LiFE Award Recipients

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Titles   Authors
51. Ancient Canada: a Mythological Tale
2. The Artemesian Mandate
50. A Bend in the Ocean
45. Beware!
33. The Boy Who Loved Ants: Edward O. Wilson
3. CARtoons
6. Christmas Stars
47. Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project SAVE
30. A Dream of Drowned Hollow
14. Dreamspy
49. An Ever River
40. Feasible Planet -- A guide to more sustainable living
18. Felling of the Sons
44. The Forest Giant
48. Franky the Fearless Flamingo
46. Halfway to MMXX
35. Halfway to the Truth
21. Hurtling to Oblivion
22. The Genesis Enigma
36. Getting Home: A children's picture book
27. In Memory of Central Park
31.Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings
32. Koalas: Zen in Fur
38. Last Haven
19. Legacy: A Story of Hope for a Time of Environmental Crisis
11. Monkey Trap
12. Nessie and the Living Stone
13. Nessie and the Viking Gold
23. The New Bedford Samurai
8. On Wings of Love
17. Painted Words
43. The Passing
 5. The Pet Plague
39. The Price of Eden
 1. Prometheus
26. Raping Louisiana: A Diary of Deceit
10. The Rhesus Factor
29. Sequestered
 4. The Sex Gates
20. Slow Dancing with the Angel of Death
34. The Story of Thornby: How Ordinary People Took on Government
28. Strictly Liable
41. Sublime Planet
 7. The Tail of the Sea Witch
42. Those Sugar-Barge Kids
25. Tilting at Treadmills
24. Valley of the Raven
 9. Wildflower
37. Wildlife Corridor
16. With Malicious Intent
15. WolfPointe
  38. Austin, Greg
 5. Bain, Darrell
 4. Bain, Darrell / Barry, Jeannine
41. Ball, Magdalena
30. Barwood, Lee
31. Barwood, Lee
18. Bebow-Reinhard, Monette
43. Beech, Takara
15. Buda, Rick
25. Benton, John
39. Burt, Brian
50. Chacko, Ajay
20. Chappell, Helen
43. Clark, Rose
29. Darley, Jim
11. Denning, Lee
1. Domokos, Alex / Toews, Rita
8. Douglas, Kate
32. Ehrich, Joanne
51. Festa, Clinton
21. Field, Dave
26. Harris, P. F.
41. Howard-Johnson, Carolyn
16. Kingsley, M. T.
28. Kingsley, M. T.
40. Kroes, Ken
14. Lichtenberg, Jacqueline
35. Mays, Anthony
46. Mays, Anthony
12. Lorrah, Jean
13. Lorrah, Jean
Luthman, Wanda
44. Madhavan, Mamta
27. Minet, Queenelle
29. Overton, Max
7. Peterson, Wendy Maree
36. Poulter, Jennifer
37. Poulter, Jennifer
43. Poulter, Jennifer
44. Poulter, Jennifer
45. Poulter, Jennifer
19. Poyourow, Joanne
9. Rafala, Carl
24. Ramirez, Ken
49. Russell, David
2. Saundby, Kate
22. Sampson, Jim
17. Sellers, Cheryl B.
3. Singer, Andy
33. Sara van Dyck
6. Toews, Rita
42. Tucker, Jon
36. Muza Ulasowski
23. Vlasopolos, Anca
34. Sandra Walters
10. Whitelaw, Sonny
12. Wickstrom, Lois
13. Wickstrom, Lois
47. Wilhelm, Carolyn
45. Willis, Nick

The recipients
51. Ancient Canada: a Mythological Tale by Clinton Festa.
Publisher: CamCat Books
Format: e-book, hardcover, paperback, and eventually an audiobook ISBN(s): Hardcover 9780744304350, Paperback 9780744304367, large-print paperback 9780744304381, eBook 9780744304411, audiobook (currently being recorded) 9780744304459
Ancient Canada: a Mythological Tale tells the story of Lavender and Marigold, two sisters exiled from their home country. They embark on an epic journey throughout a post-apocalyptic Arctic Circle using Lavender's unique ability to see life and death to stay within the narrow margins of survival. The story follows the sisters as they encounter a stone giant, a bird-warrior, a fugitive bog man, a spoiled prince, and the assassins sent to hunt them down. Along the way, they learn secrets about their world and how it has become the way it is. As their journey leads them back home, they must confront the leader who exiled them, and prevent the destruction of their hometown.
50. A Bend in the Ocean, by Ajay Chacko.
E-book, published by Juggernaut Books
Deep in the ocean, a 150 year old Bowhead whale, an Immortal Jellyfish and the chief of a billion plus school of Quahogs form an unusual bond in the aftermath of a manmade disaster. On land, scientist Ze, along with his partner Nolan work on predicting how the ocean might bend one day. In Hawaii, oceanographer couple Greg and Pia study and help mitigate the possible impact of a climate change catastrophe..
This is not just a fantasy fiction book; it is a story of climate change told differently. This work of fiction is inspired by a totally 'inverted' world-view. A world where the ocean and its creatures take centre stage and time loses meaning.
49. An Ever River, 26 poems by David Russell.
Paperback, available atAmazon
ISBN-10: 1911587048 ISBN-13: 978-1911587040
As the title of Dave Russell's poetry collection suggests An Ever River bursts and blisters with references to the elements, nature and humanity's emotional connection to Ecology... The opening poem, With Respect to the Whale, pulls no punches.
48. Franky the Fearless Flamingo by Wanda Luthman.

