by Celia Ann Leaman

Twilight Times Books.
Trade Paperback; Release date: August. 15, 2004; ISBN: 1-931201-11-0; Price: $14.50.
ebook ISBN: 1-931201-09-9; Format: PDF, HTML, Palm; Price: $4.50.
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   Editing is work. However good the book I am going through, it's a repetitive activity requiring concentration, and the task gets in the way of the enjoyment I might get if I were merely reading.

   But... there are exceptions, and Celia Ann Leaman's Unraveled is one. Why? Because it gave me a laugh, or more exactly, many laughs. I don't often sit at my computer, seized by great belly laughs, but this was my fate while editing this little book.

   Oh, there is brilliantly scathing analysis here too, dissecting the hell many people's lives amount to, but always in a way that makes me laugh, never squirm.

    We all need fun in our lives. I can recommend to everyone: grab this book and enjoy the humor.

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