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Fictionwise best-selling author Darrell Bain writes:

   "As usual, an interesting newsletter. And as usual, don't agree with all the articles, but find them very interesting."

Darrell Bain -- Fictionwise 2005 Author Of The Year! Author of The Melanin Apocalypse, Savage Survival, Alien Infection, Strange Valley, Doggie Biscuit!, Medics Wild!, Hotline To Heaven, The Pet Plague, The Disappearing Girls, Life On Santa Claus Lane, and others. See all his books at

As always, an interesting and entertaining newsletter, Bob. (And not just because you included my little blog). Congratulations.

Rob Preece


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A random act of kindness
A useful form of exercise
Difficult kids
The reason for all the craziness in our world: the work of John B. Calhoun
Where do souls of the population explosion come from?
We need courage, not hope, to face climate change
Grabbing pics legally
Amazon's new review policy: this affects every author and publisher
Cancer: the unacknowledged global epidemic

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Conservation and Environment
Yet another oil spill
In case you missed it: most important climate report released on "Back Friday."
How to reduce extinctions: submission to Senate
Action needed, not talk
The human face of climate change
Another thing about glyphosate
Extinctions: worse than you think.
Remember that Greenland heatwave?
Not in my backyard: pipeline explosions
How to reduce climate change
Warm water under Arctic ice
Spiders are good people
He died to stop climate change
George Monbiot agrees with me
Monsoon disasters
But the north is melting
Extinctions: going, goingÖ
Investigative reporting is still alive: Methane
Another reason against coal
Weíve used up this yearís budget
The wood furniture scorecard
Bill McKibben video. It's inspiring.
Project Drawdown: how to reduce carbon dioxide.
The north is burning
Poison by any other nameÖ: Bayer and Monsanto
No oil or gas pipeline is safe
Antarctic ice has melted
Everyone can make a difference
Will Melbourne follow Cape Town?
3 million years ago
Patagonia melting
Bigfoot tourists
Disaster for west coast of Alaska
Senate report: climate change is hurting NOW
Topsoil into desert
If global warming continues, why donít they just move up north to places too cold for humans to live in?
Who is trashing our planet?
Plastic kills giants
Conspiracy theory supported
One picture isÖ
Cape Town is not alone
Losing our birds
Heatwave in the Arctic
Marry a tree!
Arnie: climate change is murder
Extinction event
Plastic: stop it at the source
Premade snowballs, for your convenience!
We canít remove enough CO2
Fukushima is nothing compared to this
Water and refugees
A Quora answer about sustainability
Warning from Climate Council
Going up, still (global temperature)
4 million people will be without water
A great wonder, about to die The murder of Victoria's native forests
Extinctions IUCN's new list
An important essay by Dr. Glen Barry
How can we reduce the effects of global warming?
We have entered uncharted territory
Tragedy now in Greece
From the Everglades to Kilimanjaro, climate change is destroying world wonders
How to travel better
Pollution kills
How the 6th extinction event progresses
Ever heard of Kiribati?
Can technology solve climate change?
Stop talking right now about the threat of climate change. Itís here; itís happening by Bill McKibben
What Lies Beneath: The scientific understatement of climate risks by Ian Dunlop
Another reason to keep carbon in the ground: spills
Has our generation helped or hurt the environment? How?
Forests are now a major SOURCE of carbon release
Known in 1912!
Leaked report confirms the obvious
Blasting the climate?
Pet food has a pawprint
How to Reduce Extreme Weather
Hurricane Harvey: George has it right
But the monsoon is worse
6th extinction event confirmed
And Paul Ehrlich explains why
Al Gore explains those catastrophic floods in the news
The most effective survival trick
Glacier releases its victims
A childís wisdom
Money in coal is like money in tobacco
Videos on climate
We need to protect the Coral Sea
Climate change is a crime against humanity
Still climbing
Fukushima wildfire
Toys are killing the planet
The deeps canít breathe
Extinction event underestimated
More evidence
Greening Antarctica
Quora answer on sustainable development
Ask a scientist International can answer your questions
Humans are the only significant influence
Ice retreat, documented
Oil starvation coming
Mining out trees
Another deadline
The Permian extinction event
Waterfalls are beautiful -- but not in Antarctica
A big hole into the past
Glyphosate affects bees
A new beast of the beaches
Grisly evidence for climate change
Oceans heating faster
Uncharted territory
What are the scientific principles of sustainability?
Bay of Bengal canít feed the millions anymore
Meet Casey research station
Human impact is given a number
Nowhere is safe
Peak supermarket vegs?
Summary of 2016
40 years of temps above average
David Suzuki reminds us
A comment about Arctic ice thinning
Yes, East Antarctica too
The threat of fusion power
Weíre killing our cousins
There IS no global warming?
A graph is worth 1000 words
Extinction event on course
No more imperial purple
Fish officially running out
Bolivia running dry
Reminder: freezing US is climate change
Keep coal in the ground -- or breathe this
I keep shouting about extinctions
There is no doubt: We are cooking ourselves
How to communicate about the effects of climate change
Geoengineering pie in the sky
Heatwave in the Arctic
Sense from Noam Chomski
Obituary for the Great Barrier Reef, by Rowan Jacobsen
Hottest year ever comingÖ again
Everest lakes
BP spews oil into the sea again
Thom Hartmann on hurricanes
Eating the (near) future
Two-way traffic in China
West Antartica on the way
Indonesia burning, again
Will Oklahoma shake fracking?