4th in Franky the Flamingo series.
Illustrator: Mara Reitsma
Available Paper and Ebook at Amazon
ISBN: 9781734009934 (2020)
Genre: Environment / Children’s Picture Book

Franky the Fearless Flamingo rescues the helpless wherever he does go.
In this tale of strength and compassion, a mean crab owes a debt as his ration.
The little sea turtle that he hurt, he later helps with kindness, his new passion.
The crab learned to use his strength for good to help someone in need, just because he could.
Franky the Fearless Flamingo is a hero for helping a mean crab learn the important lesson of empathy.

47. Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project SAVE by Carolyn Wilhelm.

Publisher: Wise Owl Factory LLC
Format(s): trade paperback and Kindle eBook on Amazon
ISBN-10: 0999776681
ISBN-13: 978-0999776681

This book was written with the classroom in mind, making it easier for teachers and students to learn about climate change. The characters are interesting and relatable to engage students. The book is full of facts embedded in the text, with references provided. The global warming information is all true and available now.

46. Halfway to MMXX The Year 2020: It Begins by Anthony Mays.

Format: Kindle
ASIN: B07X65G8V4

For centuries, the Arctic has kept its secrets hidden under vast sheets of ice and snow. Today, those layers of solid freeze are yielding to the influences of man. Global temperatures continue to rise from overuse of fossil fuels and burning forests changing the landscape forever. The peeling of those layers now exposes the surface underneath, making easy the plunder of Arctic riches. The next great battleground is being readied by the effects of global warming. Halfway to MMXX The Year 2020: It Begins should stir our conscience in the direction of exploration gone bad and its potential environmental impact.

45. Beware! by J.R.Poulter, illustrator, Nick Willis, Designer new edition, Muza Ulasowski .

Publisher: Word Wings
Format: illustrated children's paperback
ISBN 978-1-925484-31-1

The author grew up in a sleepy coastal village, or it was at that time. "BEWARE!" seeks to engender the fun and camaraderie of family seaside holidays whilst inculcating a sense of awe for the more potentially dangerous sea creatures to be encountered on our shores. The aim was not to instill fear, but respect for the rightful inhabitants of the marine environment to which we are only visitors, guests passing through. Additional fun facts are included at the end of the book with the aim of stimulating children's natural curiosity and a desire to learn more.

44. The Forest Giant by Jennifer Poulter, illustrator, Theda Mimilaki, designer, Muza Ulasowski.

Publisher: Word Wings
Format: illustrated children's paperback
ISBN 978-1-925484-41-0

Humans have their place in the world as natural beings, ideally existing in harmony with each other and nature. The Forest Giant, who loses his way, becoming separated from his kind, becomes part of the forest. However, he is still human and the arrival of two lost children into his adopted domain brings back to him his sense of who he is and his belonging to his kind. This impels him to protect his young visitors and help them find the way ‘home’ for all of them.

Today, like never before, we humans need to ‘find’ our place in our natural environment and with each other. This story has endeavored to highlight both.

43. The Passing by Jennifer Poulter, illustrated by Rose Clark, designed by Takara Beech

Publisher: Word Wings
Format: illustrated children's paperback
ISBN(s) 978-1-925484-48-9

The Passing is a prose poem by J.R.Poulter, The picture book is a collaboration between the author, illustrator/animator, Rose Clark and illustrator/book designer, Takara Beech. The themes of the book focus on change and environmental issues impacting an area of land over the eons of its existence. The book has received wonderful reviews from teachers and a Five Star Review from Readers’ Favorite site.
Teacher /Family notes to aid in the sharing of the book with children include material which highlights the book’s environmental focus. Change affects all of us, but how often do we pause to think how what we are doing impacts our immediate environment and what the long-term effects might be. Often the focus is on national parks, popular tourism areas which attract media attention. However, care and concern are also called for in our own backyard. It is hoped this book will be shared by families and in classrooms with the aim of encouraging children and young people to not only look at the big picture, but to put their own local area under the microscope and see what they can do to preserve, enhance, restore their own more immediate environment.

42. Those Sugar-Barge Kids by Jon Tucker

Publisher: Storm Bay Books
Formats Trade Paperback and eBook
ISBN 9780980835366
Australian novella distributors
NZ online sales

When three Tasmanian children try chasing a couple of home-alone kids who live on an old barge in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, they soon find themselves heavily involved in an environmental conflict with one of the local oyster-farmers over the release of plastic into the local waterways. Their tactics change from direct action to more contemporary methods as their determination continues, and along the way the Australian children learn much about sustainability and the impacts of climate change on sea-level dwellers.
The outcome is a triumph of lateral thinking, and a signal to youngsters that it is possible to bring about positive change in the world, even at a seemingly small local level.

