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   Do you worry about the future? Can you see how we are destroying all that is keeping us alive, depriving coming generations of the very basis of existence, stealing from poor countries in order to fuel our extravagant lifestyle?

   Are you saddened by the loss of species, by the replacement of nature's beauty and bounty by humanity's artificial, noisy, ugly creations of concrete, steel and plastic?

   If you are a writer, your attitudes and beliefs will have imbued your work. Your book or books may qualify for the LiFE award: Literature For Environment.

   Fiction or non-fiction, any genre, intended for any age group, published in any format, the details matter not one whit. What matters is that the readers of your books may become inspired to change the way they think and act.

   There are only two kinds of people: conservationists and suicides. To qualify for this Award, your book needs to value the wonderful world of nature, to recognize that we are merely one species out of millions, and that we have a responsibility to cherish and maintain our small planet.


   This Award and its associated logo must be earned. The logo or title must not be displayed on any web site, book or other publication without the express authorization of the Award Administrator. The books that have been given the LiFe Award are listed here. If you come across a display of the Award name or logo on any book, review, publicity material or web site that is not listed here, please notify me.

How to apply

   A book may be nominated by its author or publisher. I reserve the right of inviting an application from an author whose work qualifies. Otherwise, send an email with the following details:

   The last three items should be in the form of a single Word-compatible file, attached to the email.


Where the name comes from

   I belong to several email lists for writers. When I got the idea for this Award, I posted a request on them all, asking for suggestions for a name. To my amazement, twenty writers responded, with a total of 57 suggestions. Actually, even this is an understatement, because many of the proposals were generalized concepts that allowed for a whole range of actual titles.

   I would like to thank all these wonderful people. May their fingers speed along the keyboards at the speed of light, and may their minds outstrip their fingers a thousandfold.

   It is encouraging that many of us are concerned about the direction of society. In their wonderful book 'Naked Ape to Superspecies', David Suzuki and Holly Dressel cite Edward Wilson, a professor of Ecology at Harvard, who said (p 14):
   "If all humanity disappeared, the rest of life, except for domestic animals and plants... would benefit enormously." On the other hand, Wilson pointed out, if one of the groups of smaller creatures, such as ants, were to vanish, the results would be close to catastrophic. "If they [ants] were to disappear, there would be major extinctions of other species and probably partial collapse of some ecosystems." The Earth as a whole would suffer.

   This puts arrogant homo so-called sapiens in perspective. We are the only noxious species on the planet. It is my duty and my pleasure to do anything I can to reverse the current self-destructive trend. I hope the LiFE Awards will be a step in the direction of survival.

   So, this award is for books that are for life, and against destruction. I have chosen the name: the LiFE Award: Literature For Environment.

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