Click on the cute baby seal
Soil not as good as we thought at storing carbon
Predictions still too optimistic
Why we must live simply
We must protect the last frontier
Summer of the near future
A question about greenhouse gases
The main way weíre killing nature
Record, as usual
Sea level
CO2 still rising
Sunspot activity and climate
What happens when you heat a gas?
RIP Bolivian lake
More evidence weíre killing nature
How many planets do we have?
Kayaks against Shell
Australia feels climate change
Understanding weather
Indiaís hottest temps, ever
Beijing sinking
Passion from Bill McKibben
2016: Blue Arctic?
Open letter to Charles Koch
Solomon Islands swamped
April record high by record jump
UN: Weíre killing ourselves, and not taking necessary measures
Ten year anniversary of An Inconvenient Truth
Join the Kidsí Party!
Censoring science!
Greenland melt: never seen before
Why Nigerians want to keep GMO out
Plastic in the sea = starving whales and other animals
Bernie on fracking
Already burning
Great Barrier Reef dying
Typhoon protection
ACF on Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area
Mexico City is sinking
NOAA: sharp rise in atmospheric CO2
James Hansen on sea level rise
Leap to green with Naomi Klein
The correct reaction to climate change
Peak water, confirmed
Warmest Arctic winter?
Greenland melting ó in WINTER
Whatís a climatarian?
Jane Goodall for rainforests
Seabirds in Alaska = canary in coalmine
Deep waters warming
2014 was the warmest ever ó until 2015 outdid it
Climate refugees are here
Save energy, and money
31% of cacti threatened
Weíre killing the coral
India flooding
Emptying aquifers
Topsoil approaching tipping point
Arnie has it right
Hawaiiís coral reefs at risk
Round up the Great Barrier Reef
Scott Ludlam on nuclear power
Win $10,000 if you can disprove climate change
Paul Watson: If the ocean dies, we die!
This is how climate change works
Dalai Lama calls for climate change action
Watch Greenland melting
Spain is burning too
If it were that easy! Paris talks built up as magic solution.
Iíve been warning about this for 16 years Ocean currents may change.
A year of CO2 in a few minutes
John James on methane
Greenland ice on the move
More than twice the size of continental USA: the trash in the middle of the Pacific.
The only solution is to keep carbon in the ground
Heat waves
And the worldís glaciers are melting
Earth overshoot day earlier
July, 2015 hottest month, ever
Oceans in peril
A brief primer of the evidence
Predictions catching up with mine
Alaska on fire
Francis on GMOs
You can eat local
Naomi speaks sense
Greenland iceberg calving causes earthquakes
Oceans nearing tipping point
The World Has Lost About 230 Million Seabirds in 60 Years
On global temperatures
World population is growing
California is sinking
Jane Fonda on Arctic oil drilling: ĎThis is the fight of our livesí
2014 was the hottest ever. 2015 is hotter
New NASA data show how the world is running out of water
Why aren't we screaming? by Simon Hasleton
Alaska melting
Unprecedented alliance calls for zero pollution in Australia
65 year old mother of 13 has IVF, expecting quadruplets
How can I know if climate change is real? Iím not a scientist
Are you investing in climate risk?
Legalised theft from George Monbiot
Join with MIT in saving the world
Canadians choose climate change over tar sands
And Vancouver goes renewable
That snow in Boston
Climate scientists are real people: inspiring videos
Weíve caused Californiaís drought
Wisdom from todayís top Antarctic explorer
John Kerry has it right
Naomi Klein discovers what Iíve been saying for years
Minimum maximum for Arctic ice
Quakers succeed: forced big bank to divest.
Byron Shire leads. We must all follow: going renewable.
More on zero waste
The renewable revolution is working
Texas town goes all renewable
An entire nation on renewables
Robert Redford: Fossil Fuels Need to Stay in the Ground
Racing to extinction: a movie to watch. Narrated by Jane Goodall
Wisdom from Desmond Tutu
More on the Antarctic
Huge Arctic ice cap on the move
More of these are being found: huge blowhole in Siberia
Renewable energy mythbusting
Itís official: 2014 hottest on record
How whales change climate
For young people who want a future
Photos of the hottest year, ever
Living Planet report
Greenland melting
9th large bank abandons coal project
Fired 5 days before Christmas? It's an opportunity
Renewables Outpace Nuclear All Over the World
Ice hockey goes environmental
Tar sands in tatters?
India on organic farming path
Miners swap diesel for solar
India to eliminate coal imports
Governments sabotage solar? Councils step in
Town goes for 100% renewable power
Video of talk by John James -- must watch
Graph of global warming explains denialism
The 2 degrees warmer earth by Dr John James
Easing 4 problems with one action
More lightning to come
Addicted to oil? by Sven Ake Bjorke
Hottest October
Climate Chaos Casino: Another roll of the dice: why climate change gives the USA colder winters.
Britainís chief scientist slams fracking
Population explosion seen
Two stars speak for nature
Renewable energy rallies
Melting of Antarctic glaciers measured
All of California desiccated
Nature has hired film stars to speak for Her
Sea level rise in 20th century is a 6000 year record
News from Alaskaís northernmost town
Itís getting repetitive: warmest September
Debi Goenka: India doesnít need Australian coal
Brazil a case study: climate change is NOW
Good on you mate! Major prize winner "ashamed to be Australian"
My new essay, prompted by denial: Climate change is on track -- and it's all right.
