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   You probably came to this page because you are distressed. Some problem is plaguing you, and has been doing so for what feels like forever. As I have explained on my index page, you can be helped by counseling.

  Face to face counseling is best in many cases, though there are advantages to the written word, and to the anonymity of the internet. A skilled therapist can help you through observing the messages you send with your face, your hands, the way you hold your body. In telephone counseling, a lot can still be read from tones of voice, little hesitations and the like. All this is missing when counseling is in writing.
   Just the same, internet counseling has its unique advantages. One is that it is in writing, and you can save the record of your interaction with the therapist. David Epston has written that one good therapeutic letter is worth 4 or 5 face to face sessions. My experience bears this out. HOWEVER, BE SURE YOU KEEP ANY WRITTEN MATERIAL, (PAPER OR ELECTRONIC) WHERE OTHERS CAN'T READ IT.

   Internet counseling is for you if:

   You can read 50 of my answers to cries for held in my new book Personally Speaking: Single session email therapy with Dr Bob Rich.

Internet counseling is NOT for you if:

How do we do it?

   I no longer offer counseling via a chat room. The practical problems were too great, and many attempted sessions were disrupted. I now use email exclusively.

   I have exchanged such messages without any breach of security or privacy with thousands of people.

Current cost
   $45 Australian per message from me. If you live in Australia, contact me to receive the method of payment.


   If you live in Australia, you can contact me to organise a direct bank deposit.

   From almost anywhere in the world, you can pay me via Paypal. However, write to me first before making a payment.

   After the first session, we'll both know if I can be of help to you, and we'll probably be able to estimate the number of sessions needed. Then you can possibly reduce your costs by paying for several sessions at once.

How come it's so cheap?
   Other therapists charge a lot more, I know. One Californian group charges $US60 per hour for answering emails. Actually, I'd prefer to do this service for free, and would do so if I had a lot of money coming in from elsewhere. But I have lived a deliberately low income lifestyle for 20 years, and need a modest income just to stay alive. Read my essay if you want to find out why I am so crazy.

   After all these preliminaries, are you still interested? Send me an email with the following details:

   The easiest is to click on my email link above, then copy and paste this list of questions into the body of the email. Then you can insert answers.

I hope we can work together to defeat the problems troubling you.