murderers running away! from Captain Paul Watson
Shell out of the Arctic, for now by Philip Radford, Greenpeace
Al Gore criticises coalition's climate change strategy
Pledge to take action on climate change from
A movie you must see Greedy lying bastards
Ozone Hole's Shifting Winds May Sap Major Carbon Sink by Lauren Morello
Overpopulation Is Huge Concern -- Alexandra Paul's TEDX Talk from Jesse Thee
Sea Shepherd Claims Early Victory Against Whalers by Alicia Graef
England Decides Not to Sell Off Public Forests Michael Graham Richard
Divestment Campaigns Spread Across Massachusetts by Leslie Friday
Indonesian rainforest given a reprieve from Greenpeace
Fish Feel Fear and Pain and Stress by Piper Hoffman
Boys help to save a 500-million-year-old species by Stephen Messenger
The way to extinction by Dr Gideon Polya
Seattle stops investing in fossil fuels by Beth Buczynski
Possum protection progressing
China's carbon intensity fell over 3.5% in 2012
The Minister is wrong!
Fact check: do bushfires emit more carbon than burning coal? by Dr Philip Gibbons
About 5 years left Dr Gideon Polya
Health is the most important motivation for climate action from Fiona Armstrong
World's Largest Mining Company Admits Climate Change is Real Rosana Francescato
Export-Import Bank sued
Washington State Declares War on Ocean Acidification by Beth Buczynski
$2 million donation to help build a sustainable future from eSydney Alumni News
Victoria won't get fracked, for now from Cameron Walker
Sail-inspired turbine promises cheaper wind energy
Two new environmental apps
Historic coral collapse on Great Barrier Reef
Acidic Oceans by Jasmine Greene
How to Make Solar Energy Better: Use Spinach by Beth Buczynski
ACT acts for the good
GMO myths and truths by Michael Antoniou, Claire Robinson & John Fagan
Reusing grey water by Carl Seville
Grand Canyon under Antarctic ice by David Gabel
Urban Agriculture in Detroit by Beth Buczynski
Carbon dioxide hits 400 parts per million in Northern Hemisphere by Jeremy Hance
Important reads from John James
Indonesia reversing deforestation
Jim Hansen is an optimist
On nuclear power
Ozone -- a silent peril at ground level by Robyn Francis
Records from Thoreau Reveal New Evidence of Climate Change from David A Gabel
It IS a climate emergency by Peter Carter
Wind power is safe from Fiona Armstrong
Solar's hot, even when the sun is not by Matthew Wright
More Animal Extinctions Might be Possible by Jake Richardson
The age of free solar by Giles Parkinson
Good ethics is good business
Want to research the future of coral reefs? from John "Wombat"
Inspiring business from Andrew Gaines
Traditional Family Values Made Me an Environmentalist by Abbie Walston
Eco Whisper Turbine
Bad news for Big Oil and Big Coal by Giles Parkinson
Belgium to get off addiction to nuclear from David A Gabel
Transforming Australia by Professor Bob Douglas
Coal is not so cheap by Giles Parkinson
Geo-engineering: should we change the face of the planet to combat climate change? by Graeme Pearman
Coffee-Powered Car Shatters World Speed Record by Beth Buczynski
Power station nuked from Glen Morris
Climate change, 2010
The brighter side of a weaker sun by Curt Stager
Green building in Philadelphia
Green electricity, cheaper
Greening Brooklyn
Food prices rising
The Sustainable Psychologist An environmental newsletter I edit.
Kiss Nature Good-bye? -2
Get the facts on climate change
Join the debate on wind energy
Ozone Depletion Leaves Whales Sunburned by Alicia Graef
Worldwide drought predicted
Technology or behaviour?
Kiss nature good-bye?
China's green wall
Scotland to Run Off 100% Renewable Energy by 2025 by Jasmine Greene
Biological packaging
Tasmanian forests live again from Ecological Internet
Humanity to be cooked by John James
Slow food needs fast break from Swami Beyondananda
McDonalds to protect the environment? by Nancy Roberts
Losing the war by Angel Finn
Condoms for climate change?
How to move toward a viable Australia by Bob Douglas
Environmental victories in Queensland and NSW
Stop the killing now! by Jennifer Van Bergen
Solar power in Germany from Peter Bright
John James: "Limits to Growth" study verified
Cadbury goes fairtrade
Follow Ford and save money
Hydro power for Vanuatu island
Roundup-ready environment?
IPCC's 2007 estimates exceeded
Bob Nichols on solar and nuclear power
The worst US blizzard ever
Carbon dating by Judy Molland
A positive from Brazil
American climate refugees -- now
John James has it right
Paperless mail
Don't warm up the car
You can make a greenhouse difference
If you must fly...
Accountability for climate crimes by Gideon Polya
Mark Snell on the plight of young people
John James on global warming
Urban wind power
Aquaconfidence trick
Nano-solar panels
Climate radio offers solutions to the climate emergency
The doldrums are plastic
Listen to Nobel opinion
Friends of the Earth recommendations
Greenpeace dismisses carbon storage
Forest saved from palm oil by Glen Barry
Wild fruit trees face extinction
October 24th 2009: day of action to stop the climate crisis
Some Kangaroos threatened by climate change
Alice is a shining example
Save the planet, pay for baby? from the Green Pages
Open letter to the prime minister of Australia from Andrew Glikson
John James: Human extiction degree by degree
Store carbon in the SOIL by David Arnold
Better batteries
How fast is climate change?
River redgums protected from Jonathan La Nauze
The Methane Time Bomb and the Triple Meltdown by Andrew Glikson
BP solar plant closing
Global warming - No more business as usual: This is an emergency! by David Spratt
We campaign: repower America
What's wrong with carbon trading?
Who pollutes more than the USA?
Sharks from Sara Webb Quest.
Earth Overshoot Day from Brooke Oehm Smith.
Ellie Whitaker on walking paths (a response to Sally Odgers).
Sally Odgers on how to reduce car use.
From my MP on car emissions.
Cutting down fuel use in your car.
Imagining the Real: Life on Greenhouse Earth a conference report from John James.
Waterless washing machine.
Hope YOU weren't taken in: debunking the documentary, "The Great Climate Change Swindle".
The Day the Cars Died by Ben Hamley.
Environmentally better mobile (cell) phones.
A laptop case that recharges batteries.
South Korea's coming ecological disaster from Glenn Barry.
Choose green roses from Union of Concerned Scientists.
Electric car on the way.
Free public transport.
Letter to a science fiction contest.
A response from Will Willcox.
Oil in polar bear country.
Polar cities? from Andrew Glickson.
Replace oil with the desert sun.
GM crops increase pesticide use by Cam Walker.
Stop the forest liars by Glen Barry.
Global food prices soar.
A letter to Woy Woy's 'Peninsula News'.
The Earth today stands in imminent peril by Dr Andrew Glikson & Dr Barrie Pittock.
Vertical farming.
Ben Hamley on vertical farming.
One voice, deaf ears? by Philip Harris
New kind of photovoltaic panel on the market.
Time to stop the greenwashing by Dr Glen Barry.
Greenpeace International on the IAEA. This will make you laugh.
Al Gore's acceptance of the Nobel Prize.
Earth tracking toward climate conditions of 3 million year ago? by Prof. Andrew Glickson and Dr Graeme Pearman.
Red Cross report: disasters on the rise.
It's later than you think by Phil Harris.
Walk Against Warming.
Good bye, Arctic ice.
Bushfire weather in southeast Australia.
Pathways to a low carbon future by Tim Winton.
'Clean Coal' is an oxymoron by Dr John Kaye.
Debunking the swindle.
Climate change: you can't blame the sun.
Averting water wars in Asia by Professor Brahma Chellaney.
Ancient Australian water tunnels: research by Brad Moggridge.
Proof of Climate Change from Dr John James.
A LiFE Award winning book FREE from Sonny Whitelaw.
Cannibalism is good for you.
Fuel ethanol? by John Michael Greer.
Saving resources by Cheryl O'Brien.
Wind power in Spain.
The eco-switch.
Stop the murder of dolphins and whales.
Barry Brooks on natural climatic cycles.
Tropical paradise, anyone?
Saving paper in the classroom by Yumico Tanaka.
The REAL cost of climate change.
A nuclear rebuttal by John Hill and Jo Wynter.
Oil sands the new disaster from Chris Hoare.
Winter in Russia from James Choron.
Shine on, Townsville!
Research findings on greenhouse.
Water use of energy generation by Adam Dempsey.
George Monbiot on climate change.
The economics of climate change.
Nuclear near-miss in Sweden.
Submission to an enquiry: uranium to China?
Victoria approves most powerful wind farm to date and greenest office opens
Western Australia to hit at waste.
Peak Oil and Relocalization in Ohio by Ryan Hottle.
Portland leads the way in greenhouse measures.
How to save babies from cancer.
Greenhouse accounting for nuclear power.
Al Gore back, greener than ever by Haider Rizvi.
Energy: Keep it simple, stupid.
International Day of Action Against Climate Change.
San Francisco to go solar.
Sue's easy guide to E.con.
Punished for Permaculture.
Is hydrogen a fuel? by Joel Meadows.
Energy conservation -- the good news by Sue Loudon.
Jim Green on safe nuclear power.
China leading the way -- to global disaster summarising Dr Lester Brown.
Tuvalu: The people Australia has abandoned from Kim Stewart.
A small step forward: Australia's Minister for Environment has noticed the Greenhouse Effect.
Sweden plans to go oil-free
George Monbiot on biodiesel
Toward survival: change agriculture! by Michael Meacher
Sea level rising
Genetically modified plants
You MUST have a rainwater tank here!
New Organic Traders' and Consumers' Network
Genetically Engineered Plants and Health
The End of Cheap Oil by Andrew McNamara, M.P.
Oops... No life rafts by Sonny Whitelaw
18th recipient of the LiFE Award
Hurricanes hit Florida -- Why?
EPIC press relase: 'Books Eat Forests'
A call for contributors: a book on cancer
Paying for Progress: an appeal for help from Britain.
Free Trade express: an assault on democracy.
Increasing profits by protecting the environment from Worldwatch Institute.
The changing life of Piza Circle by May Lenzer.
Information economy boom obscuring earth's decline from Worldwatch Institute.
Why environmentalists can't stop the coming disasters by Darrell Bain.
Environmentally friendly cats? by Gillian Curtin.
Father of the year by Sarah Mankowski.
LiFE Award: Literature For Environment.
Australia Ablaze.
Firewood and Nuclear Power.
Plastic Bags Don't Grow on Trees, You Know
The Thin Green Line by Sarah Mankowski.
Conference on Chemically Induced Illness.