Degrowth: Getting to the Root of the Climate Crisis: a must-read
Australian National University is divesting
Declining energy demand ó itís energy efficiency, stupid! by Tristan Eddis
Public education saves rhinos
10 things you can do to reduce planetary damage
Poor countries lead the way on clean energy
Eat local, feed global
Global Frackdown a global success
Uniting Church of Australia is divesting
100% of new US electricity capacity came from renewables in 3 of the last 10 months by Zachary Shahan
China is making huge environmental changes
Burlington, Vermont is on 100% renewable energy
Solar schools, USA
Divestment grows
Leonardo DiCaprio at the UN
Birds on the way out: humans to follow
Sea level rise
Drought in Sao Paulo becauseÖ
For climate change deniers
2014 on Track to be Hottest Year on Record
Action needed
Drought causes flood in California
Climate warriors
Kiribati President in the Arctic
A nuclear primer by Nick Sharp
Greenpeace unloads coal train
Robert Redford on fracking
Debunking energy myths
Logging kills
Good news for the Barrier Reef
Proof: climate change is NOW
Energy spill
Soot and climate change by Patrick Doyle
Grow vegies and collect your water -- if you want to survive by David Spain
Seattle to Build Nationís First Food Forest
Greenpeace ship sails
Tar sands mine suffers a blow
Chinaís coal consumption is actually falling
Reverse for Monsanto in Mexico
A battle for our forests
Kiribati is buying a backup
Rate of Arctic methane release twice that expected
...and increased storm penetration will worsen it
Pathways to Deep Decarbonization
Why nuclear is NEVER safe
Water, water...
The north is burning
Swedish archbishop on our side
Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, power stations couldn't compete by Giles Parkinson
World Council of Churches Endorses Fossil Fuel Divestment
Sun replaces coal in Britain
Are you in the USA? Do you want to switch to clean energy?
Drinking water success
Sea level rise problems -- NOW
How to Avoid Population Overshoot and Collapse by Dr Michael Mills
Climate change deniers video by George Marshall
New web site for Climate Reality Project
Peak water is here by VL Baker
Oxford University under pressure to divest
Solar on the rise
US mayors a major force for the good
Solar India
Letís follow Finland
Brazil has slowed deforestation in the Amazon
Who will pay for all that coal? Not China!
Wind farms intrude on the landscape. A telling photo from Adam Bandt
West Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse has Begun
The Urgency of Water Security by Anthony Akpan
CO2 levels sliding UP from Laurence Lewis
Oklahoma should brace for earthquakes
Another oil transport disaster
On Overpopulation and Ecosystem Collapse by Dr Glen Barry
Stanford on the right path
GetUp stops a coal disaster
...And funding for another

Compassionate Action
He didnít want charity, but received love anyway
7 Things Homeless Shelters Need Most in Winter
A boat person writes
A journalist who cares
A must-buy book
Mothering love
Real Christians
What do you do when your neighbour is attacked?
Louisville sparkles with compassion
Being the way you are is not a sin
Will your community copy this wonderful town?
It takes a village to love an oldie
16 year old boy transforms lives
Another compassionate cop
Forgive the crime against you, and pay the criminalís fine
$260,000 Christmas present
Compassion is good for you
A good cop
Food waste can go to the hungry in New York
Cartoonist rescued from hell
Compassionate business
Iíve found a new comrade, in Tennessee
Compassionate caravan back on the road
This is friendship. Be inspired
What if you accidentally kill someone?
Criminal kids
A hug to this bereft mother
Yes, Judaism is also based on metta
Just a kid, but he saved a life
List of businesses who care for their workers
She joined the homeless
Home for the neediest
These shoeboxes are brilliant
Drug testing welfare recipients?
Buddhist nun encourages compassion for Muslims
Harry Potter saved her life
A Jewish man cries out for justice for Muslim refugees
How to love a fat person
Love the Refugee
Homelessness: there but for the Grace of God go I
Compassion training
Noveau poor
Nuns show Buddhism in action
How to help refugees in Australia
True Christians show whatís right
We should all be like this gay man
Go home, lobster, with blessing
Kindness pushes a lawn mower
Judge in jail
Football club wins in the heart
She is dying, but married anyway
Syrian refugees in Canada pay it forward
Decent action in the Netherlands solves two problems
How do you make your struggling cafť take off?
Not wasted any more
Canadians do it right
Thanks, Grandma
Compassionate caravan out again, like last year
Magistrate resigns because he helped a stranger
Jesus was a Refugee
From Spain with love: refugee action
Öand from Norway
Brazil welcomes refugees
What if you won $500,000?
Homeless kids can be kids
Britainís Largest Grocer Is Giving Unsold Food To Those Who Need It
31 compassionate leaders acknowledged
Everyone is royalty -- including the homeless
3 stories of decency
CEO reduces salary to raise that of employees
Global citizens
Mama Lanaís Community Foundation
Who is charitable to a right-wing thug?
A Gangsta Gardener
Grab them young!
Decency lives in Serbia
88 year old doctor does medicine from the heart
Wonderful words from New Zealand
Heartwarming story about a boy
And 5 more wonderful kids
Random acts of kindness
One womanís compassion for jailbirds pays off
1000 Muslims protect synagogue
Putting their religion into practice
Would you risk your life for a stranger?
