Review of The Wages of Justice

by Kate Saundby

Published by Double Dragon e-books.
ISBN: 1-894841-01-8
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cover of 'The Wages of Justice

   Do you like medieval pomp and intrigue? Or are space pirates more your idea of entertainment? You can have both, in Kate Saundby's 'Nublis' series.

   Perhaps you are disgusted at the way, in our world, the villains prosper because justice can be bought. You will love the justice system on Nublis. Reading about it brought many a grin to my face, as I followed Saundby's understated but cutting humor.

   I found exciting action, humorous farce, and also horror in 'The Wages of Justice'. The horror is a new application of the ancient concept of the Sacrificial King. Nublis is ruled by an Emperor. Its justice system is run by the Archon. These two, especially the Archon, are also prisoners, made to suffer so that their planet's society may be a just and prosperous one.

   At first, 'Wages of Justice' was just a light-hearted romp through a make-believe world, but as the story grabbed me, it became much more. An invasion was met by apparent surrender, that eventually led to total victory for the victims. I loved this: a judo approach instead of the Sumo wrestling that's our culture's only response to aggression.

   And I really loved the way one of the worst villains became a hero.

   'The Wages of Justice' is the third book I have read by Saundby. This competent and talented writer always has a hidden moral message, but so well sugar-coated that the lesson is painless. I can honestly recommend this entertaining book to anyone.

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