Counselling: answers to cries for help
I’m obsessed about dying
How can I ever be happy when I hate myself?
Scarred by junkie parents
I am bisexual, autistic, bipolar and more
I’m 10 and want to kill myself
No way out?
I hurt the people I love
Insulted and did not stand up for myself
Is he too old for me?
How do I say no?
I feel like a mess
Never there father
I can’t support them all any more
No hope
I took him back and now he is ruling my life
My life is good but I feel miserable
Bullied by my little brother
My parents threw me away
Choosing between my daughter and her father
Help! My little daughters are sexual with their father
My sister has ruined my life
I must stop being violent
I am a failure
Why am I so desperately unhappy?
I don’t want him to visit me
Why do I push girls away?
One cause for all his problems
Acne has ruined my life
My life is over: I've lost my bf!
Recaptured by a cult
I crave love so much
Should I demand she return my gifts?
I'm 15 and want to leave my mother
My daughter has agoraphobia
Spoiled brat
Teenage molester grown up
Devastated by lost love, at 15
I want to kill and torture
I've been grieving for 12 years
He used to abuse me. Should I leave him?
She is stealing my boyfriend!
Do I have PTSD?
I'm a disgrace
I want to murder, torture -- and kill myself
I can't get over my father's death
My girl left me, so my life is over
I hate my adult daughter!
I know you can't help me
I am a sexual abuser
I feel lost
Stepchild problem
Alone and depressed
I am rude
I feel sad and helpless
I hate my grandmother
I have can't concentrate disorder
I am in a non-relationship
I can't understand them Living in a foreign language
Social anxiety drives me crazy
How do I fight suicidal thoughts?
Being a crim sucks
They are blaming me because he is dying
I am 13 and bisexual
I hate my violent nature
Nightmares of death
I'm 13 and hate to be alive
Why am I suicidally depressed?
I want bad things to happen...
Why can't I let anyone love me?
I'm a single mom going crazy
My child was sexually abused
They all think I'm OK but...
I might as well have been hatched
I don't want to end up in a mental hospital!!!
Why am I so weird?
Success, but where to now?
Everything bad happens to me
Stressing out over new job
I dont want to be at the mental hospital again!
Meth is wrecking my life
Grieving hurts so much!
I hate myself for being like this
Uncontrollable anger
She wrecked my life by leaving me
Trying not to kill myself
My job's driving me crazy
I am a sociopath
Should I tell my husband?
Those who love me are killing me
Guilty of sexual abuse
Nothing has helped my anger
Dealing with PTSD
I'm stupid and faulty
My son's antisocial personality disorder
I can't control my anger
Teenage anger
I am a failure
I fear loneliness
Role playing a murder victim
The more you give the more you get
I don't want to kill myself but
I want to kill my ex
Tortured by negative thoughts
My husband has a bad tongue
Your answer speaks to me
Angry with my younger boyfriend
I hate myself
So angry!
My brain tells me to kill myself
Yet another killer
I feel empty and worthless
Dealing with traumatic memories
Yes! I can get over it
Girls are horrid
I molested little kids
Always the victim, at 16
I trust him, but I don't
I hate myself
I am evil
I don't want a wife like my mother
Torn between husband and son
Murder urges again
Murder urges
Can't control my anger
My dream job sucks
My mother and my career
I don't know why I am suicidal
Can't control my anger and violence
Depression is wrecking her life
So many things wrong with me
Tortured by the monster What If
I am angry and abusive
No willpower
I can't control my anger
Medications are twisting her mind
We're hurting each other
Another would-be murderer
Sick of my anger
I want to kill
No friends
Suicide feels like a reprieve.
He is sweet on the wrong girl
Grief for a dog
Not good enough
Exploitation by counselor
Over 50 and no more joy!
How do I protect this 4-year-old?
Coming to terms to having been adopted
So shy I want to die.
Thoughts of murder and suicide.
Can't feel pleasure.
Can't help my mother.
She killed herself: am I to blame?
My father's slave
No-one wants my friendship
Drifting out to sea
Being an email friend
Daring to face an audience
Can't do a thing right
I am so angry!
Should I have another child?
Interracial pregnancy
Sisters not lovers
I'm being bullied, and don't want to live
Depression is killing me
Alcohol is the only thing that helps me
A lonely young man
Surviving suicide.
14 year old model but...
The curse of shyness
Another desperate young person
First aid for depression
The desperation of young people
On becoming a psychologist
A lonely young man
Note from a jealous husband
Mind reading
Rebellious teenager
BorderlinePersonality Disorder
Examination Anxiety
Scapegoated by her parents
Social Phobia
She left me -- I want to kill myself
Why I don't like diagnostic labels
On youth suicide
On fear of public speaking

Culture Change
Cliches define a culture A project you're invited to contribute to
The outrageous idea of entitlement to compassion is successful
Soweto environmental project gives young black people pride
Food Shift: Feeding People Not Trash Cans by Dana Frasz
Turning off consumerism by Lucy Hyde
Above all, do no harm
Swapping to save the future by Melissa Breyer
Nine-year-old boy saves the forests
Thingloop: give away what you don't want by Jaymi Heimbuch, Planet Green
Toward a sustainable lifestyle

Can Alcohol Dependence Be Cured? from David Norman
If you take psychoactive medications essential reading from Dr Charles Whitfield
Addiction knows no boundaries by Everett Beal.
ADD/ADHD and Ritalin by Cynthia Clay.
ADD/ADHD and Ritalin -- a response by Heide Kaminski.
On ADHD from Cheryl O'Brien
Life as a black and white photo: antidepressants.
The Drug Pogrom by John Gorman.
The Other Woman: living with an addict, by Heide Kaminski.
A pharmacist on drugs.
Depression as chemical imbalance from Leo Doherty.
Depression: you can fight back.
Depression as chemical imbalance (the debate continues).

Reusable Toilet Paper by Chaya
The fridge
The hotel fridge
The only SENSIBLE speed limit
Sabotaging the toothbrush industry
Worms get the poo.
Can we have a safe nuclear reactor?
More Watts for Less.
A response to 'More Watts for Less'.
Nanotechnology promises cheap solar power.
Solar roof tiles.
The ergonomics of being left by Cheryl O'Brien
When the bough breaks by Margaret Muir
The shirt pocket, right and wrong by Paul Harvey.
A cap that doesn't
A new kind of driving course.
The shirt pocket.
Speed Reading.
The alphabet
A better bike.
Driving downhill.
A response to 'Driving downhill'
The Door Knob.
A stopwatch for swimmers.
Boiling water.
The watch band.
The neck tie by Larry Nichols.
The coffee cup.

