by Max Overton

Max's review of The Travels of First Horse
My review of Lion of Scythia
My review of The Golden King

Published by Mundania Books To be published in May 2004

   As I would expect from having read The Golden King, this book starts with immediate tension, which keeps going with twist after twist. While the story follows on from the previous volume, a new reader will be very quickly caught by the realistically drawn background, the action, and above all by the characters.

   I particularly liked the picture of Alexander the Great. Max Overton has brought to life a very appealing man. The great King just had to be like this: charismatic, with a glow of inner power, wise yet impetuous. Overton has done his research well.

   In this, the third book of the trilogy, we follow Nikometros out of Scythia, and back to Alexander's army, and Alexander's court.

   Meticulously crafted, this book is an exciting page-turner. Moreover, it will stand on its own, and entertain a reader who hasn't yet read the first two books.

   I only have one little suggestion for improvement. Whenever people in Max's books shoot with bow an arrow, he says they 'fire'. Well, Mr. Overton, you may fire a gun, but the only way to fire an arrow is to tie inflammables to the tip and light them.

   With this one little cavil, I tell the world that I have immensely enjoyed the three books. I hope Max continues to write.

   Max Overton is a fellow Clock Tower Books author. We exchanged books for review; you can read his opinion of my 'Horse' trilogy.


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