Information for Prospective Clients
Dr Bob Rich, M. Sc., Ph. D.

Healesville, Victoria 3777, Australia
phone +61 3 5962 3875
email me

Services offered

*   Individual, family and group counseling for people currently unable to cope with 'problems of living', e.g. anxiety, phobias, stress, anger, relationship problems, addictions, parent-child problems, grief, depression, guilt, reactions to past trauma, etc.
   Internet counseling via this site.
    Techniques used are a selection as appropriate from those of Narrative, Solution-Oriented, Cognitive, Cognitive-Behavioural, Gestalt and Logo Therapies.



*    Stress management and relaxation classes, run for groups of up to 10 people.


Check out the book Anger and Anxiety:
How to be in charge of your emotions and control phobias.


*    Help for distressed children --and with children who distress their parents.


Read a STORY a child wrote with me, or another I wrote for a boy

Session details

If you are willing to come to Yarra Junction or Healesville, please phone 5962 3875 for an appointment.

*   In some circumstances, I am willing to go on a home visit to clients who live within 30 minutes or so from Healesville (for example Warburton, Wandin, Yarra Glen). Home appointments are usually more friendly for clients, and more informative for me (less artificial).

*     Sessions usually last one hour. First session is often longer.

*     The aim of therapy is not for me to solve your problems or to "fix" you, but to help you on the road to self-recovery. Some people can do this after one session. Some need a lot more, but it's not a race: whatever it takes. You are investing in a better life.

*     I have a sliding fee structure, details on application. Special rates for pensioners and people depending on 'Centrelink' for their income.


Anything a client reveals to me is fully confidential, and is divulged to a third party only with the client's permission. This includes matters a child wishes to keep secret from parents.

By law, there is an exception: I must report to the Authorities if I believe a person is likely to do self-injury, or is a threat to others or to property.