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   Currently I am seeking review swaps for my newer books. If you have a published book you think I would love to read, then send me a 300 word synopsis and the first 1000 words or so. Make these into Word-compatible files, attached to an email. You can click on the "Email" icon at the top of this page to do that.
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Rules of Review at this site.

   If I consider a book to be worth 4 or 5 stars, I will provide a public review. I'll publish it in my newsletter Bobbing Around and happily post it on any web site you specify. You may use it in any way you wish, with a link back of course.

   However, I don't trample on another writer's baby. If I don't consider your book to be excellent, I will privately let you know why, pointing out what in my opinion are its good points, and where it needs improvement.

   Naturally, I expect the same in return.

   Also, I am not interested in certain genres: romance without other major themes; horror; violence for its own sake; anthems to materialism. I strongly prefer books with an environmental and/or humanitarian message.


Conservation and Building

   Books in each category are listed in alphabetic order of title, disregarding 'the' or 'a'. Do note that there are many other book reviews listed in the archives of my newsletter 'bobbing around.' I haven't had the time to copy them over.


* Anxiety Disorder Workbook, a guide to conquering anxiety by Mary Ellen Popkin.

* Technology in Counselling and Psychotherapy, a scholarly resource edited by Stephen Goss and Kate Anthony.

* 'The Bully', a FREE resource for victims and their parents by Rita Toews.

* Coping With Physical Loss -- a workbook an indispensable resource for those working with physically damaged clients, by Rick Ritter.

Toward a Better World

* America's Unpatriotic Acts: The Federal Government's Violation of Constitutional and Civil Rights. Walter Brasch has written a book everyone should read -- or become a citizen in the new Fourth Reich.

* 'CARtoons', a comic book that's an environmental text, by Andy Singer.

* Dead Men Don't Leave Tips, an entertaining travel book that is an environmental and social commentary on Africa.

* The Earth Garden Water Book will save you money by saving water.

* 'The Good Wood and Paper Guide' 9th Edition, by Friends of the Earth.

* Practical Straw Bale Building a CSIRO publication by Murray Hollis.

* Sea Change: Australians in pursuit of the good life, a guide to downsizing toward a saner life, by Cindy Dowling.

* Strawbale Homebuilding, an inspirational collection by Alan Gray.


* 'Candle-Iron', a Young Adults fantasy by Sally Odgers.

* 'Chronicles of a Madman, an anthology of dark writing by Michael Larocca.

* Circle of Arcs, a fantasy that transends time by Kate Saundby.

* The Curse of the Three-headed Circus, a Young Adults fantasy/horror story by Bonnie Mercure.

* Dream of Darkness, Volume 1 of a fantasy series by Elizabeth Burton.

* Funeral in Babylon, the last volume of a historical trilogy by Max Overton.

* The Golden King, the second volume of a historical trilogy by Max Overton.

* The Jacob Theory, a Young Adults fantasy by Bonnie Mercure.

* 'Jonah's Way', a psychological romance by Michelle Lee.

* 'The Lion of Scythia', volume 1 of a historical trilogy by Max Overton.

* 'The Man Who Fell From the Sky', a real-life mystery from William Norris.

* Masters of the Sex Gates, a science fantasy thriller with a difference by Darrell Bain and Jeanine Berry.

* 'The Orion Property' by Kate Saundby, Science Fiction examining the implications of genetic engineering.

* 'The Pet Plague', a science fiction novel by Darrell Bain. This book is a recipient of the LiFE Award: Literature For Environment.

* 'Since All is Passing' a romantic thriller by Elizabeth Delisi.

* 'Snowdropping' a short story collection by John Holton.

* 'Terra Nova', a Science Fiction story by Tom Williams, published by Awe-Struck Books.

* Unraveled, a New Age romantic comedy by Celia Ann Leaman.

* The Wages of Justice, one of the 'Nublis' series of Science Fiction books by Kate Saundby.

* 'Whiteout', a murder story with a difference by Vicki Delany.

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