America's Unpatriotic Acts

by Walter Brasch

Published by Peter Lang Publishing
ISBN: 0-8204-7608-0

   This book is a hugely well-documented indictment of either criminal idiocy in the highest places, or of a deliberate attempt to destroy democracy. Chapter after chapter details the way that all the rules of freedom and decency have been violated under the flimsy guise of fighting terrorism. The Geneva convention for dealing with prisoners of war? That's a quaint old thing that doesn't apply any more. Habeas corpus? Not when we are dealing with people accused of terrorism. And so on.

   The Preface alone is all the proof you need to label the Bush administration as liars. It starts by quoting claims by both the President and by senior figures that the government is determined to uphold the right of citizens. This is followed by many pages of documented examples proving the lie.

   The steamrolling of the PATRIOT Act through the Senate and Congress was in itself an act of depriving the American people of their rights:

   'Many of the changes incorporated into the PATRIOT Act had previously been rejected by Congress. "The government was seeking a lot of these powers before 911," said Steve Lilienthal of the conservative Free Congress Foundation, "but after the attacks, they seized upon terrorism as a way to get what they had always wanted."

   'There was little time to read or analyze the bill, and only one hour of debate on the floor of the House. "This was the least democratic process for debating questions fundamental to democracy I have ever seen," said Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who explained the bill was "drafted by a handful of people in secret, subject to no committee process, [and which came] before us immune from amendment." Most members admitted they read only a few paragraphs, if any at all, of the 150-section 342-page document.'

   Because this book sets out to be an exhaustive proof of its case, it is not an easy read. However, it is well worth the effort. If you want to stop the United States from sliding into becoming the Fourth Reich, then you must read it, and act on the information it gives you.

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