The Earth Garden Water Book

edited by Alan Gray

Published by Earth Garden magazine
ISBN 0-9586397-2-8
RRP in Australia $19.95 inc. GST.

   There is only one thing wrong with this book. It refers to me as 'Earth Garden magazine's owner-building guru.' Now, I know that 'guru' means 'teacher' in (I think) Hindi, but it does have excess meaning. 'Rabbi' also means 'teacher', but they wouldn't call me a Rabbi, would they?

   Apart from this little glitch, the book is the usual mix of inspiration and information one expects from one of Alan's books. He has a genius for picking a highly topical issue; then finding contributors to the magazine with articles that fit the theme, a long time in advance; then assembling them into a whole that would please a patchwork quilt artist.

   Water conservation is one of the big issues in Australia at the moment. It's been in the news. And yet, Alan had requested my contribution over a year ago! How did he know?

   This comprehensive handbook will explain why you personally need to save water, and what the benefits for you are. It will inspire you to take action. And whether you live in the suburbs, the paddocks or the wild, it will tell you how to do it.

   There are also case studies of communties that have taken action, and spent money to save water -- and save money in the long run.

   In my case, of course, the book is a little late. Been there, done that, got the water tank. But if you haven't, what are you waiting for?

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