Through Other Eyes

An anthology of short stories

ISBN 1-877053-07-4

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   Some will make you laugh, others shiver. Each of these 29 stories is from the point of view of someone completely different from you, or just like you in many ways. Each is entirely from the point of view of someone whose reality you are invited to explore. In fact, in Two women, aged 55 you can contrast two realities. I wonder which one will appeal to you more?

   Jim was a brave fellow, but something scared him more than a tiger. Fortunately, his mate Donald came to the rescue. And two of these stories give you the secret of happiness.
Finalist, Dream Realm Awards 2001

   Read Bob's second collection of short stories. The judges of the Dream Realm Awards selected it as one of the three finalists in its category.

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Table of Contents

From the Author
   Just a friendly greeting and an introduction to your host.

1. Taming Tommy
   Susie was so good at everything that little Tom refused even to try. How did his mother trick him into reading? A story that has been praised for the lyricism of its language.

2. To My Daughter, in Jail
   Marge knows herself to be the perfect mother. Why, then, is her daughter in jail?

3. The Trouble With Getong
   One getong a day makes you full of energy, banishes depression and energizes your life. But it nearly wrecked Marcia's and Henry's marriage.

4. Night Battle
   An extract from my book Warrior. The Viking Host was rushing along the Seine to attack Paris. While the Franks were defending Rouen, the Ehvelen fought a running battle with the advancing armada. Marjoram was a young captain, leading a desperate night attack.

5. A Chase
   Why did the bearded young man chase the old lady? Could she escape?

6. Chicken
   Peter was trapped in a miserable job, but didn't think much of Tammie's new dream of 'becoming peasants, exchanging exhaust gases for air, and presumably living on that.'

7. A Gift From Toby
   Katie's life really began as she sat by Toby's deathbed. A story that has been described as hauntingly beautiful.

8. Death on the Ice
   Five men on a floating Antarctic research station, and one is found killed. Which of the other four is the murderer?

9. Lorraine in the Rain
   Tony has never had a girlfriend, but has carried a condom in his pocket for the past six months, just in case. Is this his lucky day?

10. A Fair Exchange
   Terry was living a hell since his wife had left him... until Gracie took him in hand. This story won a first prize.

11. Gracie
   The sequel to the previous story. Ancient Gracie is in pain, can hardly walk any more. How come she is still happy and serene?

12. The Offer of a Job
   Jim had never held a job, and 24 hours is a long time when life is a holiday from life. But can he cope with the slavery of a job, working for the Government as a writer?

13. Two Women, Aged Fifty-five
   Girindi and Gwen both had a sore shoulder, but that was where the commonality ended. Whose life would YOU rather have?

14. Sinbad Lives
   The little boy first saw the sea at the movies. Surely, it couldn't be that beautiful? But years later, it was...

15. A Dangerous Sport
   All sports are dangerous, even chess.

16. Peace for the Joker
   My first prize winning story, revised for this volume. Frank's past allowed him to end an old man's torture.

17. The Hero of Knox
   A bit of humor, featuring Australian mateship.

18. The GOSPEL According to Albert
   A real-life story about Albert's life after a heart attack.

19. Two Hundred Buttons
   Pity the poor bridegroom: the account of a wedding.

20. Duck
   Harry was a hunter, until the duck fought back. A science fiction story.

21. A Magic Tent
   A story written for a child: how does our society seem from the outside?

22. Prisoners of the Home, Inc.
   Jill was going crazy, trapped at home with two tiny children. Sounds familiar? Well, she did something about it.

23. Have You Tried the Internet Yet?
   A teenage boy's battle with the electronic world. Dated now, but the same gremlins still haunt us.

24. A Good Student
   Girls terrified Roger, until Janelle did a trade with him: he could coach her in Maths, she'd coach him in Females.

25. Real Riches
   Another true story, brought to me by a client. How could the two old men be happy, when they apparently lived in grinding poverty?

26. A Shortcut to Love?
   Sally just had to run away, but the shortcut led to a better life for her.

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