Ethics and Religion
Neuroscience as a basis of philosophy
Do You Think Like a Bee or a Fly? by Michael Michalko
IVF failed… oh good! by Claudia Connell
Call to reverse the greed that’s killing us from Oxfam
GMO can be torture in the name of efficiency
Is Eating Dogs Different from Eating Cows and Pigs? by Marc Bekoff
Muslims saving Jews by Safa S.
On handling conflict by Paul Bedson
Vatican announces new deadly sins
Thoughts on Christmas.
Journalism and Ethics: New Challenges in a Wired Age by Kathe Gogolewski.
Sub-prime markets and the environment by Phil Harris.
How to graduate from the University of Hard Knocks by Cheryl O'Brien.
If I could start all over again...
The nature of evil by Laurie Corzett.
Angry God, angry people.
A response to many things by Ben Hamley.
Why God leaves us alone by Deepak Chopra.
Consciousness in the vegetative state.
19 thoughts from Radenko Fanuka.
The meaning of cancer by Petra Henn.
Help me with a paradox.
Carl Stonier's response to my paradox.
Living with purpose by Wayne Dyer.
Has Islam been misinterpreted?
Assessing research.
Wealth or Consumption? by Barry Brooks.
A call from Aboriginal men.
Money and happiness.
Thank you from a whale.
World morality by Michael Westfall
Pakistani Rape Victim Gets Honor in U.S.
Seeking a rational philosophy of life by Hermann Raith
The Problem of Evil, a follow-up to 'After death -- what?'
Reducing the Load of Public Liability
Who Shall Inherit the Earth by Anwaar Hussain
After death -- what?
Oriental Palmistry by Myrna Lou Goldbaum.
Parasites on society?: the old and the unemployed.
The meaning of life.
The meaning of life -- a response by Pamela Faye.
The right to die
Responses to 'The right to die'.
But it's against the rules... by Judy Nicholls.
An answer to a child.
Defence of the environment from the Biopolitics Institute.
On simplicity from NDK.
Where does morality come from?
Poverty and wealth in the USA from Liz Burton.
On good and bad in people from Darrell Bain.
Kipling, slightly modified from Linda Campbell
A Christian's dilemma by Sally Odgers.
A measure of success by Marlies Bugmann.
What is sanity?
Seeing the wizard by John Gorman.
A Wonderful Gift from Martine Glaser.

Long term health monitoring at Morwell
Vipassana Appraisal
Environmental Toxins Linked to Late-Onset Alzheimer’s by s.e. smith
Is Your Bra Dangerous to Your Health? Michelle Schoffro Cook
Dangers of testosterone therapy
Coffee Won’t Dehydrate You, New Study Finds
Diet worked for my dogs, so… by Carolyn Harris
Prostmate: prostate cancer helper
Check out your medicines
DDT implicated in Alzheimer’s
YUK: our chemical world
What you don’t know about uranium may kill you
What’s causing all these peanut allergies? by Katherine Martinko
Cancer in your family? Maybe blame Monsanto
Pharmacy costs assistance
Is milk good or bad for bones?
Your Splenda Addiction Is (Probably) Giving the Planet Cancer by Beth Buczynski
Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD by Marilyn Wedge
Quitting Smoking Timeline
The Longer We Live, the More Species We Doom to Extinction by Susan Bird
Exercise More Effective Than Prescription Drugs by Michelle Schoffro Cook
Drug companies ‘put profits over lives’
Are Dental X-Rays Safe? by Dr. Michael Greger
Help with withdrawal symptoms
Our daily bread by Hazel Sillver
Rethinking Red Wine by Debbie Hampton
End the age of coal by Fiona Armstrong
The Only Real Way to End GMOs by Maria Rodale
Coal combustion putting lives at risk from Fiona Armstrong
Why Aren't We Biting The Corporate Hand That Feeds Us? by Joe Leech
Alcohol Kills More People than AIDS or Tuberculosis by Dr. Mache Seibel
What does Climate Change Have to Do With Health Care? by Gary Cohen
Lives increasingly at risk from 'angry climate'
Can You Die from a Broken Heart? from
Death by Coca-Cola by Michelle Schoffro Cook
Carcinogens Used in 1 Out of 3 Fracking Operations by Beth Buczynski
Questions About Mandatory Influenza Immunization by Oleg Reznik
What's worse: the chronic pain or the medication for it? by Oleg Reznik
A meditation from Adam Caplan
Dangerous Drugs by Randy Fritz
A response to Randy from Georgiann Baldino
In Pain? Blame Your Brain from Anne-Marie Botek
Rising Food Allergies Blamed on Chlorine by Brandi
Myths debunked: chocolate, coffee, red wine
Mental Illness in Academe by Elyn R. Saks
Big hole in health review from Fiona Armstrong
The evidence against antidepressants
GM corn --> tumours
A Technique to Overcome Addictions Deepak Chopra
Childhood abuse increases risk of mental illness
The untold story: health benefits of the carbon price by Fiona Armstrong
Medicines that may kill you
Keep Your Brain from Shrinking by David A Gabel
Enjoy your portable music!
Soldiers and abused kids
New Indigenous mental health resource launched
Humour therapy for dementia
Misconceptions About Childfree Women by Dr Ellen Walker
Long term effects of childhood sexual abuse by Joan Raymond
Depression is NOT a Chemical Imbalance in Your Brain -- Here's Proof from Dr Mercola
Does (penis) size matter? by Wendy Strgar
Tai Chi to Lose Weight and Ease Depression by Michelle Schoffro Cook
Meditation heals by Mary Jaksch
Treat skin cancer without a knife from Bill O'Leary
Light Therapy for Depression by Ivan Goldberg
Climate change is bad for your health
The most dangerous drug from Ann Pietrangelo
How Not To Mash Your Breasts by Delia Quigley
Denial: the biggest killer
Notes of a volunteer helper from Alfredo Zotti
US child trauma resource
Not everyone trusts Monsanto
Culture is good for your health
The largest diet experiment in history: genetic modification of food plants
Environmental medicine group warns against genetically modified food
Living in a radiation soup?
Seroquel for anxiety or depression
Ever heard of e-cigarettes?
Tie it down!
Corner for cancer is for depression too
Borderline personality online support group
Warning: compact fluoros
PTSD increases the risk of heart disease.
I won't do what THEY do!
New resource for leukemia sufferers.
Autism epidemic.
Brocolli could save your life.
Support group for breast cancer.
The Giving Machine raises money for cancer from Carl Stonier.
Glen grows a mo in Movember.
Carolyn Harris on making an important decision.
Cancer story continued.
Medical service refused to rape victims? from Lillian Cauldwell.
Breast cancer? This is for you.
Breast cancer link -- and a story.
Depression and sleep.
Fighting influenza.
Is coconut oil bad for you?

Humanitarian and Compassionate Action
Write a letter to a refugee by Julian Burnside, QC
There are alternatives to detention
We need more people like this man Tom Steyer fighting climate change
Solar win-win-win: crowdfunded loans for solar power
The outrageous idea of entitlement to compassion is successful
Kidnapping Survivor Creates App to Keep Other Women Safe by Julie M. Rodriguez
Life saving service gets funding
Apple: An appeal from injured workers
Apple: Peter Hart on whether Apple can afford decency
I am a refugee
Tragedy in Sri Lanka
Make a difference: consider Kiva
One laptop per child.
Social justice, one person at a time from Alfredo Zotti.
Paul Purcell on personal preparation for disaster
Survived the Tsunami from Bill O'Leary.
Tsunami: the Russian connection. An appeal from James Choron.

