Review of Masters of the Sex Gates

by Darrell Bain and Jeanine Berry

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   Readers of The Sex Gates by Darrell Bain and Jeanine Berry will know what to expect from Masters of the Sex Gates, and will not be disappointed. It is a continuation of the same story, and takes you along with the same formula.

   A police car is hit by a missile within the first scene, and this sets the tone of the book: it rises to frequent peaks of excitement.

   Nor is the word 'sex' in the title false advertisement. You'll get (well, read about) all you've bargained for, and then a few variants that may be new ideas to you. Like, what about the uncle (by marriage only) who has turned into an attractive, and sex-starved, young woman?

   However, this book is not a mindless romp. The exciting action, the fun and games are vehicles for serious, important issues that all of us need to think about.

   The Sex Gates, and this book, its sequel, are enjoyable reading, a must for those who like to be immersed in fast moving action.

Darrell Bain   Darrell Bain has been writing most of his life though he didn't get really serious about it until the purchase of his first computer which made correcting his typing so much easier. In the last ten years he has had a total of fifteen books either published or currently under contract to be published.

   Two of his works were finalists for the EPIC 2000 Awards and another nominated for the Frankfurt eBook awards. In 2002, The Sex Gates won the Knowbetter's Best Science Fiction 2002.

   His writing ranges the gamut of genres from Science Fiction to Romance, from Non-fiction to Suspense and from Children's books to Humorous Adventure and humorous non-fiction. He is currently concentrating on science fiction and humor.

   Darrell Served a number of years in the military, including two years in Vietnam. His first published novel, Medics Wild, was based in part on his time in Vietnam. After leaving the military Darrell obtained a B.S. in Medical Technology and managed medical laboratories in Louisiana, Texas and Saudi Arabia. Eventually he and his wife Betty settled in East Texas where they own a Christmas tree farm located -- where else? -- on a real road named Santa Claus Lane. Two of his non-fiction works deal with crazy adventures on a Christmas tree farm. Other members of the family include Biscuit the dachshund and Black Spot and Black Dot, the tomcats

Jeanine Berry   If you ask her family, they will tell you Jeanine Berry was born with her nose in a book. Words are her passion. Perhaps it is genetic. Her uncle was a journalist and her brother is the author of a novel about the U.S. Civil War.

   An avid reader all her life, she turned writing into her profession as she grew up. She studied English and journalism at the University of Wisconsin--Platteville and then went on to a career in journalism.

   After 10 years with a newspaper, writing everything from hard news to features, she switched to the editing side of the desk, and is presently a copy editor with a magazine group.

   Meanwhile, she keeps on pursuing her dream of creative writing. Her works to date include two fantasy novels, Dayspring Dawning and Dayspring Destiny; two SF novels, The Sex Gates and Masters of the Sex Gates, which she wrote with Darrell Bain; and a novella called Twin Star published in the anthology, Twilight Crossings.

   When she's not working or busy writing, she goes golfing with her husband or devotes herself to spoiling her two adorable Australian Silky Terriers.


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