Technology in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Edited by Stephen Goss and Kate Anthony

Cover of 'Technology in Counselling and Psychotherapy'   This important book should be a reference for every psychologist, therapeutic social worker and counsellor. It should be compulsory reading for trainees in these fields, and set reading for anyone wishing to establish a counselling practice over the internet, using the telephone or via videoconferencing.

   It is a scholarly work, reports from practitioners in the field. It covers both well-established activities such as telephone counselling, and new developments including supervision via video link and stand-alone therapeutic computer programs.

   Being a collection of writings from several authors, the style varies from highly readable to standard academese. However, throughout, the treatment of the subject matter is meticulous.

   I had been invited to submit a chapter on counselling via email, but in the event Stephen Goss found my approach to be insufficiently scholarly. So, the book is marred by the absence of my contribution. All the same, this is an instruction manual and reference work that is a must for everyone in the helping professions.

   The book is available right now from Kate Anthony's web site

   Kate Anthony is one of my longest-standing email friends. She originally tracked me down for a research project on counselling over the internet, and since then we have cooperated in many ways. She runs a highly regarded course on e-counselling at

   Dr Stephen Goss is Research Development Manager with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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