41. Sublime Planet: a book of poetry by Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball
Cover Art by photographer Anne Howell.

Self-published in the tradition of poets since the beginning of time.
Formats: Trade paperback and e-book

Sublime Planet is a collection of poems, some by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, the others by Magdalena Ball. They speak of the authors' love of this planet, from microbes and greater living animals to UNESCO's protected flora to energy waves. Their view of environmental activism encompasses all aspects of life, including the way the environment affects us as individuals, politically, and spiritually. Sublime Planet is one of seven books and chapbooks in their Celebration Series: This one celebrates Earth Day.

40. Feasible Planet by Ken Kroes

Formats: Trade paperback, e-book (kindle)
ISBN: 978-0-9958470-4-0 (paperback), 978-0-9958470-5-7 (e-book)

The non-fiction work, Feasible Planet -- A guide to more sustainable living discusses actions individuals can take to help both our planet and society. Many of these actions will be of direct benefit to the individual through saving money, time, better health, being more successful and being happier in general. These actions will also buy time for governments and corporations to come up with programs, regulations and technology needed to make our world a better place for future generations.

The key question the book asks is, “Are we doing enough?” The short answer is that no one knows for sure. The issues we face with pollution, overconsumption, climate change, growing economic disparity, and popularised politics are complex. We, at the individual level, don’t need to agree on what the issues are, or on the long-term solutions, but should recognize that in several areas, things appear to be getting worse and not better.

Beyond the areas of consumption and pollution, the subjects of economics, politics, and social interactions are included in this Information-rich book. In addition to suggestions for individual action, there are also discussions on the reasons why we should do more and exploration of why we are not doing these actions already.

39. Aquarius Rising 3: Price of Eden by Brian Burt.

Publisher: Double Dragon e-books
Format: Paperback and ebook
ISBNs: 1-77115-367-9, 978-1-77115-367-6

This is the third book in the Aquarius Rising science fiction trilogy that has been recognized for its strong focus on raising awareness about the dangers of climate change. This series has been featured in the Eco-Fiction Spotlight on Climate Change Authors and has also been highlighted as an example of the “cli-fi” genre in Australian Humanities Review.
Ultimately, this novel concludes a cautionary tale about the dangers of global warming that emphasizes the power of nature, depicts the beauty and majesty of the marine world, and provides readers with hope that humanity may yet chart a course to a better future for the planet, the biosphere, and the species that populate it.

38. Haven's End by Greg Austin.

Publisher: Zumaya Publications
Format: Paperback and ebook
ISBN: 978-161271 - 050 - 1

In this story, global fossil fuel use and out-of-control consumerism, driven by corporate profit, creates the need to build an artificial, self-sustaining city below ground. The city is shielded from wild storms and impossibly high temperatures on the surface, where most of life can no longer sustain itself.
Unfortunately, this global climate catastrophe is a very likely, close future real event, whereas the building of the giant below-ground refuge is not.

37. Wildlife Corridor by Jennifer Poulter, illustrated by Tomomi Sarafov.

Publisher: Word Wings Publishing, Word Wings for Kids
ISBN 9781925484465

Trees form a sheltered freeway,
A green and growing treeway,
Koala Cavalcade,
Where Bushland creatures traffic
Down their own parade.

Animal have homes, they have communities and common forage areas where they find their food. They need trees and undergrowth -- it's their backyard! So when the big trucks and bulldozers come to make way for a new housing development, who is going plead for the animals' homes to be saved?

36. Getting Home: A children's picture book by Jennifer Poulter, illustrated by Muza Ulasowski.

Publisher: World Wings Publishing
ISBN 9781925484090

Baby bear is curious, he goes where Mama said, ‘Don’t!’ He finds himself adrift in a BIG, BIG ocean! Will Mama bear find him before his piece of pack ice melts? A story for early childhood and lower primary with themes of risk taking, keeping safe, obedience, being lost and found. The book introduces children to notions of protecting the environment, animal habitats and global warming.

35. Halfway to the Truth by Anthony Mays.

Publisher: Anthony Mays
ISBN: 978-1512266443

Every day, somewhere in this world, a child goes to work just like you do. Only their workplace is filled with dangerous chemicals that can have long-term health effects on the body. Stockpiles of e-waste sites in developing countries are directly linked to developed nations sending their toxic trash overseas, often illegally. Halfway to the Truth, although a fictional account of e-waste shipping to the Ivory Coast, is an attempt to raise awareness of the consequences of our appetite for electronic gadgets on a global scale. Toxic waste problems are real, and we cannot turn a blind eye to it. The fictional character of Reese Summers puts her own life in jeopardy to bring attention to this growing concern.