Home first policy in Utah works
Putting your life where your beliefs are
The dignity of income works
Aboriginal Elder stands up for refugees
The power of forgiveness
Saving babies
Time for a good cop story
Kindness is a boomerang
Love is the only thing that can conquer hate
4 minutes to give you joy
End slavery
Arrested for feeding the homeless
Light up a planet: buy a great flashlight to light up a third world home
What to do with your $100 million if you are dying?
How to raise a compassionate child by Lauren Stevens
Love is a choice
Tiny homes for those without
A song from the heart: for children in detention
Gold award for vegie gardens: a teenager helps people feed themselves
How to use your millions: football star spreads good fortune
Read about a remarkable President
Teacher ensures his students eat over the weekend
And a generous cop
A city discovers that compassion for the homeless is more economical than persecuting them
A little girl leads the world in compassion
A small Canadian town shows how
Malala donates $50K prize to rebuild schools in Gaza
Psychologists for Peace
Campaigners freed
Oxfam in the Philippines
Mama Lanaís community foundation
Climate protesters not prosecuted
Live Better magazine
Are you ready to follow? Giving refugees a home
The only answer to war
A decent, compassionate cop
Christian and Jewish leaders campaign to support Muslim community
University bossís shining example
Join the Compassionate Action Network
Happy birthday, Malala
Compassionate action continues: free dental service, by volunteers
We should all be like this 11 year old boy
Love Makes a Way: call for compassion for asylum seekers
100 richest could end extreme poverty
The main cause of hardship
Planted for anyone: free food grown in Yorkshire town
International Cities of Peace

People who Inspire
George inspires, again: West Papua
Gandhiís spiritual daughter?
A well-deserved award to inspiring kids
Trees to reverse disaster
One person can make a difference
What matters
Italian ship defies Italian racism
Two leaders lead, for survival
Thank you, Michelle Bachelet
Healing a wildlife reserve, and a community
Planned random acts of kindness
Inspiring website
Can a Christian favour the death penalty?
Money neednít corrupt
Fame and power donít necessarily corrupt, either
Blueprint for a better world
12 year old inventor
Wealth is not a bar to compassionate logic
Handmade electricity for Puerto Rico
Francis again
Hero was scared -- afterward
Wisdom from a new lawyer
The courage of her convictions
People vs. coal seam gas
Are you willing to have a GOOD mosquito bite you?
Rev. Jan Chase again
Also real followers of Christ
Edible town to copy
Black is brave, intelligent and modest
Senator Elizabeth Warren, on Motherís Day
Too young to vote; old enough to lead
Welcoming refugees brought this community together
13 year old Texan saving his future
The antidepressant mindset
Cooking up a rescue from a storm
The Florida student spearheading the gun debate in the US now has more followers than the NRA
The most beautiful girl in the world was a great inventor
The most inspiring teacher
Free food thatís good for you
In praise of Norway
A brave lady
Leonardo is wonderful
A random act of kindness
British Church leaders have it right
If you have a chronic illness
Ecowatchís 2017 list of inspirational people
Fly with the birds
Francis inspired me, again
Thank you, Sir David
What actually happens in disasters
We share the same soul
11-year-old scientist invents lead-detecting device
Action needed, says Dalai Lama
Two kids sue Trump
Francis to world
Farmer offers to buy forest
RIP John Thompson
A man of principle
Religion at its best
He used BPís prize money to help Greenpeace
Nun better
A new father
The courage of his convictions
He fosters dying children to serve Allah
James Cromwell goes to jail and on a hunger strike
A good man speaks out
Courage and compassion in Texas
The Sanders Institute
Organic climate collaboration
Supermodel works for international justice
Beef farm to organic vegs
Rooftop solar can be contagious
Leg cut off, but she is running again
Julia Roberts is Mother Nature
One man can make a huge difference
Francis, again
6 year old science star
Climate change action Ė> contentment
Respond with love to outrage
Lawyer wins in the lionís den
Inspiring speech from Angela Merkel
What sport should be about
Thank a wildlife ranger
Songs about Islam for the whole family
Youíve got to watch this
17 year old girl reduces an effect of brain injury
92 not out
Kids suing Trump over climate change
Martial arts for girls -- in Afhganistan
Gandhi would be proud of this man
Another girl with a warm heart spreading warmth
Offering money instead of begging emails
Black is beautiful ó and also smart
Happy birthday, Pope Francis
Gifted 2 blankets? Give one away!
There ARE decent politicians
Kiribatiís weightlifter
98 years old, and still fighting for the poor
The courage of a German grandmother
A lawyer for fairness
San Francisco
She makes the planet a better place
Doctor with a big heart on a little island
Iíve made a new friend
Teenager is a world leader
Poor college transformed
Refugee a rescuer
Leo does it again
Maasai girl helps her people and the environment
Offer of a swap
She is risking 2 years in jail
Listen to this man
The best birthday present
Arctic music
Please read this open letter
Wonderful grandmothers
Should prison be hell?
The way to deal with coal
Schoolgirl battles drought
Don Cheadle
Down syndrome is not doom but a challenge
Deaf or blind in Nigeria
Inspirational stroke survivor
17 young entrepeneurs to inspire you
She wonít take Nestleís filthy money
Oscar-winning actress for refugees
Dude making a difference
Naomi Klein wins Sydney Peace prize
Black is beautiful -- again
I agree with Francis
How to respond to bullying
Pope Francis washes and kisses the feet of Muslim refugees
This little girl is suing her government
Leonardoís inspiring speech
Maybe she doesnít need to learn any more lessons?
