How to use Healing Scripts

   Guided imagery is a way of relaxing your body, putting peace into your heart, slowing your mind, enhancing your health. In essence, you tell yourself a story in vivid, concrete, sensory detail, and move into it.

   You can make up your own scripts, or memorize a script and talk yourself through it. However, you can go deeper by having a person (face to face or recorded) talk you through it.

   The technique has two parts: an induction, and one or more projects.

   The induction should start with bodily relaxation. In the scripts on this CD, I talk you through a body scan, that is, a systematic focus of attention on each muscle group, getting it to relax. Then you go on a journey of some kind: a story in which there is movement and change. This journey ends up in a special place, which is perfect safety, comfort and beauty for you at this time.

   I have provided two induction stories. The first is being on an Australian mountain top, and walking down the mountain, through a forest, to your special place.

   The second is for people for whom walking may be painful or distressing. Instead, you go down an elevator (lift) from the top story of a tall building. So, tracks 1 and 2 are alternatives.

   Interestingly, both research and my personal experience show that you will benefit from the script even if it's not 100% right for you. For example, while listening to me talking about Australian plants and animals, you can experience your local environment, say a pine forest instead of an eucalypt one. If my script is right for you, do it exactly. If it isn't, modify it for yourself, and it'll work just as well. In the same way, you can listen to the same script many times, and choose a different experience on each occasion.


   Projects can be of many kinds. Here are a few examples:

   Play the CD through to yourself once, without following its suggestions. This will familiarize you with its contents.

   In use, program your player to give you either track 1 or track 2, then a selection from the other tracks, which are much shorter. For example, suppose you are recovering from an operation. You might choose to go down the elevator (track 2), then tune up your immune system (track 7), then deal with your pain (track 11), and finish with the Healing Light (track 8).

   Or, use one of the inductions to relax and go to a special place, then do work not on the CD. You could walk into a garden you're planning. It doesn't exist yet, but it can in your imagination. Then you can see various plants in a particular spot, try out a path here and a fence there, move things around, look at the garden at different seasons and during a variety of activities...


   Have fun!