34. The Story of Thornby: How Ordinary People Took on Government by Sandra Walters.

Publisher: Blackwyrm Publishing
Large format paperback with 100 photos, including 51 in full color.
ISBN: 978-1-61318-120-1

The Story of Thornby is a true account of how a small group of ordinary people won with no prior experience in politics, government or planning issues, resisted authority in true David and Goliath fashion. It proves that when you see environmental destruction, you don't have to throw up your hands and say, "oh well, can't fight city hall." We DID fight city hall -- and we won. The book also gives tips for activists: lessons we learned along the way.

33. The Boy Who Loved Ants: Edward O. Wilson by Sara van Dyck.

Publisher: Sara van Dyck; Smashwords edition
Available as e-book in various formats. Also at Amazon Kindle store.
ISBN 978-1-4657-3454-9

As a boy, famed scientist Edward O. Wilson spent his happiest days outdoors hunting for fish, snakes, and bugs in Florida and Alabama. Using Wilson’s autobiography Naturalist as her source, author Sara van Dyck shows how the shy boy who loved ants grew into the man who became a world leader in nature conservation. Written for ages 7 and older, his story will help children and their families see and value the amazing variety of life in their own backyards. Nonfiction; illustrated with photographs of Wilson and of ants; enriched by easy-to-do activities.

32. Koalas: Zen in Fur by Joanne Ehrich.

Publisher: Koala Jo Publishing
Formats: Hardcover, softcover, e-book
ISBN(s): ISBN-13: 978-0976469858, ISBN-10:0976469855

Artist Joanne Ehrich, the author and publisher, went to Australia after being captivated by the koala. She put together her first book, Koalas: Moving Portraits of Serenity, to raise awareness of the wonder of the koala and its plight in a world that has moved beyond its formerly sleepy habitat, and then founded her publishing company, Koala Jo Publishing, to do still more for the koala. Each copy of Koalas: Zen in Fur, with its stunningly beautiful koala photos, also contributes to the Australian Wildlife Hospital for the preservation of the koala and other animals under threat.

31. Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings by Lee Barwood.

Publisher: Koala Jo Publishing
Formats: Hardcover, softcover, and e-book (various formats)
ISBN(s): ISBN-13: 978-0976469810, ISBN-10:0976469812

The Dreamtime is Australia's time before time. Animals and birds and plants came into being and took their current forms, and Australia became what it is today--a place of wonder and diversity, populated by unique creatures found nowhere else.

Now, however, Australia and its creatures are under threat--from habitat destruction, global warming, and the incursions of predators not native to Australia. This book of Aboriginal stories, retold by award-winning author Lee Barwood, brings the time of Dreaming to life. From the Great Flood to the story of how the koala lost its tail, these are some glimpses into ancient Aboriginal folklore.

30. A Dream of Drowned Hollow by Lee Barwood.

Publisher: Double Dragon e-books
Formats: Trade paperback and e-book (various formats)
ISBN(s): ISBN-10: 1-55404-320-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-55404-320-0

There are spirits afoot deep in the Ozark hills of Blackburn County, Arkansas. Things happen. Ghosts walk. Elemental creatures dance to the wild music of the rhythms of Nature. And those who’ve lived in the hills for generations can see them.

But now there’s activity of another kind ravaging the hills; bulldozers, chainsaws, and hunters of man and beast. As old-growth trees fall to developers, rivers are dammed, hollows are flooded, and residents are driven from land settled by their many-times-great-grandparents, April Rue Stoner hopes against hope that her gift can help her stop the destruction before everything she’s ever known is gone.

29. Sequestered by Max Overton and Jim Darley.

Publisher: Writers Exchange
Formats: E-book and print
ISBN/EAN13: 1922066028 / 9781922066022

Storing carbon dioxide underground as a means of removing a greenhouse gas responsible for global warming has made James Matternicht a fabulously wealthy man. For 15 years, the Carbon Capture and Sequestration Facility at Rushing River in Oregon’s hinterland has been operating without a problem –- or so it seems.
Annaliese Winton is a reporter, and when mysterious documents arrive on her desk that purport to show the Facility is leaking, she investigates. Together with a USGS scientist, Matt Morrison, she uncovers a morass of corruption and deceit that now threatens the safety of her community and the whole northwest coast of America.
Liquid carbon dioxide, stored at the critical point under great pressure, is a tremendously dangerous substance, and millions of tonnes of it are sequestered in the rock strata below Rushing River. All it takes is a crack in the overlying rock and the whole pressurized mass could erupt with disastrous consequences. And that crack has always been there...

28. Strictly Liable by M. T. Kingsley.

Publisher: Amazon Kindle.
Format: Kindle.

   Follow the tumultuous legal and emotional challenges of widow and mother of four, Julie Woodruff, who is set up for a crime, thrown into prison, and survives an attempt on her life just because of her job as the public works director of the small Southern California city of Playa Bonita. With the help of her children, she turns the incredible obstacles she faces into a positive result.

   This book allows readers to experience first hand why Congress needs to change the current federal environmental law that would allow innocent people to go to jail. Strictly Liable provides an insider look at how citizen suits and environmental crimes look from the defendant's point of view -- a view not often considered in literature.