Philosophy -- understanding our world and ourselves
Joan Baez: decency in response to unfairness
Reincarnation and Christianity
Do you think you reincarnated to live a horrible life?
Why violence? The Calhoun effect
These pics will bring good tears to your eyes
The Key to Happiness by Burc Uygurmen
Random acts of kindness
The joy of creating for others
Top Six Reasons to Stop Fighting Wars a must-read
Not everyone is greedy
Wealth is compatible with decency
Culture change: it’s happening. Copy this man
Can a free market economy be moral?
We need to replace the GDP by Robert Costanza and colleagues
If you want to follow Jesus…
Caretakers of Mother Earth
Institutionalized Insanity And Humanity’s Existential Crisis by Steve Bhaerman
5 Gift Economies That Flourish Without Money by Beth Buczynski
The Gift of Generosity
How to face the end with equanimity
Putting the LIGHT back into Enlightenment: An Action Plan by Gini Gentry
A dog as smart as a child
The Moon as our free energy source?
St Nicholas not Santa Claus
The evil force of belief in evil
What Politicians can Learn about Decency from George Washington by Michael Michalko
Health is cells cooperating; disease is cells competing
The Tipping Point by William Sosinsky
What You Think About, You Bring About by Michael Michalko
Julian Burnside: Alienation to alien nation
Pope Francis: Money is the root of all evil by Jen Hayden
How the creative mind works by Michael Michalko
How to limit population
The Target Shoppers by Sara van Dyck
The currency of outrage by Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia
My decision -- our disaster
Think the Rich Are Charitable? Think Again by Kevin Mathews
Brain and Mind from Dr Philip Thomas
Cow intelligence by Holly Cheever
Free will and predestination
A modern parable
When To Let Go by Deepak Chopra
The Open Source Ecology Paradigm by Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D.
The beneficial effects of knowing about reincarnation by Carolyn Harris
Evidence for past lives: Peter Ramster's work on the web again
The Extremist Cult of Capitalism by Paul Buchheit
Changing the World From the Inside Out by Ed and Deb Shapiro
Acting as Transition Leaders in 2013 by Andrew Gaines
Your Life Stories by Deepak Chopra
When Children Cannot Imagine a Better World by Zoe Weil
Welcoming the New Era by Dr. Steven Farmer
Great apes suffer mid-life crisis too by Jeremy Hance
Become a leader toward a sustainable culture from Andrew Gaines
What life is about
The Earth has a Soul by Meredith Sabini
Heaven Is Real: A Doctor's Experience With the Afterlife
Living a good life, despite anything
HOPE! by Tim Knight
Cambridge Declaration on animal consciousness
A Prison Without Bars Reminds Us We Can Change Entrenched Systems by Zoe Weil
Since Other Animals Are Predators, Why Shouldn't We Eat Animals? by Zoe Weil
How to live in hell with peace in your heart
Create a new society! by Andrew Gaines
Cheap Clothing Costs A Lot More Than You Think by Tara Holmes
When despair seems the only option
Simple living for a sustainable future by Bruce Elkin
The Ethics of Childbearing by Ashley Lauren
Above all, do no harm
Acts of love by Chris Hedges
Religions unite to save you by Karin Kloosterman
Kyle Chamberlain on jobs
Working for the public benefit
The Jewslim and me by Lyn Benson
The gift by Alfredo Zotti
Diagnostic system is disputed
Global Worming by Jaiia Earthschild
Pro bono email therapy
Dolphins mourn?
Safety Critical Management for a Sustainable Future by Andrew Wilford
Insects are people too
A Tough Lesson in Humility by Delia Quigley
Creativity and madness by Alfredo Zotti
The Bucky Starts Here: A Call to Gather Under One Big Intent from Steve Bhaerman
Brain sync from Andy Coghlan
Kindness Matters by Wendy Strgar
Grief in other animals
Are We Zombies and Don't Know It? by Professor Bill Klemm
Childhood trauma and mental illness by Denise Ryan
The man in the mirror by Lyn Benson
Living on nothing?
Loving unconditionally by Isha Judd
From Deepak Chopra
Capital Punishment
Response to Capital Punishment from Michael Larocca
A recipe for nonviolent resistance
Dolphins are people too
Angry over environmental idiocy
Ben Stein on Christmas
Gary Neu: The culture is mentally ill, not the person
Hardship is good for your health?
Marc Bekoff: Moral behaviour in animals
Building the "Real" Economy by Steve Bhaerman
Brain energy
Creativity and madness??
Ka Nikolajuk on animal emotion
Animals are human too? Two studies challenge current myths
Banking happiness
How deep empathy works from Petrea King
Stimulating a sustainable economy by Barry Brooks
Portrait of a sociopath from Gina Robertson
Walking, boring?
From the Tao Te Ching: A New English Version by Lao Tzu and Stephen Mitchell
"God" is not a noun by Laurie Corzett
The prophetic challenge: "Few are guilty, but all are responsible" by Robert Jensen
A Blessing.
The Delusional Revoution by Robert Jensen.
Rita Toews on the soul of a dog.
How to Be Fully Capacitated in Our Inclining Years by Swami Beyondananda.
But what's it all for?
Dr James Choron on reincarnation.
Giving up on giving up by Barry Brooks.
Have you heard about dark matter?
Living with MS by Dan Weatherington.
A message from George Carlin.
Symptoms of inner peace by Saskia Davis.
I took her hand... from Carolyn Harris.
Mark Snell: correction re Granville train disaster.
Vale Chas Eeles--but not good-bye.
A response from Rona Fraser.
What does it take to be an Elder?
Maya Reynolds on monogamy.
The Did list by Donna Boyette.
Buying a miracle, sent by Max Shub.
The law of the seed.
Clay balls from Elaine.
Guarding our traditions by John Gorman.
Two snippets from Elaine: two friends, and the ripple effect.
The Donkey, a modern parable sent by Elaine.
Elaine on intention.
People come into your life for a REASON, a SEASON, or a LIFETIME by Elaine.
Four Tolteic rules for a good life.
The eightfold path
Loving myself by Peter Ryan
Intelligent design is a crock by John Gorman.
Responses to 'Intelligent design is a crock'.
Four Key Words for Living by Peter Cohen.
The Benefits of Civilisation?
Open minded? Who? Me? by John Gorman.

An offering to the collective of humanity by Peter Faithfull. Peter's tribute to his mother upon her death.
What the World Should Know by Jean Riseman
A Prayer by Jurgen Malina
I want to be a tree
Being young by Tim Knight
Purposeful living by Peter Faithfull
Free Association by Tim Knight
The Horse From The Young Greenie's Alphabet
The Zamang From The Young Greenie's Alphabet
Two poems from Elizabeth Tindle
Do it anyway by Mother Theresa
I love my mommy
Digital cities by Alfredo Zotti
Mindfulness by Alfredo Zotti
Carolyn Howard-Johnson: Californian wildfire
Save our planet by Elizabeth Tindle.
Cooked: about an atom bomb by Barbara Couston Cliff.
Blackfella's Daily Survival Prayer by Alec Donald Wilson.
The Good Fight by Miriam English.
The Cost of Growing Up by Larry Pontius.
Re-valuation by Laurie Corzett.
Fearful Fears by 'Cosmos'.
It's only a memory by Cheryl O'Brien.
Waiting by Margaret Muir.
Perfect opposites by Sorana.
A haiku by Robin Buehler.
Gifts by Kath Austin.
Wattle Blossom by John Williams.
'Mad Money' and 'Questions' by Larry Pontius.
Wombat Hollow Dawn
Zen strikes back.
A wonderful little poem.
Commitment by NDK.
Dust if You Must.
Gently the Night by Lee Taylor.
Autumn Rains.
So Who's Reading? by P. J. Oosterhoff.
Our Unknown Soldier by John Williams.
Dichotomy by Lee Taylor.
The Circle by Ray Wilkins.
I met with God by Ndubuisi Eke.
Autumn by John Williams.

Human rights
The principles we should stand for

Palm Sunday rally for refugees
Abbott’s insane logic exposed
An open letter to the Prime Minister
Weather forecasters banned by Phil Dobbie
From re IPCC report
Election idiocy
Aussie elections coming
From the leader of the Greens
Shale-rich Spanish region votes to ban fracking
Vote Green from Bob Brown
Everything We Tell Ourselves About America and the World Is Wrong by Charles Eisenstein
Robin Hood tax isn't news from
Right a wrong: Avaaz petitions
Bullshit: More Damaging to the Atmosphere Than Cow Farts? by Steve Bhaerman
If We Only Had A Bank by Steve Bhaerman
Letter to the Premier on floods
Nuclear Energy Suffers Another Big Blow by Harvey Wasserman
Letter to the Premier on coal
Elections in Australia
Message From Swami:
It Takes a Pillage and a Spillage to Wake the Village and Stop the Drillage

Tasmanians can be grateful to Gunns
Don't let greed destroy the Australian book trade
Wilderness Society out-gunns forest destroyer
Mari Bushman, on Al Gore's support for Barack Obama.
Start of a new era in Australian politics?
Al Gore suppports Barack Obama.
A new vision for Australia by Sam Watson.
Poland changes direction from Gaither Stewart.
The Access Card: Big Brother wants to watch you.
Venezuela facts.
A response on Venezuela.
Internet censorship by Wayne Madsen.
Viva Fascismo by Anwaar Hussain.
Elections in Australia.
On Lies in the White House by Jessie Lilley.
George W. Bush in Australia: some interesting emails.
and a postscript.
Move On. Org: should Bush be impeached?
History repating itself? On Bush and Hitler, by Harley Sachs.

Human rights
Amnesty reveals Australia’s shame: Manus Island
Really, who are the asylum seekers? by Emma Hunter
Thousands of migrants arrive through uterus by Phil Dobbie
One more try to reverse an idiotic decision from Dr Ben Mullings
The cold calculus of a hot planet
Oppose inhuman treatment of refugees From Adam Bandt
A law against farting?
Indigenous men united against violence
Refugee stories: a positive
The politics of climate change from John James
Responding to that sinking feeling President of the Maldives
Touching video of a connection
Don't let the Olympics legitimise suffering.
The Unraveling Crisis in Tibet by Brandon Wilson .
Ten sorry excuses for not saying sorry by Chris Graham.
China and Tibet by Carl Stonier.
Human Rights Torch Relay: don't buy Chinese.
Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples from William Bloom.
Australian Psychological Society on Northern Aboriginal communities.
Senator Lyn Allison on the same topic.
John Howard's new war.
Depleted Uranium alert.
A response on DU.
A call to remember from Jim Choron.
What's wrong with olympics in China? by Demetrius Klitou.
Look at the refugee: a photo from Steve Cox.
'Sea of Orange' campaign by Australian ex-servicemen.
A Fair Go by Phillip Adams
We are all Tibetans: Brandon Wilson sounds a warning.
Oops, We Did It Again: Brandon Wilson on the new colonialists.
Guantanamo by Peter Burbrook.
The Guns in the Crawlspace by Judy Nichols.
Prejudice from Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

Cruel future for Kiribati from Julie Rodriguez
Water and population
Taboos get in the way of survival by Dr Peter Cock
The blowfly.