Australian concentration camp survivor speaks out
Bhutan stores 4 times as much carbon as it generates
Playing it forward
Listen to Neil Young
Two young men are changing the world
Street by street
Kissing fights hate
6 year old explains purpose of living
Leonardo has it right
The benefits of compassion
Guardian and Observer refugee charity appeal raises record £1.5m
Deadly cancer inspires this boy to greatness
Theyíre getting younger (environmental activists, that is)
The right response to hate
A little boy cancels a hate act
Pakistani farmer and judge win for all humanity
Buy Googleís domain?
Cancelled wedding a gift from the heart
Philosopher on two wheels
Black is often beautiful
Update on a fair boss
Love song to the earth
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has it right
A Buddhist copís approach to justice by Cheri Maples
A tiny girlís courage
Go on then, jail me
Better to give than to take
These little girls raise tens of thousands of dollars
Paralysis inspiration
From coal miner to environmentalist
Law of morality higher than an evil law
Robert Redford and young activist address UN
Saudi prince intends to give $32 billion to charity
He gives free haircuts to homeless
Bracelets from the heart
Thank you, Leonardo
6 year old boy changes his community
Pope Francis continues to inspire
10 year old boy makes clothes for homeless kids
Forgiveness is difficult but powerful
Youngsters want to keep it in the ground

Counselling: answers to cries for help
I hate being bitter and mean
Alcohol is ruining my marriage
How do I help my husband?
16 years of guilt
ÖAnd a fine 19 year old boy
Iím a kid with a toxic life
21 yr old daughter with borderline personality and bipolar
Iíve tortured cats to avoid killing people
My parentsí fighting is driving me crazy
But what if that child does remember something?
I havenít killed anyone -- yet
I am a lesbian
She is making my sonís life hell
Iím 15 and suicidal
Am I a sexual abuse victim?
Torn by guilt for a sexual act at 14
Is he breaking up with me?
No one would miss me if I died
I hate my life
Racked by guilt
My daughter blames me for everything
I canít help hating my family
My professor makes me suicidal
Iím obsessed with killing my boyfriendís family
Iím 16 and want a baby
I am 13 and 6 months pregnant
Should I file for divorce?
Am I betraying my wife?
Am I depressed?
I abuse the man I love
If mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be God and me
Betrayed by a friend
My husband wants me to take him back
He beats my child
She is trying to buy my kidsí affection
I am filth
In her bed
Why do I want to hurt those I love?
My daughter treats me like a stranger
I canít bear my boyfriend to touch me
My daughter rejects me
Has bullying made me into a serial killer?
Why do I want bad things to happen to me?
Did I cheat?
Why am I even breathing?
I think Iím pregnant and I dont know what to do
He doesnít like my kids
Tests terrify me
My family all have a personality disorder
Guilt is eating me up
Troubled by OCD
Whatís wrong with me?
Why am I so depressed?
Facebook contact says Iím a sexual abuser
On Prozac for 30 years
How can I help my schizophrenic friend?
I did a horrible thing as a teen
I want to live in a dystopian/disastrous world
Grieving for my father
Another girl with urges to kill
My husband wonít listen to me
She stole my son from me
I canít stand being bullied anymore
How can I help my man to work through his childhood?
How can I be nicer?
How to have a relationship with my emotionally disturbed daughter?
I feel depressed
Am I falling out of love?
Eye obsession
Iím BiÖ and my boyfriend wants to marry
My man is abusive
Iím 16 and pregnant. Can my boyfriend get into trouble?
Iím being abused at work
Another mass murderer
My daughter hates me
I contemplate murdering girls
How do I learn to trust my wife?
She betrayed me and destroyed my life
I am unable to feel love
Am I too dependent on my therapist?
My kidsí problems are strangling me
He left me and I am lonely
Parkinsonís disorder
Do I deserve to be forgiven?
Do I need A New Therapist?
Iíve become a monster
I want to be normal
Electronic messing around is getting between us
Iím easily irritated and I donít know why
Help me with my obsessiveness
Angry and lonely
I sleep to escape misery
Nightmare teacher
Father made me suffer. Now he is dying
Dad threatens to assault my boyfriend because he is colored
Fighting urge to kill
I am lying to keep my dadís secret
Torn between two loves
Do I need to murder my brother?
My father committed suicide
I have no life
I quit
Iím a sexual molester
My parents mistreat me
I want to torture and murder
I feel useless
Mother at 8 years of age
Whatís wrong with me?
Is it possible that I could have been raped as I child and no longer remember it?
I want to murder
Why do I have so much anxiety?
I have hateful urges to hurt someone
My father does what he punished me for, so I hate him
I need to help reduce my boyfriendís anxiety
Iím 11 and want to start a relationship
Are we all going to die?
I told him to go -- and now I miss him
His ex is a vampire
Why does everything make me angry?
Step children becoming intimate
Was I sexually abused as a child?
I want to commit murder
Iím distancing myself from family. Why?
I canít cope anymore
Iím ugly, friendless and hopeless
I keep crying in private
I want to die so I can be with my father
Was it rape?
My daughter hates me
Should I cut loose from my mom?
Iím so ashamed of my mistake!
How can I live with having committed sexual abuse?
I'm afraid to let people close to me

Organic vegie growing 101
Eating pesticide = increased cancer risk
Bug killers harm children
Stinking air kills neurons
And babies are most at risk
Organic vegie growing 101
The tropics is out to get you
A possible cause for the diabetes blowout
How much alcohol is OK?
