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How This Book is Organised

THE TOOLBOX: all the instructional sections

1. Woodworking for Idiots Like Me
   Ignorant, not idiot
The start of his downfall

2. Billycarts
   Bolts (and nuts and washers)

3. Hammer in Memoriam

4. 1972

5. A Stud Frame Wall
   Marking out a job

6. Living In a Sculpture
   Chisels and their use

7. Have Knife Will Whittle
   Sharpening a knife

8. Look Square

9. How Modern Builders Make a Stud Frame Wall
   Softwood, hardwood -- and eucalypt
   Brick veneering

10. Getting Untwisted
   Setting and sharpening a crosscut saw

11. Joints
   How Madelon made a neat half-lap joint
   Making a mortise and tenon joint

12. Bernie's Cubby House
   Prefabricating cubby house components
   Hanging a door
   Wood screws

13. Cat's Cradle
   Using chainsaws safely

14. "If You Can Cook You Can Build"
   How to make a mission chair

15. The First Frame

16. When a Level Didn't

17. Jolanda's Roof
   The water level
   How to 'fall' a tree

18. A Moveable Feast (for Trees)

19. A Cure for Post-Baby Blues
   Built-in wardrobes
   Making a coffee table
   Making a rocking chair

20. A Plane Learning Experience

21. Bunks

22. In at Last!
   Weatherproofing and insulation

23. A Last Word