The Principles we should stand for
Scientific validation that America is an oligarchy not a democracy
Raise the minimum wage from Robert Reich
New report on how not to save the environment from Christine Milne
John Kerry calls for urgent climate action
State lawmakers will try to live off of the minimum wage for a week by Bryce Covert
Some journalists are worth reading
CREDO’s plan for 2104
What all politicians should have their noses rubbed in from Nature
Australia receives three awards in Warsaw
Some people are catching up with me
Let's keep our borders safe
Australian elections coming: Comparison of the major parties
Over 50? Save a future from Lawrence MacDonald
Swami Beyondananda's 2013 State of the Universe Address
Friendly Oil -- Not the Venezuelan Kind by Peter Hart
Pakistan unveils new climate change policy by Faisal Raza Khan
Our climate education problem
Pakistani girls defy the Taliban
Paper recycling but...
Texas Judge Rules The Sky Belongs To Everyone by David Morris
A new Europe is possible, so why go back to the old one? by J.A. Myerson
Nicaraguan army to combat climate change by Stephen Messenger
A two-thirds minority? by Jim Naureckas
Maldives to go solar
2011 Transforming Australia Summit
The Contradiction of Sustainable Growth by Andrew Gaines
A letter from a new granddaughter
Putting a price on carbon
PhD at 90
A letter to the Editor
A Precedents Day Message: Do We Take a Cue From Egypt... Or Stay Stuck in "We-Gypped?" by Swami Beyondananda
Don't steal billygoat plum!
Exxon lies about funding lies by GinaMarie Cheeseman
Choose nuclear free by Jim Green
Danish War Heroes Angrily Give Back Medals to Government by Bent Lorentzen
Safe Climate Bill by the Australian Greens
Bolivia's President speaks out on climate change
Ditch the dollar by Jonathan Tirone
New animal protection laws
Growing a new culture of health?
Make solar affordable
Stimulus packages and carbon trading -- two ways of wrecking our world
Back Obama's brave move toward peace
Rally to have a deposit on plastic bottles
Rich countries must pay their ecological debt
Slow Money, from Steve Bhaerman
A Proposed Job Swap To Save American Capitalism by Liz Lerman
Age of Nefarious to Age of Aquarius? from Swami
Firefighters call for action on climate change
Forget the financial collapse: there is worse
Swami on the economy
Anwaar Hussain: A Letter to America
On free trade
How to fix the financial meltdown.
Get rid of nuclear weapons: a petition.
A message from Swami Beyndananda.
Is torture ever right? from John Hill.
Is capitalism really in a grow-or-die situation? by Barry Brooks.
Along the Templar Trail to peace from Brandon Wilson.
Swami Beyondananda's 2008 State of the Universe Address.
Can history be changed?
Peak oil is real, get ready by The Honourable Andrew McNamara.
Oil companies: white collar crime at its worst! by Phil Harris.
Toward a nuclear-free Australia from Dr Helen Caldicott.
Exxon funds lies campaign.
Peace Trek final update from Brandon Wilson.
Vale Don Chipp
Trek for peace update from Brandon Wilson.
Bird Flu.
A Treasurer who is behind the times.
Australian Democrats
Mocking Mohammed.
An unpopular view... on Singapore's execution of a drug runner.
Responses to 'An unpopular view...'
Nuclear Creep by Kim Stewart.
Free Trade: thoughts from a Wombat.
Welcome to the Fly-Over Zone by Cindy Appel.
Simple Truths by Brandon Wilson.
A Call to a Patriot's Self-Examination by Zinta Aistars.

Australia’s coal industry inspired by Hitler? They want the government to make divestment illegal.
Speak up for Tasmania’s rainforests
Boycott Kochs with a list of some of their products to avoid
Legal fight to defend the Great Barrier Reef is ON
Heroes for peace treated as criminals 84 year old nun arrested
Do you know about Iceland’s revolution in 2008?
The Little Red House
I like this bloke!: Pope opposed to fracking.
Victoria's new car number plates
Summer Heat from
Victorian government in Victorian era about coal
Keep successful service for Aboriginal people funded
Save some lives from Adam Bandt, MP
Monsanto wants to own your food, again
Why should taxpayers pay the polluters? from Environment Victoria
Petition to save Aussie solar industry
A campaign for those who are hurting
Demonstration in Hong Kong by Sarah Vrba
Fossil fuel subsidies are harming our health Campaign at Rio NOW
Tweet Rio! from Bill McKibben
Tar sands oil blocked by Beth Buczynski
Australian Greens: new climate action web site
Letter to the Prime Minister
Our negligence is killing people
World Bank funds forest destruction
Get rid of dirty electricity!
Don't dump radioactive waste in Australia.
Olympics and crimes against humanity shouldn't co-exist.
Fear and Loathing in Miami by John Gorman.

Suicide bombers and western soldiers.
Violence begets violence: letter from a survivor.
What Americans think caused 9/11.
Why? About September 11.
Responses to 'Why?'.
The N word for today a courageous essay by John Gorman.
Responses to 'Terrorism'.

Mutations on the rise
Feeding China's nuclear arsenal by David Noonan
Lance Collins on war crimes and DDT
Dr James Choron on Georgia.
Belgium bans Uranium weapons.
A letter to the President from Michael Moore.
Brandon Wilson on peace.
Michael Moore on Iraq.
Carl Stonier's response to Michael.
The REAL reason Iran is a threat to the USA.
The tragedy of Israel--again.
Resistance in the US military to the Iraq war by Ann Wright.
Where 'Mothers' Day' comes from: a powerful speech by Julia Ward Howe.
Iran's President writes to George Bush.
The Shogun Apologizes, Who Is Next? by Anwaar Hussain.
Report on a War Crime from Bob Nichols.
Killing our own soldiers: Donna C on depleted uranium.
Bob Norris on war.
Huge demonstration in Baghdad.
Depleted Uranium: a crime against humanity by Bob Nichols.
This soldier hates war.
A Role Play Exercise: DL Nelson on Iraq.
Support the Iraq War and Betray Christ?: Nancy Fulton
A response from Dave Mack.
Iraq is Arabic for Vichy by John Gorman.
War in Afghanistan from Kate Saundby.
IRAQ 2005: a prophecy by John Gorman.
I told you so!

Psychological side-effects of anti-depressants worse than thought
When a parent drinks, the child suffers by Rayne Golay
A new source of help for domestic violence You probably won't guess it
The evidence for needing 20 sessions of therapy from Dr Ben Mullings
Interview on mental health
A resource for people experiencing bipolar
How to Get Out of Fear’s Trap by Joan Y. Edwards
The Effects of Bullying Last Long Into Adulthood from Anna Mikulak
Dissociative Identity Disorder: a resource
What is a counselling psychologist anyway?
How to Respond to Bullies by Pragito Dove
The secret of brief therapy
DSM5: a cartoon
5 Ways to Make New Friends by Diana Vilibert
Medical Manual "mad" by Sue Dunley
Brain language
How abusers lie to protect themselves by Ellen Lacter, Ph.D.
How can I forgive? by Judith Orloff
Childhood trauma and mental illness by Alfredo Zotti
10 Ways to Stop Procrastinating by Marlo Sollitto
How to stop smoking
Protecting children of warring parents
Mindfulness: Be Passionate. Be Present. Be Wise by Liana Taylor
Breakup: protecting kids
Stop Smoking
British Psychological Society on DSM-5 by Dr Will Meek
Liana Taylor on relationships
Mindfulness-based therapy helps prevent depression relapse
On sexual abusers from Staci
Have Mercy on Kids Who Stutter by Pamela Mertz
Childhood rape and schizophrenia
Memory and age
Mental illness and violence by Alfredo Zotti
Mindful Parenting: In Search of the Happy Family by Lyn Benson
Psychological effects of Gulf oil disaster
A guided imagery script for inner peace
A free resource: if you work with Indigenous clients
First aid if you are suicidal
Is it ADHD, or... by Sarah Major
Telephone treatment of PTSD
Are recovered memories therapist-implanted? by Charles Whitfield
The medical model is passe Linford & Arden
Jill's green cards by Jill Lawson
When is it okay to confess from Hope Harris: comment on "I molested little kids"
Healing Scripts CD
Toward a unified theory of anguish by Alfredo Zotti and Bob Rich
Gina, on our theory of mental anguish
Carolyn Harris on murder urges
How to have a good relationship
A Gestalt exercise
Refuse to own the problem by Carolyn Harris
A magic solution for relationship issues
Helping children traumatised by disaster by Dr Janet Hall
Therapist attacked? from Ken Pope
Cheryl O'Brien on helping others
Cheryl O'Brien on antidepressants
Georgiann Baldino on depression and panic
What is depression?
Free lectures on childhood trauma
Letter to a bitter wife
Response to "Grief for a dog."
New family violence web site
Laraine Ann Barker on bipolar
Linda Morelli on adoption
Help with an assignment
Can you trust a "living will"?
When worry takes over
"Lyricolalia": A neologism for "triggering a song" by Elizabeth Tindle.
Ron Peters on bipolar and adoption
Those Pesky Words: Observation of a psychological phenomenon by Dr Elizabeth Tindle.
SSRI antidepressants exposed, again
A response from Jane Toombs
Daring to face an audience: a response from Darrell Bain
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy from Dr Russ Harris.
Choices: a DVD to help with teenage crime.
Cheryl O'Brien on sleep
Response: Having a second child?
Give an hour to a veteran
Carolyn Harris on helping people
Sleep and depression
Is depression an illness?
Anxiety disorders
Surviving the unsurvivable
Implants for depression?
I am not scared: a talk to a cancer support group.
The first session
Youth suicide -- Why?
Traumatic Incident Reduction
Psychotherapy affects the brain
A wise lady on grief
Loving my body by Cheryl O'Brien.
Helping the victim of bullying
Traumatic Incident Reduction by Elizabeth Clark.
Cheryl O'Brien defuses trauma.
Why I love to do it
Is personality fixed or modifiable?
Tattooed for Life a heart-warming story from Margaret Muir
The I Statement by Cheryl O'Brien.
Borderline Personality Disorder
Not Getting Enough Sleep?
Worried About Being Too Fat? by A.R. Beissel.
Handling a headache
Every student has a right to an education in a safe environment by Betty Jo Schuler.
How long should therapy last?
Jamie Blyth on fighting anxiety.
The first requirement for a helper
Betty Jo Schuler on bullyingHer mother loves heroin more
A Case Study in Psychoneuroimmunology
On Borderline Personality Disorder by Cheryl O'Brien.
An important model of depression by Michael Gethercole.
Youth suicide -- Why?
I love my therapist: a response from Cheryl O'Brien.
I love my therapist?
Soul mates?
Responses to 'Soul mates?' from Kam Ruble and Lois Wickstrom.
Christmas from HELL.
The Monster within: How to fight depression.
On social phobia: a success.
Coaching: Fulfilling Your Life Potential by Cort Curtis.
Cancer: an update.
Tantrum Taming
Dealing with a phobia
Panic attacks
Grief: letter from a friend.
Self-confidence: a British course.
Helping survivors in the wake of disaster.
Meditation from Susan Bodendorfer.
The magic of imagery.
Aging and serenity from Martine.
Fighting migraines.
What causes cancer?
Depression in old age.
Mind reading: THE major cause of conflict.
Surviving a brain tumour.
The Magic of Hypnotism.
Insomnia Fix.
'Neuro-Emotional Techniques' by Jef Gazley.
The TROUBLE with internet counselling.
Thought Stopping: an extract from Anger and Anxiety: Be in charge of your emotions and control phobias.
Coping with the stresses of work