Physical and mental ill health go together
Humans are carcinogenic
Hope for autoimmune sufferers
Phone safety
Probiotics protect bones
Help with alcohol addiction from Jason Adams
Grow organic or die
Are medicines killing people?
Keep safe in old age by John Moreland
A helpful site
The unacknowledged global epidemic
For Seniors Looking to Stay Sharp, Pick Up a New Hobby by Janet Campbell
Whatís in your homegrown food?
Pesticides on the table
Food dyes
Wash new clothes
Have asthma? You can reduce your environmental footprint
A useful form of exercise
Cycling is safe for the you-know-what
Proven carcinogens
Gluten-free world?
Everything you need to know about Flakka by Jason Adams
Will wifi harm you?
But phones do harm
Better than toothpaste
Polluted at birth
Coal plant harmed babies
Beautiful script for quitting cigarettes
What lurks in the permafrost?
WHO: reduce antibiotics use for animals
But there is another cause for superbugs
Helpful links for people with disabilities from Sarah Brian
All that glitters ainít gold
For frequent flyers
Cigarette filters kill
Antibiotic apocalypse
Plague probably plugged up -- for now
Alcohol lies are like tobacco lies
Links for families with a Ďspecial needsí person by Cyrus Dylan
Flying in a jet plane can kill you
Stress when pregnant is bad for your baby
Maybe avoiding infection is a good idea?
The benefits of coconut oil
Lung cancer from asbestos by team
Climate, health and wellbeing
Even "moderate" alcohol use damages your brain
Antimicrobials are anti-human?
Lead in Chinese tea
Indications of possible cancer
Stretches for oldies
Slow motion health
Bubbles make you fat?
Food industry copies tobacco tactics
How to prevent fainting
Fine soot kills
UN: pesticides harm humans (really?)
Carcinogen in your bones
Cities are bad for your health
Natureís balancing act?
Antibiotic damage, and how to fix it
Nuclear war?
How to care for your knees
Glyphosatic liver
Warming seas: toxic shellfish
Avocado seeds
Forget climate change: itís your health
Choose a woman doctor!
Does fat make you fat?
Pennsylvanian doctors against fracking
Part of their evidence is this Yale study
Feeling sick? Relax!
Disability resources
Monsanto on trial
Poker machines and domestic violence
Climate change is a health issue in Australia (and everywhere else)
Getting inked?
The consequences of child abuse
Insect repellent
A cure for black lung
Kids on vegan diets
Wind turbine syndrome
Hot chilli
Protect bananas, kill people?
Abortion can be the real pro-life action
Alcohol and cancer: the evidence is in
Is addiction a disease?
Postpartum haemorrhage
In praise of preventative screening
Another reason for breaking free from chemical agriculture
Splenda gets scientific disapproval
Drug ads on your TV exposed
Everyday pills damage the brain
How to protect your eyes from screenitis
What if We Werenít Exposed to 80,000 Toxic Chemicals Every Day?
Zika: maybe mosquito killer, not mosquito?
Exercise protects your back
Particulate pollution: one aspect of species suicide from Ken Kafoed
Blow for tobacco companies
The Troubling Link Between Middle-Aged Drinking And Dementia
Fix your carpal tunnel pain
How to flush brain waste
About Aspartame
Nuts are not to be despised
Air pollution pickles your brain
Toxins in the home
Value the dandelion
How to fix your stiff neck
TV rots your brain
The Lancet Commission 2015: Health and Climate Change
How to Diagnose Gluten Problems
Fracking radon into your home?
Roundup in breast milk
Alcohol is the worst drug
Depressed? SSRIs, right?
Pesticides in food
Feeling lonely? Youíre at risk
What Is a CSA and Why You Should Join One
Roald Dahl on vaccination
Young people with arthritis
Coal kills
The facts on gluten
Is Roundup harmful?
Do you use endocrine disruptor compounds?
Meditation alters brain
Science does give hope
Lively kid? Medicate!
Disability resources
Put Down That Glass! Red Wine Is Not Good For You! by Judy Molland
Avoiding further global warming can be done cheaply and will improve health
Wind turbine noise
Compassion is a healing agent
8 poisons you neednít buy
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories can cause blood clots
The real causes of the Ebola virus epidemic
And the facts about Ebola
The human face of a terrible disaster
New technique cures paraplegia
Mountaintop Removal Linked to Cancer by Anastasia Pantsios
Common carcinogenic foods
Skin, respiratory symptoms increase near gas wells
Coal is bad for your health from Tim Flannery
When a parent drinks, the child suffers by Rayne Golay
Watch The Video That Coca-Cola And McDonaldís Hope You Never See
This man is a butterfly -- big business is a mosquito
Childhood Leukemias Near Nuclear Power Stations by Dr Ian Fairlie
"Warm handoff" can chill by Dr Oleg Reznik
Environmental degradation is bad for your health
Urban trees help you breathe
Roundup doubles your risk of lymphoma
Laughter Meditation for Parents and Kids by Pragito Dove
Glyphosate is a disaster for human health by Dr Mae Wan Ho

Good News
XL halted again
New hope for Ethiopia
Good news for tigers and rhinos -- for now
Dutch legal system is sane
Hit poachers in the pocket
Organic state rewarded
Avaaz wins
Keystone XL slowed
Where you can change the world
Why independent courts are essential
Cricketer for trees
Roundup found guilty
Brazil safe from glyphosate
France to free itself from plastic
Insuring the future
Antarctic protection
Dutch in the right direction
Hooray for Ireland
UNESCO World Heritage Committee acting on the Great Barrier Reef
Legal in Thailand to expose criminal business
Indiaís farmers are returning to sustainable practice
Solar saves
Baysanto canít kill bees in Europe
Dugongs saved
Coal shrinks in India
Canít patent life in India
Letter of sanity
Itís legal to protest in order to save a future
British coal mine proposal canned
New Zealand bans new offshore oil exploration
Environmental Defense Fund going to space
Suing the liars spreads
EU bans bee killers
Damaging pipeline stopped, for now
Columbia river safe
Chile decides to ditch coal
I love the French even more
Chubb divorces NRA
China expands its forests, +++
Iíll have him as the Leader
France rescues American climate scientists from Trump
World Bank wonít finance fossil exploration
100% renewable sweeps US
Italy is getting off coal
Americans are represented at climate talks
How to cut smog
Tesla delivers
Brazilian rainforest safe from mining-- for now
Michael Bloomberg attacks coal
Chevron follows BP out of Great Australian Bight
1 million trees planted, in a few suburbs
France leads the world
Big coal loses in court
Solar-driven highway in Queensland
Drowned coal mine goes solar
Strawless for September
Sun rises over Australia
Amazon reef saved
Big oil is being held to account
Solar Boom
Bye, Keystone XL?
