About Kate Saundby

Kate Saundby   Kate Saundby lives in Paris, Tennessee with her husband Herman and a laid-back orange cat named Clifty. Her black and tan Coon lab dog, Jessie Mae, joined her ancestors last year and she's greatly missed.

   Kate was one of the major lights of Crossroads Publishing until its collapse. She led the authors in their actions against the publisher. Her books are now being released by Double Dragon e-books. This includes the many volumes of the Nublis series and her stand-alone time travel thriller A Circle of Arcs (read my review).

   Kate's romantic poem The Other Woman was voted #1 in the Preditors and Editors 1998 Poll.

   The covers of her Nublis Chronicles titles, The Wages of Justice and Aase's Daughter, and her novels Golden Silence and The Spirit Dogs of Sirius were all finalists in the 2000 Dream Realm Awards, and The Artemesian Mandate was recently granted the LiFE Award. The Wages of Justice was a Frankfurt Awards Nominee in 2000, and A Circle of Arcs and The Wages of Greed were finalists in the 2001 Eppie Awards. The Spirit Dogs of Sirius and its sequels, Aase's Daughter and The Wages of Deception, were originally released in June 2000 by Starlight Writer Publications, and will be re-released soon from Double Dragon.

Photo reproduced by permission. Copyright by PhotoCraftsman, Paris, 1998,1999, 2000, 2001


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