A quiz from Shah Khan
A second quiz from Shah N. Khan
A third quiz


My books, reviewed by others
Books I have reviewed
Reviews submitted by others

My books, reviewed by others

Ascending Spiral: Humanity's last chance
Anger and Anxiety: Be in charge of your emotions and control phobias
Anikó: The stranger who loved me
Bizarre Bipeds: What IS humanity's role in the universe?
Cancer: A personal challenge
Earth Garden Building Book: Design and build your own house
Healing Scripts CD
Personally Speaking: Single session email therapy with Dr Bob Rich
Sleeper, Awake
Striking Back from Down Under
The Making of a Forest Fighter
The Start of Magic
The Travels of First Horse: a trilogy
Through Other Eyes
Woodworking for Idiots Like Me

Ascending Spiral
Amanda Armstrong
Greg Austin
Lauren B
Darrell Bain
Magdalena Ball
Beverley Bateman
Cathy Brownfield
Frances Burke
Brian Burt
Robert William Case
Christina St Clair
Allen Currie
David Denham
Sara van Dyck
Mindy Eklove
Bob Gannaway
Rayne Golay
Liana Hammersley
Carolyn Harris
Stephen Hazlett
Susan Hornbach
Veronica Knox
Jay Levy
Shirley Martin
Robin Marvel
Dean Mayes
David Norman
Cheryl O'Brien
Max Overton
Connie Peck
Penny Rudolph
Joyce Scarborough
Jan Sikes
Esther Simons
Caitlin M. Smith
Dr Carl Stonier
Christina St Clair
Michael Thal
Tyler Tychelaar
Florence Weinberg
Megan Williams
Brandon Wilson
Alfredo Zotti


Anger and Anxiety: Be in charge of your emotions and control phobias
Victor Volkman


Anikó: The stranger who loved me
Michael Larocca
Cheryl O’Brien


Bizarre Bipeds
Michel Thal
Rebecca Minto
Bent Lorentzen
Robin Bayne


Cancer: A personal challenge
Janis Silverman
Gerogiann Baldino
Micahel Larocca
Paula Bentley
Nowick Gray
Brandon Wilson
Charlene Austin
Lillian Cauldwell


Earth Garden Building Book
Dr Murray Hollis


Healing Scripts CD
Janis Silverman


Personally Speaking
Comments from a reader
Victor Volkman


Sleeper, Awake
Gianfranco Cazzaro
Su Halfwerk
Carolyn Harris
Marilyn Peake
Margaret Tanner
Michael Thal
Florence Weinberg


Striking Back from Down Under
Gloria Oliver
Susie Hawes
Michael Thal


The Making of a Forest Fighter
Max Overton
Florence Weinberg
Margaret Tanner


The Start of Magic
Charlene Austin


The Travels of First Horse


Through Other Eyes
Alan Clay


Woodworking for Idiots Like Me
Woodworking for Idiots Like Me reviewed by Ron Peters.
A response to Ron Peters.

Books I have reviewed
Great News, by Karl-Friedrich Lenz
Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People, by Dennis Cardiff
The Hundred-foot Journey: the movie
Weatherwood, by Rosamond Carter
A Voice in the Night, by Erin Ireland
Blood of the Rose, by Kevin Murray
Aquarius Rising, Book 1: In the Tears of God, by Brian Burt
The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ronald R. Davis
Dyslexia, by Brenda Baird
Let’s Talk About It, by Lea Rose
Arthur’s Legacy, by Tyler Tichelaar
The Buddhist, by Stephen Hazlett
An artist's creative life with bipolar disorder, by Alfredo Zotti
The great first impression book proposal, by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Postcards from Mr. Pish III: East Coast, by K. S. Brooks
The 90 Day Plan To Marketing Your Book, by Melissa Se
Calm Ground, by Megan Williams
The Convict and the Rose, by Jan Sikes
The Abduction of Joshua Bloom, by Michael Thal
Recover: Healing And Renewal, by Janis Silverman
It Never Rains, It Pours: A Tasmanian murder mystery by Rosamond Carter
Calm Ground, by Megan Williams
Alchohemy: The Solution to Ending Your Alcohol Habit for Good-Privately, Discreetly, and Fully in Control, by David Norman
Ecologist Guide to Food, by Andrew Wasley
Memoirs of the 2008 and 2012 presidential election: Voice of a skeptical voter, by Katherine Greig
Ascension, by Max Overton
Dunnottar, by Janet Elaine Smith
Unrest in Eden, by Florence Weinberg
Storks of La Caridad, by Florence Weinberg
A Rose in No Man’s Land, by Margaret Tanner
Dreaming Down Heaven, by Gini Gentry
Anselm, a Metamorphosis, by Florence Weinberg
The Life of Things, by Bernie Neville
Pretreatment Guide for Homeless Outreach & Housing First by Jay Levy
Flowers and Stone by Jan Sikes
Medicine Man I: The Chief of All Time by Shawn Howen
Over the Top, by Brandon Wilson
Jupiter's Reef, by Karl Kofoed
Gifts Of The Peramangk, by Dean Mayes
The Wooden Chair, by Rayne Golay
The Black Pony, by Connie Peck
Ten Yen True, by Amanda Armstrong and Christina St Clair
Listen to the Mockingbird, by Penny Rudolph
Cry Purple, by Christine McDonald
A Dream of Drowned Hollow, by Lee Barwood
The Boy Who Loved Ants: Edward O. Wilson, by Sara van Dyck
Goodbye Tchaikovsky by Michael Thal
Reshaping Reality by Robin Marvel
Build your backyard clay oven by Gavin Webber
Jamie and the Angel: Meeting Her Guardian Angel by Carol Guy
Stolen Secrets by Sandra Levy Ceren
Rouge Program, by Darrell Bain
Endless Time, by Frances Burke
Black Cow by Magdalena Ball
Animals at Play by Marc Bekoff
Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: The Manipulation of Attachment Needs
No comfort zone by Marla Handy
Hope for Tomorrow's World: A manual developed by Professor Bob Douglas
Homeless Narratives & Pretreatment Pathways by Jay Levy
Survivors: What we can learn from how they cope with horrific tragedy by Gregory Moffat
Savage Utopia by Margaret Tanner
Cara by Julia Barrett
The Area 51 Option, and 70 more speculative fiction tales by Mike Kechula
Personal Wisdom by Robert Brown
Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman
A chess book with a difference
Climate Change: An Australian guide to the science and potential impacts by Barrie Pittock
The Doofuzz Dudes Rescue Moondar by Roslyn Motter
Emotional Stimulus: How to write a personal program of wellness and healing by Georgiann Baldino
Sometimes Hearts Have to Break by Petrea King
Pay Attention, Say Thank You. Seven Rules & Practices for Joyful Living by Gail Woodard
In Memory of Central Park by Queenelle Minet.
The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif by Najaf Mazari and Robert Hillman.
Life Before Life by Dr Jim Tucker.
Coming to Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Yearning to Breathe Free: Seeking Asylum in Australia Edited by Dean Lusher & Nick Haslam.
When Kids Know Why They Try! by Dr Dan Doyle.
Natural Homebuilder, Volume Two edited by Alan Gray.
Tilting at Treadmills a DVD by John Benton.
Your designer diet by Todd Hoff.
Along the Templar Trail by Brandon Wilson.
Bodola: Chips and Pop by Christopher Chaplin .
Books by Harrison M.
Stumbling Upon my Purpose by Christopher Chaplin.
The Centurion by Alex Domokos and Rita Toews
Bird Flu: Everything you need to know about the next pandemic by Marc Siegel
The Australian Writer's Marketplace
Vassal of El by Gloria Oliver.
Climate Change: Turning up the heat by Barrie Pittock.
Blowin' In the Wind an Australian film you MUST see.
Wal*Mart the High Cost of Low Price a film review from John Gorman.
Tsunami Stories: Thailand Compiled by Bill O'Leary.
Dead Men Don't Leave Tips by Brandon Wilson.
Practical Straw Bale Building by Murray Hollis.
Coping With Physical Loss -- a workbook by Rick Ritter.
America's Unpatriotic Acts Walter Brasch.
The Complete Being by Tami Bradi.
The complete being: addendum.
Book Marketing from A to Z by Francine Silverman.
The Janus Protocol by Chas Eeles.
City of the Golden Sun by Marilyn Peake.
The Earth Garden Water Book edited by Alan Gray.
Sea Change by Cindy Dowling.
Beyond Trauma: Conversations on traumatic incident reduction.
The Fisherman's Son.
The Bean Patch.
Finding the Right Spot: When kids can't live with their parents.
The Golden King.
Funeral in Babylon.
He Never Said He Wouldn't.
Technology in Counselling and Psychotherapy.
The Bully.
The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing.
Only a Mother Could Love Him.
Nowhere to Hide.
Strawbale Homebuilding.
Anxiety Disorder Workbook.
The Winnowed Woman.
Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders.
McLellan's Bluff.
Forget Me Knots from the Front Porch.

