Murder urges

   This is the theme of a great many cries for help I've received. People of all ages may be tortured by obsessive thoughts to murder, but most of those contacting me are young.

   Usually, my reply makes a difference. I show them how to live a good life, instead. Many of these contacts become friends; honorary grandkids. Some send me the occasional email, even years later.

   So, if you suffer from this terrible problem, or someone you know does, read a few of the question-and-answer exchanges I've published in my newsletter Bobbing Around. The links are below. Naturally, I've taken trouble to disguise the identity of the other party in each, but have found it difficult to disguise my own.

   While there is necessarily an overlap in the content of my answers, each situation is unique, so they vary. Reading several will be of benefit and interest. Also, my general approach may well help you to deal with other problems.

   Why is this such a frequent problem?

   Read a short extract about the work of John B. Calhoun from my book, From Depression to Contentment: A user's guide . It provides a perfect explanation.

   Here are the links, in approximate chronological order:

   Thoughts of murder and suicide

   I want to kill

   Another would-be killer

   Murder urges

   Murder urges again

   Yet another killer

   I want to kill my ex

   Role playing a murder victim

   I am a sociopath

   I want to murder, torture -- and kill myself

   I want to murder and torture

    I must stop being violent

   I want to commit murder

   I have hateful urges to hurt someone

   I want to murder

    I want to torture and murder

   Do I need to murder my brother?

   Fighting urge to kill

   I contemplate murdering girls

   Another mass murderer

   Has bullying made me into a serial killer?

   I haven't killed anyone -- yet

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