by Max Overton

Max's review of The Travels of First Horse
My review of Lion of Scythia
My review of Funeral in Babylon

Published by Mundania Books
Trade Paperback ISBN 1-59426-041-9; To be released March 2004.
eBook ISBN: 1-59426-042-7
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   When I reviewed Max Overton's Lion of Scythia, I was impressed by the depth of historical research, the authenticity of the writing. The plot was well thought out and interesting. These strengths, and the exciting pace of the action, compensated for the rather stilted dialogue and lack of depth in many of the characters.

   Max is certainly a good learner. The Golden King has all the strengths of its predecessor, with none of the weaknesses. The characters have become strong, vivid and rounded, dialogue is true to life and easily distinguishes the main players from each other. The tension is unremitting.

   Anyone who likes historical adventure will love this book.

   Max Overton is a fellow Clock Tower Books author. We exchanged books for review; you can read his opinion of my 'Horse' trilogy.


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