Reviews submitted by others
It Never Rains, It Pours: A Tasmanian murder mystery by Rosamond Carter reviewed by Alfredo Zotti
The Witch-Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children, by Ross Cheit reviewed by Ken Pope
The Legend of Koolura by Michael Thal reviewed by Nancy Curteman
Rarity From the Hollow by Robert Eggleton reviewed by Adicus Ryan Garton
Fresh, a documentary by K8
The Great Disruption, by Paul Gilding reviewed by Dr Bob Douglas
Green Deen, by Ibrahim Abdul-Matin reviewed by Safa S
Love For No Reason:7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love, by Marci Shimoff reviewed by Steve Bhaerman
It was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences by June Casagrande, reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Somehwere to Turn by Linda Courtland, reviewed by Michael A. Kechula
Slang: The People's Poetry reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
A Healthy Way to be Sick reviewed by Denise Cassino
Publishing Possibilities by Cheryl Pickett, reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
A Faded Lilly by Taylor Ross, reviewed by Cassandra Skevis
A Spring Without Bees by Michael Schacker, reviewed by Lynne Cargill
Church Outside the Walls Video by David Frederickson, reviewed by Phil Harris.
Rarity From the Hollow by Robert Eggleton, reviewed by Darrell Bain.
Footprints in the Snow;Tales of Haunted Russia by James Choron, reviewed by Carolyn Harris.
Blue Diamonds by Spencer Dane, reviewed by Greg Cason.
From the Darkness Risen by Jessica Jewett, reviewed by Jim Choron.
Rural Sprawl by Ann Grobo, reviewed by Eugen Bacon.
Behind the Mask a movie review by Dr. James Choron.
Rarity From the Hollow by Robert Eggleton, reviewed by Evelyn Somers.
Dream Pictures by Carrie Lynn Lyons reviewed by Misti R. Brock.
Rarity from the Hollow, A Lacy Dawn Adventure by Robert Eggleton reviewed by Barry Hunter.
Eddie and Me on the Scrap Heap by Marc Littman reviewed by Charlene Austin.
A Murder Mystery: The Outcome Could Kill Any One or All of Us a movie review from Carolyn Howard-Johnson.
The Middle-Aged Man the Sea by Chris Meeks, reviewed by Carmela Ciuraru.
A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey, reviewed by John Gorman.
Thicker Than Blood by Penny Rudolph, reviewed by Dick Adler in the Chicago Tribune.
Alternatives to Economic Globalization by John Cavanaugh and Gerry Mander, reviewed by John Gorman.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne by Georgia Richardson, reviewed by Lea Schizas.
Thicker than Blood by Penny Rudolph, reviewed in Booklist magazine.
Amanda's Rib by Cyndia Dupre, reviewed by Charlene Austin.
Dance with Your Heart by Shirley Cheng, reviewed by Shirley Roe.
The Simple Touch of Fate: Real Stories; Real People edited by Arlene Uslander and Brenda Warneka, reviewed by Heather Froeschl.
The Keeners by Maura Shaw, reviewed by Charlene Austin.
A Promise to Keep by Ann Durand, reviewed by Susan Stephenson.
Strange Valley by Darrell Bain, reviewed by Mayra Calvani.
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins, reviewed by John Gorman.
Grab the Queen Power: Live your best life by Allyn Evans, reviewed by Lea Schizas.
January's Paradigm by J. Conrad Guest, reviewed by Zinta Aistars.
Thrips by L. R. Farley, reviewed by Susie Hawes.
Legacy of the Black Dragon by Julie D'Arcy, reviewed by Kelley Hartsell.
The Take: a film review by John Gorman.
Silverdawn by Julie d'Arcy reviewed by Kelley A. Hartsell.
The Corporation: a film review by John Gorman.
Winter Mournings by Avie Townsend, reviewed by Selena Robinson.
Mardi Gravestone Reviewed by Anne Edwards.
Skull Dance by Gerd Balke reviewed by Michael Larocca.

Only in Australia…
Ten minute criminal — or the danger of a smartphone
Biological pest control
A bit of fun
Empathy defined
Mountebank Wins Nobel for Infinite Planet Theory by Rob Dietz
The skydiver
Christmas 1942 by Charles Langley
New Epidemic: All Romance Writers are Fat by Karen Syed
The secret to long life
Lose Weightiness Now! by Swami Beyondananda
A Frog Story
Swami's Remarkable New Weightiness-Loss Program!
The Russian Bear by Dr Lee Choron
How to install your home security system from Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Colonoscopy by Cynthia Cantrell
Claire crosses the Equator.
The last of the Boys in Blue by James Choron.
A Modern Insanity by Doug Arnold.
A Specatcular Funeral.
Music in the mist by James Choron.
A famous person's solution to terrorism.
Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge: systematic review of randomised controlled trials Gordon C S Smith and Jill P Pell.
The Legend of the Mary Gloster by James Choron.
Trekking to Jerusalem from Brandon Wilson.
Branded by James Choron
In loving memory of -- a touching story from James Choron.
Beloved Clown by James Choron.
In Honored Memory from James Choron.
Banned in Boston: a reminiscence by Ron Peters.
Duck Tales, a touching story by James Choron.
The face in the window by James Choron.
Camino de Santiago by Brandon Wilson.
I should've told her by Mike Kechula.
Reality is in the Eye of the Beholder.
Sergeant Ryker by James Choron.
A Man Without a Country: James Choron on Kim Philby.
The Hooterville Trench Mortar, a hilarious true story by James Choron.
Three Times a Hero by James Choron.
Outhouse Blues by David Hooper.
Open Bracket by Geoff Nelder.
Miracle girl, a true inspirational story by Cheryl O'Brien.
Aunt Lucy by John Gorman.
Nothing Upstairs by Geoff Nelder.
Faces in the Locket by Shelly Gail Morris.
From Death to Life: a true life story by Connie Winters.
Last Stand by Steve Lazarowitz.
An Interstate Business Venture
An American redneck in Hong Kong by Micheal Larocca.
The lost Viagra pill by Darrell Bain.
What's that for? An examination of the breast (A contest for writers).
The three best entries. Read and laugh.
Wish You Were Here by Cornelia Amiri.
My 'King of Comedy' moment by Mike DiCerto.

