Woodworking for Idiots Like Me

Now reissued in electronic format

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First published by Aird Books, 1994.
Reissued by Anina's Book Company, 2006.

eppie2007 winner
EPPIE 2007 Winner

   This book WON the Non-Fiction (self-help) category of the EPPIE Awards for 2007.


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   His brother-in-law told Bob that he was the most impractical person on earth -- and Bob believed him. The justification was there.

   But that was a long time ago. Since then, Bob has build his own house (see the pictures) and been involved in the building of many others. He taught owner-building for 15 years, and his Earth Garden Building Book has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and is now in its fourth edition.

   Woodworking For Idiots Like Me is the story of his transformation. If he could do it, you can too.

   But the book is not merely a collection of entertaining stories. It is a self-help manual on doing woodcraft as well. You will learn from it even if you know a lot about working with wood. This is not because Bob is a master craftsman -- he isn't -- but because he has learnt from many woodworkers who were. He passes on their wisdom, more than his own.

   Also, like all of Bob's writing, the book is an environmental call to arms. If you want a future for your children, you need to read about the choices Bob has made.

   Selling the book as an electronic file is one such choice. This way, it doesn't eat trees. Also, the frame layout allows a permanently visible navigation bar, like a table of contents that takes you to anywhere in the book with a click. There are also handy links within the text, and the index at the end consists of links.

   Any electronic book can be a large print, simply by choosing to view it with larger text size. If you are blind, you can get your computer to say it aloud to you.

   The cost of paper is over 65% of the production cost of a conventional book. An electronic book needs no bookbinding, warehousing, transport to points of sale, transport back of any returns, no deterioration of stock during storage. Therefore, an electronic book can be sold for much cheaper.

   And if you buy a copy, you qualify for a second electronic book free. You can choose a title at Bob's 'writing' site.


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