A quiz from Dr Bob Rich

You can reduce the impact of a house on the environment. Do you know how? Try this quiz.
I. Solar Efficient House Design

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Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. What is the difference between 'solar-efficient' and 'passive solar' house design?

The proportion of windows facing the sun
House orientation

2. Good temperature control in a desert needs:

Lots of thermal mass
No thermal mass
Air conditioning
Big windows facing the view

3. The humid tropics are threatened by:

Changeable weather
Cyclones [hurricanes, typhoons]
Wild temperature swings
Frequent earthquakes

4. In the temperate climates of the Southern Hemisphere, as many windows as possible should face:


5. What % of a house's heat transfer is through an uninsulated roof?


6. A solar efficient house is like a:

Thermos flask, in that heat transfer with the outside is minimised
Hot water bottle, in that heat energy is stored in the structure
Greenhouse, in that light is transformed into heat
All of the above

7. A solar efficent house

Costs lots more than a conventional house
Costs lots less than a conventional house
Costs about the same as a conventional house
Costs about the same because there are no important differences

What is a cold draught?

A preliminary plan of the house
A kind of beer
Air flow due to cold coming in through the glass of a window
Wind whistling in under the door

9. Why are most newly built houses obsolete? Because ...

Fashions in housing change so fast
They are built as if energy was unlimited
They don't have enough insulation in them
Workmanship isn't what it used to be

10. The 'Greenhouse effect'

Has been scientifically proven to be real
Has been scientifcally proven to be a fallacy
Doesn't matter because only poor countries will be affected
Will only show its effects in 100 years or more

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