27. In Memory of Central Park by Queenelle Minet.

Publisher: Synergy Books
Format: Trade paperback.
ISBN: 13: 978-1-934454-25-1; 10: 1-934454-25-7

   By 2050, New York City has been encased in a massive terrorist proof shell, and no one can travel in or out. Protected as well from the rising sea, New Yorkers finally feel safe. Few seem to care that the Statue of Liberty has eroded to an unrecognizable stump or that Central Park is just a memory.

    Within this dark world, Noah, a psychotherapist who has plenty of problems of his own, discovers love in the entirely wrong place, with his brother's wife, Margaret. When people in New York start dying for mysterious reasons, and the Liberty Party silences anyone who speaks out about it, Noah must find a way not only to save his relationship with Margaret, but to save their lives as well.

    Political satire and aching love story wrapped into one, this powerful, elegantly written novel is a poignant cry to wake up and save ourselves--from individual loneliness and collective environmental catastrophe--before it's too late.

26. Raping Louisiana: A Diary of Deceit by Philip F. Harris, with Stephen Burgoyne.

Publisher: Write Words, Inc., and
Formats: Trade paperback, PDF, RTF, HTML, and Mobi
ISBN(s)1-59431-495-0 paper 1-59431-541-8 ebook

   A non-fictional account of clean-up efforts after the ecological disaster caused in New Orleans and surrounding areas by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This story puts a human face on an area that was raped by nature and then deceived by its government. Based upon the diary of a truck driver by the name of Stephen Burgoyne, we see a first hand account of the daily routine, the challenges and the bureaucratic ineptness that still plagues the residents of Louisiana. Steve tells a story in his diary entries that is far removed from the "official accounts" of government agencies and "spin doctors."

25. Tilting at Treadmills by John Benton.
Available via

This positive and empowering pilot documentary was the first to present solutions to the many incredibly complex environmental problems facing humankind today. It focuses on solutions that address Greenhouse gas emissions presented by the world's foremost authorities on Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency.
   Inspired by a life changing event in France, presenter John Benton sets out on a quest to find a practical way of living in harmony with the Earth. He asks " Is there a better way to live without losing any creature comforts?" His Journey takes him throughout Australia and the Western World.
   The Documentary features guests Amory and Hunter Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado, USA; and many other world renowned authorities, and looks at developments in energy efficient technology. It's an essential guide for reducing Greenhouse gases at a household level.

24. Valley of the Raven by Ken Ramirez.
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 1-933353-75-9

This novel calls upon its readers to participate in the imaginatively told tale where a group of modern day teens are led by their hearts and history to make a stand against the destruction of the land. This story is designed to make the readers question their own global responsibility to the earth. Told in a way that allows the reader to see through the eyes of the characters within the yarn, Valley of the Raven illuminates the historical disrespect of not only the ecology but mankind as well, addressing issues of the past and promoting thought for the future.

23. The New Bedford Samurai by Anca Vasopolos.
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Format(s): hard cover, trade paperback, and PDF.
ISBN (for hard cover): 1-931201-92-7

This book explores the way in which the extraordinary bridge of understanding built between a Japanese and an American in the nineteenth century also served to transmit the industrial practices of animal exploitation. While a cautionary tale about globalization, the book also traces the international connections and concerted work that may lead us to saving our endangered planet.

22. The Genesis Enigma by Jim Sampson.
Publisher: Zeus Publications -- Gold Coast
Format - Paperback
ISBN: 1-9211-1877-6

This philosophical thriller demonstrates that humanity and indeed our planet is facing environmental ruin that can be traced back to the psyche of humanity itself. It is one thing to fix the direct problems before us of fossil fuel consumption and contamination of our atmosphere, but it is another to fix the human psyche itself; so bent on destroying our planet and everything else on it. This exciting story clearly demonstrates a definite link between environmental degradation and human violence, greed, over-population, religious and racial paranoia and economic and ecological vandalism, and concludes that a commitment has to be made now by all of humanity to avoid planet earth's environmental collapse.

21. Hurtling to Oblivion by Dave Field.
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN: Ebook 978-1-59374-756-5
Trade paperback 978-1-59374-755-8
Formats: Trade paperback. PDF, HTML

Hurtling to Oblivion was written once I realised that working as an environmental officer for the Northern Territory Government was a waste of time and public resources. Fact is, governments all over the world are motivated by political interests, not environmental ones. I decided the way to make my mark on environmental protection was to educate the people. The best way to educate is to tell an interesting story couched in fact. The story is a microcosm involving three protagonists--the government, the people and the environment. My intent was to interest, entertain and arouse the reader to the real issues.

20. Slow Dancing with the Angel of Death by Helen Chappell.
Publisher: Write Words, Inc.
ISBN: 1-59431-363-6 Electronic Edition
ISBN 1-59431-364-4 Paper Edition
Formats: Paper, PDF, RTF, HTML, MOBI (more formats are available at the FW website).

