Get Physical!

Exercises for Writers

   Kerri Lane, an email friend, now has a great deal of trouble using her keyboard. Typing long hours over many years has damaged her arms. Her physical therapist, [Ms Lisa McKee - chirpractor Dudley Road Chiropractic Centre - Dudley NSW. 02 49 422042] has given her a set of exercises that will stretch the relevant muscles in time.

   These same exercises can be used to prevent the problem in the first place.

   Many other writers suffer back problems, from sitting in the one position too long. There are exercises to help with that problem too.


   A few minutes of regular stretching can save you years of agony. And yet, most of us 'can't afford the time'!

   Fortunately, stretches feel good, especially if you need them.


The Stretches


Part one:

1. Stretch arm straight in front of your body. Very important: Keep elbow straight & taut at all times
2. Move your hand to an upright position (I guess that's at right angle to arm).
3. With other hand, pull your upright hand back towards your body.
4. Hold for a count of ten.
5. Repeat five times.
6. Repeat process with other hand


Part two:

1. Again extend arm in front of body. Keep elbow straight and taut.
2. Drop hand so that it is pointing at the floor.
3. Use other hand to pull this back towards body (this time under the arm)
4. Hold for count of 10
5 Repeat process 5 times.
6. Repeat with other hand.


   Dosage - for most people twice a day is usually fine. Kerri needs to do them 10 times a day, to attempt to reverse the damage. And for her, they are very painful.  


   Do not sit in front of your computer for longer than two hours at a time. Before that, stand up and move around, doing something else for a few minutes (a cup of tea or coffee is a good opportunity).

   While working away, every now and then link your hands above your head and reach for the ceiling, stretching as high as you can.

   Occasionally, flex your lower back forward and back.


   Not a big deal is it? But it could save you extended agony.

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