Review of The Curse of the Three Headed Circus

by Bonnie Mercure

Published by Double Dragon e-books.
ISBN: 1-894841-08-5
Recommended price $US 4.95 cover of 'The Curse of the Three-headed Circus

   Bonnie Mercure was one of the finalists in my 'free edit' contest. Two votes for her book impressed me. One was from a young lady called Kate Mercure who'd written 'I want my Mom's book to win'. The second was from another finalist, who'd voted for the 'Three Headed Circus' rather than for her own entry.

   Subsequently, I edited this book for Bonnie. We clicked, and somehow the story came together better than either of us could have written it alone.

   Judge it for yourself.

   The story starts odd but not at all frightening: a small travelling circus, and three-foot-high Little Mary who runs away with them to escape a terribly abusive home life. But there are hints that things are not what they seem.

   Harvey, the narrator, is a fine young man with a deformity (three extra fingers on one hand) that has been turned into an advantage. He, and the other performers, soon become real people in the hand of this skilled writer, and you will enjoy their interactions, adventures and calamities as they try to cope with all the odd happenings Little Mary brings with her.

   The hints multiply: these are not just ordinary issues, but there is something dark and immensely powerful behind all the troubles besetting the circus. Who is the man with the bag of tricks? And can any mortal power defeat him?

   I think this book will be enjoyed by anyone with a liking for horror, a bent towards the supernatural. The copy I was sent still had a number of typos, no doubt due to format transformations, but one of the advantages of e-books is that such errors are cheap to fix, not as with a print version.

   The language is clear and suitable for younger readers as well as adults (no wonder young Kate liked it).

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