Hollis Ball, an Eastern Shore journalist was briefly married to that the scion of "Old Blood and Old Money," Sam Wescott. She knew that decision would come back to haunt her, and it certainly did. As the story begins, Sam has been killed, claims to have been murdered, and wants Hollis to help find his killer. That's right, he's a ghost.
As a fisherman's daughter, Hollis knows that Chesapeake Bay is dying and one reason is all the "waterfront homes" communities and developments that are lining the shores. With every acre of marshland, drained, and turned into a sub-division, the bay gets sicker. Knowing first hand her former father-in-law's greed, she is not surprised to find him planning to develop White Marsh Island. An action that a group of environmental activists known as the Greenhead Army oppose.
Hollis is far more interested in the development story than in finding Sam's murderer, even though her editor wants to kill it, as the Wescott Real Estate is one of the paper's more reliable advertisers.
Conflict, clues, and off-beat humor run though this novel about a serious envionmental problem. Hollis, with Sam's help, finds all the answers.

19. Legacy: A Story of Hope for a Time of Environmental Crisis by Joanne Poyourow.
Publisher: VBW Publishers, College Station, Texas
ISBN 1-58939-789-4

To reintegrate humanity with the lifecycles of the earth, we must solve the environmental issues of our major cities. To transform mainstream city life, brave heroes must show the way.
This environmental story unfolds in a hotbed of what David Holmgren calls "the billion or so middle-class people across the planet who... consume the vast bulk of the planet's resources" -- the city of Los Angeles.
From our decadent present, into a "Transition Era" of interim technologies, Legacy offers a vision of society's journey toward Sustainability. The book renders the initial changes familiar, thus easier for mainstream people to embrace.

18. Felling of the Sons by Monette Bebow-Reinhard.
Publisher: (1st edition Electric Works Publishing).
In paperback and electronic formats.
ISBN: 1-59431-160-9.
Can be inspected at and/or

Written in the best tradition of the historical western, and following the positive environmental attitude demonstrated by the TV series Bonanza in its first year, Felling of the Sons portrays the efforts of one family to protect each other and the land they love from those men who've harbored a vengeance-filled hate for 18 years. Filled with historical fact that serves to increase the pace and tension, vengeance emerges in the form of cattle rustling, mining cave-ins and timber landsliding along with near successes against their lives. Even if you've never seen the series, you'll take the Cartwrights into your heart and cheer them on as they recognize the duty to save the land as much as to save each other, with the love and respect for family and the land that nurtures them that made this one of television's all-time favorites. Felling of the Sons, 2nd edition is an authorized Bonanza property, (c) Bonanza Ventures, Inc. 2005.

17. Painted Words by Cheryl B. Sellers.
Publisher: Publish America
Format: Paperback.
ISBN: 1 4147-2148-6.
Can be viewed at Publish America, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

   A book of poetry that speaks to the soul of adults and children alike. The spirit moves with the flow of the written word. From the inspirational to the erotic love, nature's imagery is captured and shared. Memories of child hoods laughter's and pain are expressed, as well as family values.

   Truths in life are seldom sought after, but sometimes they can be found when a person least expects. I have written this book from my life's experience. Readers will find much of themselves in my writings. They might see love, family, nature in a whole new prospective. if this happens then they and I as a writer have increased their and my values. I will have contributed in my own small way to the world.

16. With Malicious Intent by M. T. Kingsley.
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Formats: Hardback, soft cover, and ebook (Adobe Reader)
ISBNs: 1-4184-6899-1; 1-4184-6898-3; and 1-4184-6900-9

This novel chronicles the legal challenge to a specific industry that is using the environment for economic purposes instead of being a good environmental steward. Loosely based on a true story, this new book describes how local citizens can be empowered to stand up to a local industry, even one that fights dirty.

15. WolfPointe by Rick Buda.
Published by Twilight Times Books
Available as trade paperback, ISBN 1931201064 and various electronic formats.

WolfPointe has, within its mystery and murder story, a cry for the exposure and clean up of many hidden toxic dumps sites that still exist. Evil of man to his fellow man is often punished by man. Man's evil done to nature may require the assistance of the supernatural. While fiction, the message is clear that we need to live with the land and keep it for future generations just as the Native Americans had centuries ago. The Windigo, a Native American legend, could be nature's vengeance.

I edited this book for the publisher. Read Rick's comments on my work.

14. Dreamspy by Jacqueline Lichtenberg.
Publishers St. Martin's Press and now BenBella Books.
Hard cover ISBN 0312033273; Trade paperback ISBN 1932100253.