Nuclear waste dump dead
Shareholders force Exxon to consider climate change
Less coal mined
No shale holes in France
Renewables have outpaced nuclear -- even in Trumpistan
At last, Westpac gets sensible
Solar cheaper than coal in India
Lego runs on wind and sun
Swiss reject nuclear, embrace renewables
Three of four banks (may) see the light
Chicago galloping toward renewable energy
Blown away by Scottish record
China: renewables up, coal down
Health fund chooses health
Canada for womenís health
Maryland to ban fracking
More solar panels than peopleÖ
Ireland to divest
Wonderful Seattle
4 legged landscapers
Child marriage outlawed in Malawi
Another coal plant closes
We will starve carbon of money
One place protected
Las Vegas
Portugal proves: renewables are reliable
Out of tar sands, into wind
Antarctic sanctuary
San Francisco disses Chevron
British universities divesting
Coal-free countries coming
LA determined to go green
Public pressure can work!: BP abandons the Australian Bight
Health professionals win against torture
Sydney is divesting
Why renewables are cheaper
No throwaways in school lunch
Netherlands going coal-free!
Frack-free Victoria
Refugee mothers cared for
You can eat local, in Chicago
Mayors to the rescue
Oakland puts people ahead of coal
Uttar Pradesh plants nearly 50 million trees in a day
Small countries showing the way
Chukchi Sea safe
Philadelphians for a future
Solar beats coal ó in BRITAIN
Norway protects forests
Stockholm keeps it in the ground
Young climate champions WON!
And Massachusetts follows!
Evolution may be helping polar bears
Portland goes with the facts
Kids wonít go back to concentration camp
Environmental intelligence in New York State
San Francisco follows France
Thank you, we can stay!
Another big bank quits coal addiction
And the Rockefeller Fund divests too
China plans to slash CO2 emissions
Big energy company stops coal seam gas
Cheap coal is saving the Great Barrier Reef?
A strike against illegal fishing
Copenhagen divesting
Pakistani parliament on solar
Whales wonít be murdered
GMO out of Venezuela
Öand out of several US States
Renewables: another shining example
China getting off coal addiction
Öand US coal is in retreat
BP refused
Uruguay on the right track
Monsanto to be tried for crimes against humanity
Violence decreasing, despite the headlines
Enlist Duo unapproved
Sydney divesting from human rights abuses
You mightnít have heard about this conference on transforming agriculture
Chile goes renewable
Philippines will hold climate changers accountable
Portland plugs carbon export
Car-free day in Paris a success
More of Europe manacles Monsanto
California is forcing divestment
US Arctic protected, for now
John Kerry: U.S. To Increase Refugee Admissions To 100,000 By 2017
Third U.S. City Goes 100% Renewable
Albertaís government acting on climate change
Monsanto found guilty of poisoning French farmer
From Volume 14 Number 10 on. Before that, "Good News" were classified with Conservation and Environment.
Kids fed in Indianapolis
New Zealand sheds coal
21 kids sue US government over climate change
Queensland mega coal mine dying?
Dutch climate change court hearing: WE WON!
And 8 kids in Washington State too
Germany closing brown coal power plants
Chevron has to listen
What trees can do target=_blank>German alterative energy supplies 50% of need
India races on with solar
Investing in coal?
Uranium mine plan cancelled
Absolutely inspiring
Obama vetoes XL
Californian farmers store carbon in the soil
China cuts coal use
A Sydney council divests
Norway divesting
Girl lives for 2 years in New York, without generating garbage
Pope Francis leads on climate change
Australian aid cuts sexual violence in Solomon Islands

Philosophy -- understanding our world and ourselves
Elephant can count
Rapid evolution protects elephants
How you can address climate change
Value of unpaid housework
Illegitimate government
"Stone age" is a put-down
Lessons from a real historian
Science knowledge belongs to everyone
Interesting explanation of societyís great divide
Living the good life on little money
On loving the same sex
George Monbiot agrees with me
Our global foodprint
Blue whales talk to each other
Robin Hood goat
Why I am a vegan by Jarvis Rich
When canít you trust science?