How to stop marine oil spills This one will surprise you.
Wind and tidal better than coal and oil in Scotland
Solar power at its best in Germany
Farming differently to save the planet
Airships: Technology catching up with me
Waste water produces electricity plus clean water
Solar boat!
Liberate yourself from STUFF
A Carbon Neutral Home, Even In Bad Conditions by Katie Marks
A brilliant addition to your pushbike
Homemade Kitchen ‘Scrubbers’ From Mesh Plastic Bags by Sayward Rebhal
The newest on LED light bulbs
Solar efficient no-grid home by Matthew Wright
Electronic publishing: the good news by Lynne Connolly.
Cheap e-book readers a step closer?
A Seedling, Bursting from the Ground.
A new e-book reader on the way.
Helium balloons of the future from Steve Mazey.
Are electronic books any use?

Flash fiction contest
Describe your life in 6 words by Michael Michelko
The W5 Questions to ask before you start to write your non-fiction book by Paul Lima
"Stop Repeating; It's Redundant," She Said Again by Norma Jean Lutz
From an editing client
Behind the words: the messages your writing carries
Craft an exceptional elevator pitch by Penny Sansevieri
How to write a story
Second edition of Frugal Editor
A survey of readers of historical fiction
Self-Publishing Basics: An Unabridged List of the Parts of a Book
Kids Like E-Books, Parents Not So Much
The Making of a Forest Fighter is available in Kindle and Nook
Donate e-books to the poorest in the world
It’s not real until it’s in my computer
Ascending Spiral wins Noble award
What should happen next?
Stop Boredom: Vary the Beginnings of Your Sentences by Joan Y. Edwards
How to START well
Ten Easy Ways to Keep Dialogue Sharp by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Filter out the filters by Rayne Golay
You will love these gems of writing
The dossier: who is this character?
Writing Believable Characters by Lorna Collins
Is Your Main Character's Head Filled with Lies? by Joan Y. Edwards
Tips and Tools for Every Emerging Author by Jessica Leigh
How I do review swaps
Empathy: the novelist's most powerful tool
A guide to English grammar from Jenny Frost
When should you end your chapters? (i.e., How long should a chapter be?)
POV: the heart of fiction
Carolyn Howard-Johnson offers poetry, conservation, promotion, and marketing instruction
How to avoid ungrammatical sentences: beware of the ug
The plot: avoiding glitches
Fun with English
Name generator for characters
Show vs. tell
But what will I write ABOUT?
How To Win Short Story Competitions from Geoff Nelder
Don't get confused about word confusions: an interview by Joan Edwards
Keeping on track: the use of a plot
New resource for young writers
Spunky Seniors
Call for contributors
A two-country lifestyle by Anna Jacobs
Writers Helping Readers by Aileen, AKA Sleepyscribbler
To comma or not to comma
Zombies, Vampires and Young Writers by Karen L. Syed
Shorten that doorstopper
Show or tell
New Voices Young Writers Competition is open
Be an author panelist Invitation from Tiffany Warren
Do you really mean that?
How to do a book review
Omniscient POV
Vivid writing
Marketing to Bookstores by Elizabeth Burton
Criteria for good writing from EPIC
Frequent faults
25 reasons your submission is rejected
Showing vs. telling by Randy Ingermanson
The second opinion
e-publishing news
What is fiction about?
Publish your books through Double Dragon
Getting your work read
Fellowship of Australian Writers seminars
Invisible language
Link to a grammar resource from Kristi Nichols
Write tight
Writing your family history and keeping yours alive by Patrika Vaughn
The I-s don't have to have it from Maya Reynolds
10 writing tips from Shirley Martin
New Voices writing contest for kids
Shortening by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Mindy Phillips Lawrence owning up to theft...: a response to Shortening
How to write with style by Kurt Vonnegut
Dialogue conventions for American writing
Ron Peters, complaining of my spelling
Publicity through helping by Paul Krupin
Why I don't edit on paper
Query letter Rob Preece and I
Tim Rowe and Alina Leahy on comma rules
A few comma rules
When book sales are getting musty by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Kathryn Struck on one reason for e-books.
"I" as a conceit by Carolyn Howard-Johnson.
Interviewed on the radio.
How to query a magazine.
Writing for healing by Marg Muir.
Teaching sells.
Local writing = endless inspiration by Sara Webb Quest.
A strike against Amazon?
Getting started by Patrika Vaughn.
How to spot a predator: an interview with Dave Kuzminski.
A recent editing client gets a contract.
Matching language to content.
On author lectures.
A message from an editing client.
FREE online writers' conference.
Extend the life of that good review.
Writing contest for kids.
Bent Lorentzen shows how to promote: Plus+plus.
Books for Vision: donate a signed copy of your book.
Silent Killers: how to create dead manuscripts by Jane Toombs.
Effective description by Will Greenway.
Don't bother with Booksurge.
About e-books again.
What's wrong with head hopping?
The point of good grammar from Patricia Harrison.
Tim Rowe's response to Patricia.
Shirley Martin on the use of scenes.
Ten tips from Lea Schizas.
How to make a character come to life.
George Orwell's advice.
Point of View by Shirley Martin.
Clarifying POD by Elizabeth Burton.
What is a good publisher? by Rob Preece.
What makes a chapter a chapter?
How to start a story.
Who needs a comma, anyway?
Will Greenway on sustaining tension.
Seeing into all their heads.
On Scenes by Shirley Martin.
Will Greenway on description, Part 2.
Will Greenway on description, Part 1.
What is poetry?
What is poetry? a response from Cheryl O'Brien.
What is poetry? a response from David Mack.
When is a poem not a poem? a response from Doug Arnold.
When is a poem not a poem? a response from Tim Rowe.
Bringing a story to life.
How long should a novel be?
Present Tense and First Person by Jeanne Gassman
Can writing be TOO creative?
The Hook: that all-important beginning.
Authors Share Their Book Marketing Expertise With Web Visitors -- For Free from Francine Silverman
Present Tense and First Person by Jeanne Gassman.
What it takes to be an editor.
Book promotion tips from Carolyn Howard-Johnson.
Two heads are better than one by Arlene Uslander.
For free or not for free by Shaunna Privratsky.
Did you really mean that? When subject and object refer to different things.
Invite the reader in, a few tricks of making fiction gripping.
What happened to the novel as an art form? by J. Conrad Guest.
An extract from Carolyn Howard-Johnson's The Frugal Book Promoter.
How to be a professional writer, by Sally Odgers.
Editing Headaches by Lea Schizas
12 points for writing flash fiction by Mike Kechula.
Personalise your characters with body language by Cheryl Wright.
Editing tips using MSWord by Elsa Neal.
The Art of Writing Headlines by Andrew Pegler.
Through the Wrong End of the Telescope: don't explain.
Phrases that make the media love you by Carolyn Howard-Johnson.
Comma-tease: Where they go and where they shouldn't.
Make Description Work Hard by D. L. Nelson
Don't Say "What if!" by Tracy Cooper-Posey: on building in tension.
The rabbit and the seed.
Is good grammar necessary? by Cheryl O'Brien.
Finding Your Own Typos.
The Complexities of Writing Simply.
Managing Points of View.
Genre Fiction: Freshness alert by Shannah Biondine.
So You Wanna Win a Contest? by Cheryl Wright.
...Well then, why do they exist? about adverbs and adjectives.
How NOT to annoy an editor a report by Brenna Lyons.
Celia Leaman recommends a publisher and an editor.
What's wrong with word ping-pong?
Australian author, American book: on book promotion by Pamela Faye.
Why have, a comma here?
How do you start a writing career at 60? by Ron Peters.
Authors for Charity by Shirley Dicks.
Building a Character by Cheryl O'Brien.
Undone by a fly: An amusing educational for writers by John Holton.
Without a Lecture: an example of how to inform the reader.
Advice to a beginning writer from Spiro and Cheryl.
Programmed to fail: a laugh about grammar by Harley Sachs.
Results of the Second Free Edit contest
Thank you to 1587 voters: I won Donard Publishing's July contest.
Marketing: The most important skill
Call for contributors: a book on cancer
'Books We Love' pages: a new resource.
The Bio
On the rules of writing.
Inform without boring the reader: an example from Beth Anderson.
Will your writing be remembered?
Point of View: why does it matter?
Meaning and character from Sally Odgers.
I am talking about one person! on 'him/her'.
Writing historical fiction by John Gorman.
How to write a good book review.
The bare bones synopsis by Beth Anderson.
How NOT to continue a series.
What is literary fiction? by Savannah Lawless.
Unblocking the writer.
Popularity vs. importance by Sally Odgers.
Do YOU think in the past tense?
Untapped market for writers? by Lori Avocato.
Find a critique partner at CritPal by Mark Ray.
Apostrophe -- or Catastrophe?
Responses to 'Apostrophe -- or Catastrophe? by Sally Odgers, Mark Snell and Vicki Delany.
Marketing Tips by Booby Woodall.
Advice to a Beginner by Spiro and Cheryl Dimolianis.
Criteria for writing excellence: Judging instructions for the Dream Realm Awards.
The LiFE Award from Elaine Corvidae.
The Paragraphs They'll Skip.
The art of critique.

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