Environmental workshops by Dr Bob Rich

Workshop 1: Moving the opinions of climate change deniers

   Having retired from my main occupation, I am now combining my expertise in psychology with my passion for the environment to offer internet-based courses.

   I use Skype. This allows a conference for up to 25 people, but I intend to limit class size to 12. My Skype name is bobrich18. My time zone is Australian Eastern Standard Time, GMT + 10.

   My normal fee for this workshop is $30, but, as part of the Sustainability Surprise Party, the one during the month of May, 2014 is FREE for a 1 to 2 hour interactive workshop.

Course details

Date: Sunday 18th May, 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m., my time
Place: In your computer or phone

   If you are interested, fill out this form.

The first climate refugees on the planet are Alaskans.

   You will be required to do some preliminary reading. I'll email you links to relevant web sites, and/or send you documents.

   You will receive "homework" during the session, and we can all continue contact via email.

Session outline

   If you are interested, fill out this form.