   Kyllikki, a woman who, in the Teleod region of the Galaxy, is heir to a vast family fortune and the family's telepathic bonding trait, flees the unethical domination of the head of her family.
   Hiding in exile in the Metaji Empire, Kyllikki strives to blend in with the culture alien to her and ends up working as a telepath on a passenger liner, handling routine communications and suppressing her urgent desire for a mental match, a man of her dreams.
   Such a man is Elias, a modern singing sensation on the distant planet Earth, who has the physique of a star. Plotting war, unscrupulous agents kidnap Elias from Earth.
   His resourcefulness lets him survive in the Metaji Empire where nobody has even heard of Earth, hidden at a forgotten location far on the other side of the Galaxy. He has no hope of getting home - ever. Then a hostile attack leaves Elias adrift in a lifepod.
   Kyllikki and her closest friend, a vampire-like luren named Zuchmul, likewise are stranded in a lifepod by that attack.
   At considerable risk, Kyllikki rescues Elias, whom she regards as a mere passenger while she, as crew, is responsible for his safety. Together, they must decide what to do next -- how to survive a galactic war spurred by greed where the stakes are nothing less than the ecological substrata of reality.
   She doesn't count on falling in love with Elias. She doesn't count on finding him to be her true mental match or on his firmly entrenched opinions on the matter. She doesn't have a clue what the mental power of the luren, termed Influence, has to do with her own telepathic abilities or with her need for Bonding. She doesn't even know about the Bonding that will complicate her love as it forms between them and affect the course of galactic history forever.
   St. Martin's Press says of Dreamspy: "A moving tale of love and adventure set against a grand canopy, Dreamspy further enhances Jacqueline Lichtenberg's reputation as a writer of uniquely passionate science fiction."

13. Nessie and the Viking Gold by Lois Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah.
Published by
Trade paperback, PDF, etc. ebook, POD at
ISBN 0916176215

   The coins Craig stole from the Vikings were either blessed or cursed. They brought him back to Nessie's lair. But what could he and Linda do to protect Nessie from the sound waves at Urquhart Castle?
   This book is the sequel to Nessie and the Living Stone (below).

12. Nessie and the Living Stone by Lois Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah.
Published by
Trade paperback, PDF, etc. ebook, POD at
ISBN 1-59109-246-9

A boy must choose between keeping a treasure and saving a monster.
   Craig's family, including his bratty little sister Linda, are on holiday at Loch Ness where Craig has plans to capture Nessie, the famed Loch Ness Monster. Instead, she captures him.
   Wickstrom and Lorrah have written a clear, compelling story of a child's moral choices, and learning to care about the world around him. The authors deftly handle the siblings' growing affection and developing independence as the story's events demand their strengths. When Craig faces his ultimate test at the door of Nessie's grotto the reader feels the difficulty of Craig's choice.
   As the story opens, Craig's goals are fame and fortune. He finds a fascinating blue stone that leads him to Nessie's grotto. There he finds everything he could want: a treasure chest of Viking gold and a magnificent stone carved by Merlin himself. Even Nessie does his bidding. It's all there for the taking. But the price would be Nessie's life; Nessie's and her children's.
   Linda's fondness for flowers adds humor and pathos to this affectionate tale. The mysterious landlady at the bed and breakfast provides hints in the form of chores. And a local fisherman seems to know where they are going before they know themselves. So does the bossy coast guard officer who wants to kill Nessie and stuff her and put her in a museum.
   On one level this is an adventure story with a satisfying ending. It's also a tale of a maturing sibling relationship and a growing awareness of the world. Mostly, it's a story about Nessie. As the landlady says, "Most of the folk around here think that we need Nessie-to give this place a bit of mystery. Truth is she needs us--to keep her house in order."

11. Monkey Trap by Lee Denning
Published by Twilight Times Books
Paperback, to be published in 2004.
Monkey Trap is a metaphysical fable about the evolution of a better humanity, wrapped inside an entertaining story of action, romance and mystery. While the story primarily is about human evolution, a major part of the backdrop is environmental awareness. Lara, the female protagonist, is--spiritually--an earth-mother figure. Her job as a scientist and attorney is--as appropriate to an earth-mother--the investigation and prosecution of environmental crimes. This vocation is highly personal: her own mother was fatally poisoned by intentional industrial contamination of groundwater. If Lara succeeds in her struggle, a more thoughtful human species will evolve, with better stewardship of the environment.
10. The Rhesus Factor by Sonny Whitelaw
Published by Sid Harta Publishing
Format : 210 x 135mm Bulky Paperback
ISBN : 1-877059-60-9
Price : AU$24.00
The shocks just keep coming in this compelling suspense thriller. The Rhesus Factor is a work of fiction—or is it? It is a world where terrorism and environmental refugees are commonplace, global warming is shutting the Gulf Stream down, and toxins and hormone mimics in plastics and pesticides have triggered a virus within the human genome. Grounded in hard science, The Rhesus Factor is a chilling and highly plausible account of an immune response by the planetary organism—against the human plague. The events it portrays not only could happen, they are already happening.
See for a comprehensive references, including science papers that inspired the novel.
9. Wildflower, a science fiction anthology by Carl Rafala.
Published by Writers Club Press, iUniverse
Trade Paperback ISBN 0-595-23916-1, price $US12.95.
E-book via Booksurge price $US7.99.

