by Max Overton

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Published by Mundania Books
Trade Paperback ISBN 1-59426-035-4
Retail $17.99
eBook ISBN: 1-59426-036-2
Retail $6.00 (Download)
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   I hope that Max Overton's first foray into Historical Fiction will not be the last. I have just finished reading his The Lion of Scythia, which is set in the times of Alexander the Great, and all I want to do is to read on.

   Overton has done an excellent job of bringing to life a little-known corner of ancient history. Having done several years of research for my own series, I know just how difficult this is. Though larger than life, his main characters behave in an engagingly human manner and I as reader identified with their problems in facing their challenges, cheered at their triumphs, felt with them at their reverses.

   This book is a good read if you like fast-moving adventure with a strong romantic element. And who doesn't?

   Lion of Scythia is an EPPIE 2001 finalist in the Historical Fiction category.

   Max Overton was a fellow Clock Tower Books author. We exchanged books for review; you can read his opinion of my 'Horse' trilogy.


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