A young adults' fantasy novel
by Sally Odgers

Published by HarperCollins Australia
ISBN: 0207197555 - Paperback


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   This book is clearly part of a series, set in a world of the author's making. I have not read any of the books set in this reality before, and yet had no trouble immediately feeling at home there. Part of the reason was Lord Merritt, the heroine's uncle. He is a wonderfully likeable fellow who, at the start of the book, is as much of a skeptic as I am. And, as the superstitions he scoffed at came true, and he was forced to believe, well, so was I. And I didn't even notice.

   By chapter six, I am in despair over the fate of people I have come to like a great deal. The Castle of Torm is besieged, its food stores depleted, and a clever lie by the enemy has ensured that no help could possibly come from outside. And the only person able to make decisions is Allyso, a fourteen-year-old girl everyone has always underestimated because she is skinny and small for her age. Surely, the castle must fall.

   And then comes an adventure that will capture any young teenager. Allyso faces challenge after challenge, and manages to stay delightful and likeable through trials that would break the spirit of most of us.

   Candle-Iron is set in a delightfully described world. The author's invented words help to emphasise the differences even while making us feel at home: words like 'sunlift' and 'spellhound' and 'winterwane'. They are different and exotic, and yet immediately meaningful.

   I am a rather old teenager, but even so, I enjoyed reading this tale of fantasy from Sally Odgers.

Sally Odgers   Sally Odgers is the most prolific writer I know. Using a plethora of pen names as well as writing as herself, she produces 'how to' manuals, and fiction for young and old. Explore her web site, , but make sure you leave yourself plenty of time. It is FULL of enjoyable surprises.

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