   In Wildflower, soldiers hunt down protesters, people drive creatures to extinction on planet after planet, and it gets harder and harder to define the boundaries between humans and machines.
   While the techno-lingo displays a fascination with humanity's future, it also betrays a deep mistrust as to where we might be heading, and at what costs to ourselves.

8. On Wings of Love, a romance with an environmental theme by Kate Douglas.
Published by Hard Shell Word Factory.
Formats: trade paperback and all electronic formats.
Electronic ISBN: 1-58200-590-7 Print: ISBN: 0-7599-0124-4

   Kate lives in an area close to a peregrine eyrie and the falcons actually hunt the songbirds that come to her feeders. They are absolutely magnificent. She first got the idea for the book after reading a National Geographic article about the black market in falcon eggs and young, and decided to incorporate the information into a romance. She learned through her seventeen years working with the American Mosquito Control Association (a worldwide vector control agency) doing public information that the best way to educate is to entertain.

7. The Tail of the Sea Witch, an illustrated children's novel by Wendy Maree Peterson.
Published by Twilight Times Books.
Formats: Most electronic formats and the multimedia CD (includes text, eleven illustrations and orchestrated music) will be released in November 2002.
ISBN: 1-931201-18-8

   The Tail Of The Sea Witch focuses on the importance of the world's natural heritage, of preserving the places where creatures can live in freedom and safety. As one of the characters, Madame Witche says, "If only people realised how fragile the creatures of the world are. ... If the creatures of the land and the sea are driven to extinction, all the magic they bring to people will be lost forever." She also adds, "Don't you think all creatures should live together as friends, sharing their uniqueness and their wisdom?" Madame also teaches Marina about respect for all living things since "plants are people too."

6. Christmas Stars, an illustrated children's story by Rita Toews.
Published by Books Unbound.
Formats: Most popular electronic formats including formats for Mac, and as a CD.
ISBN: 1-59201-005-9

   Catherine learns that nature sometimes needs help from man. Her father teaches her that sometimes humans need reminding of their role in nature, but when we cooperate, the outcome can be positive.

5. The Pet Plague by Darrell Bain.
Published by Double Dragon e-books.
Formats: Trade paperback, e-book in numerous formats.
ISBN: 1-894841-43-3 (e-book)

   Genetic Engineering is just now gearing up to change the world. Will it be used realistically and responsibly or used just any old way that takes our fancy? The Pet Plague explores one aspect of genetic engineering which could have very adverse consequences!
Read Bob's review of this book.

4. The Sex Gates by Darrell Bain and Jeanine Berry.
Published by Lighthouse Press, Double Dragon e-books.
Formats: Trade paperback, e-book in numerous formats.
ISBN: 0-9714827-3-X paperback, 1-894841-32-8 e-books.

   The Sex Gates is set against a near future background where Global Warming and war over resources have devastated Africa, ruined America's coastlines and created a world wide population of "Fourth Worlders", those who have next to nothing and who no longer expect anything from governments because of global economic depression due partly to eroding coasts and changing climates.

3. CARtoons by Andy Singer
Published by Car Busters.
Format: trade paperback. The images may be obtained on a CD-ROM.
ISBN: 80-238-7020-3
Price: AU$18/ US$10/ CN$15/ and UK 6.50 pounds. Available in other countries, see author's web site
   CARtoons attempts to focus attention on transport -- a critical environmental issue that is rarely discussed in a comprehensive way. CARtoons points out how transportation is connected to other environmental issues like land use and factory farming. Unlike many other environmental books, CARtoons tries to be entertaining as well as informative. It uses a unique mix of images, words, humor and seriousness, delivered in a straightforward manner that is accessible to the average person. It also provides alternative transport activists with images, ideas and resources.
Read Bob's review of this book.
2. The Artemesian Mandate by Kate Saundby
Published by Double Dragon e-books
Formats: CD-ROM, Rocket, Mac Stuffit, HTML
ISBN 1-894841-20-4
Price $US4.95
Available in Rocket eBook, Adobe, Microsoft Reader, hiebook, Palm eBook and CD-Rom editions
The Artemesian Mandate is Book 6 of the Nublis series.
   It was inspired by a real life fight to save a unique wildlife refuge destruction by a scheduled major commercial airport during the late 1960's and early 1970's. This entertaining SF Fantasy novel draws a clear distinction between the white and the black hats. Underlying the fanciful allegory, the story conveys a serious and thoughtful message about the dangers of this kind of secret alliance between self-serving government officials and greedy land developers who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. While that airport fight was successful, the war itself continues to this day and there is no substitute for continued vigilance.

Read about Kate

1. Prometheus by Alex Domokos (with Rita Toews).
Originally published by the now defunct Crossroads Publishing. About to be re-issued by Hard Shell Word Factory.
   Prometheus is a look into the future if man does not address the current excess and consumerism of the 20th century. The book also points out what stands in the way of man working together to create a sustainable lifestyle for all - in part it is the diverse cultures of the world and ethnic hostilities. In the astonishing final chapter of this book Mr. Domokos reveals the largest obstacle to world harmony.
View the cover


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