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   Before my retirement, I sold one or two copies of this CD to my clients each week. Now, I no longer see clients, but still have a couple boxes full of CDs. So, I am offering them at 75% list price, $15.

   For as long as I could, I sent the CD to buyers postage and packaging free, but with prices rising all the time, I simply cannot afford to do so. If you want a copy, please email me so we can determine total cost.


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   What is guided imagery? It is a story that takes you somewhere, within your imagination. It will allow you to experience feelings in your body, to go to places you have loved in the past, or places that have never been. It helps you to become something other than yourself -- a fish, a tree, yourself as a healthy young person, yourself without the cancer or two stones overweight or the chronic pain.

   Guided imagery is an immensely powerful tool for relaxation. If you can go into a meditative trance and enjoy suitable guided imagery for 10 or 15 minutes, you'll feel as refreshed as if you'd just had a couple of hours of sleep. And you can get more deeply relaxed through listening to someone guiding you through the process than in any other way, because you have handed the executive functions over. That is, you don't need to make decisions such as "Now it's time for me to come out."

   Guided imagery is also a way of speaking to the subconscious mind. This is what controls every bodily function, including the immune system, the healing mechanisms of the body, pain sensing, metabolic rate... you name it, as well as all the emotions, automatic thoughts and images that pop up "from nowhere," access to memories and sudden urges to do something. Normal language is for the analytical part of the mind. The subconscious listens to stories, to analogy, myth, to smells and music.

   I use hypnosis with nearly a half of my clients, and my technique is to employ guided imagery. For years, many of my clients have asked if I had a disk to sell them. Well, at last I do. I have put together my favourite scripst onto this disk, which is now available.

   You will find more recent guided imagery scripts to read for free at my blog, Bobbing Around.


By Janis Silverman

   Take a breath, close your eyes, listen, imagine, visualize. This CD by Dr. Bob Rich, Australian psychotherapist and author, is an absolute pleasure. Whether you are new to guided imagery meditation, or you are an experienced meditator, you will find these meditation scripts refreshing, relaxing, invigorating, and regenerative.

   Before beginning imagery work, find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Turn off your technology, sit quietly and breathe softly, slowly, deeply.

    Dr. Rich's CD is divided into four sections of his favorite guided imagery scripts.


1. Inductions

    Dr. Rich introduces two guided imagery stories to achieve relaxation. I enjoyed listening to Dr. Rich's voice and lovely Australian accent. He helps the listener create vivid pictures in his mind as he travels with him through each story. "Australian mountain top" introduces a total body scan and a walk down from an Australian mountain top, to a special peaceful place. "Descending lift" begins in an elevator to another exquisite and special place. I like Dr. Rich's use of nature in his imagery. The sights, sounds, smells the listener envisions create a deep peace.

   As one uses a healing script, he should listen carefully and stop the recording as needed to complete or extend a meditation.


2. Feel Good

   Dr. Rich introduces four guided imagery meditations. Again he employs nature to help listeners achieve vivid imagery. These meditation scripts encourage the meditator to visualize, then become part of the scene, and best of all, to leave worry and pain behind. If you are not from Australia, you may need to stretch a bit, as the wild life and botany may be new to you. This should not hinder the listener, as Dr. Rich's colorful description provides clear pictures.


2. Healing

   I love these three healing scripts, finding them creative, with amazing potential to "Stimulate the immune system." The listener will learn a powerful technique to clear infection, colds, sore throats, etc. The "Healing light" script is easily imagined. This is one that can readily be recalled and use anytime, anywhere. A third script has intention to "Heal the planet."


4. Pain Reduction

   I especially appreciate the last three pain lessening meditation scripts. Again, Dr. Rich paints images the listener can use immediately to visualize and release pain. This can be used for an infrequent backache or for chronic pain. I had to listen and stop the CD to have more time to immerse myself in Dr. Rich's images. 'Modify pain" and "Melt Stabbing pain" may take some practice. It is well worth a bit of time, as a listener will reap the benefits of diminishing pain levels. I am suggesting that the listener may wish to stop the CD and spend more time with these rich images, particularly if she has pain in several areas of her body.

   Guided imagery has been researched. Medical benefits include lower blood pressure, reduced stress and pain levels. As a long time meditator, I know that imagery creates calm, better focus and a sense of well-being. Psychologists and social workers may use these techniques with patients. Imagery scripts can be used by an individual in the comfort of his home. Dr. Bob Rich has recorded these extraordinary imagery meditations. A meditator will find favorites and practice them until she no longer needs to use the CD. That is the beauty of imagery meditation. A listener can take these mindful adventures with them anywhere. Once mastered, these scripts are carried in your mind.


A Note from the reviewer:

   I have used guided imagery meditation for decades. I have authored five books of guided imagery meditations for children and adults. I am currently writing more of this genre. I am confident that listeners of Dr. Rich's Healing Scripts CD will find relaxation, wellness, well-being, healing strategies and pain reduction. I have tried out Dr. Bob Rich's scripts for several weeks. I recommend them to anyone in search of healing of the body, mind and spirit.


Janis L. Silverman is the author of educational and counseling books. She has lost most of her eyesight, is a cancer survivor, and has other serious health concerns, yet her motivation is to help others.