Trees are people, too
Practical Advice From a Barmaid 4,000 Years Ago
Reincarnation, a chapter from my coming book.
Save the future: go childfree
Wisdom on wants and needs
Bees can learn what the Romans didnít know
Wasps are an essential strand in the web of life
On having a good life
How do you explain reincarnation?
Whatís the point of enlightenment?
Smart animals
Consumption is not only stuff
We all die -- choose when
A realist
Call for a moral revolution
Mother bears show intelligence
Mirror, mirror in the water
Animals do have personalities
Children need the benefits of play
The way to a contented life
Love these twins
10 minutes of peace
Are we living at the BEST of times?
Sustainability and people
We Need Courage, Not Hope, to Face Climate Change
Detrumping by Sven Aake
Animals are people too
With the constant growth of the human population on Earth, where do all those new souls come from, assuming that reincarnation exists?
Volunteer better than wage slave
Christians need to follow Jesus
5 guidelines for shopping less
The power of belief
Whatís wrong with renewable energy?
What is voluntary poverty?
David Suzuki on consumption
One Consciousness and Mental Unity
Should I seek a more favorable human rebirth with my actions in this life or strive for nirvana or rebirth in a different dimension?
Meditation vs. relaxation
What makes a terrorist tick?
An ethical look at the Bicoin bubble
Pigeons are people too
The cost of military spending
How to feel good about your life
Thomas Keneally on death
Environmental funeral
Nonhuman kindness to strangers
Excellent brief primer on meditation
Superstition and statistics
From oilslick to tyranny
And from oil to global bankruptcy
A "gay" fatherís lovely story
The hole in the web of life is growing
Brainstorming about the end
Peace Paulís answer to hate
How to use good science to diss bad science
Frugality is environmental conservation
The American Taliban
Wedding without waste
Our only hope is a moral awakening
Nature is as much cooperation as conflict
The three scaries
Are drives environment-friendly?
When were the best times?
Some people wear black feathers
Jimmy Carter, 1979
Adoption as an environmental measure
Meet Mrs. Frugalwoods
Landfill waste (mis)management
Call out the everyday things
What can I do to help the world in achieving the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations?
The circular economy
Real Australian history
How to have a lasting marriage
Someone agrees with me
Plants detect and react to sound
What are different ways of practicing sustainable development?
Compassion is challenging
Is the concept of past lives a bunch of baloney?
Is mindfulness just a tool?
Listen to Christine Milne
He got rid of stuff, and found contentment
The Buyerarchy of needs
Life in a degrowth economy
These little people have language
How to make meditation practically useful
Nothing can keep growing
Meditative retreat, at home
What can give hope to young people?
How dangerous is a refugee?
The Christian Right Was Right
Alienating teenagers
A band-aid: Buddhist equanimity
What unique ideas can save our environment?
Animal intelligence
Bumblebees more intelligent than commenters
Who is a Christian?
Can meditation heal our planet?
Turn anger into compassion
Vishen Lakhiani on compassion
The Medical Gaze
Religious ignorance: I am shocked
Zen wisdom
Plants with some vision
True religion
A true sage of our time
The end of economic growth
Gisela Kaplan on feathered people
Experimental demonstration: plants remember and learn
Generosity is good for you
A horrifying prediction: Trump dynasty?
Returning to sanity
Arnold has it right
Faithful America on false idols
And a compassionate take
Can you get mindfulness wrong?
Zero waste lifestyle
Do onto othersÖ
George Monbiot on political promises
Global living and sustainability: A Gandhian perspective
Why I disapprove of ecotourism
Where to put the next billion people
Broken? Opportunity for art
Right to life ó for whom?
GDP and happiness
Octopuses and squids are smarter than you think
Another beautiful post from Peace Paul
Truth about the war on terrorism
A mother is a mother, even if she has 4 legs
No new clothes for a year
Do good anyway
Drought in the Middle East ó refugees in Europe
Why all the violence?
Sterilisation at 20: right or wrong?
Oh good, a school day!
Ancient wisdom explainedÖ
Ted Trainer on the tech fix
How to defeat terrorism
How to rein in population
Renewable utopia
Thank you, Giles Fraser
Fish are people too
Wise words on the Orlando massacre
Refugees: itís happened before
Following Fermi: can the world house its refugees? From Thomas Stace
Forest wisdom
Jobs and growth
Donít tell me fish have no emotions
On the GDP
Smarter than you think (birds, that is)
You must read about the Hopi prophecies
Work that reconnects: Joanna Macy
Morality in a nutshell
8 breaths to joy
Wisdom from Ralph
Australiaís conscience speaks
This gave me shivers up my back
Bird brains can be intelligent
Thoughtful essays about the state of our world by John Scales Avery
Andrew Gaines on transformational activism
What is real wealth?
Wanting less is the path to contentment
Peace Paul on gratitude
What should a sustainable human settlement be like?
Reducing better than recycling
A retake on the Christmas myth I agree with
A simple primer on meditation
Wish all politicians were like this man
How to change punishment
What do you do if a journalist lies?
Was Jesus a hippie?
In the fine print
The right kind of patriotism
Existential accuracy: a new diagnostic category for the fully sane?
Wisdom from George
Weíre not as selfish as we think we are
Even the worst can be reformed
Nude photo shoot touches the heart, notÖ other bits of anatomy
A trauma survivorís manifesto
Paul Ehrlich on Andrew Gaines
Why I like voluntary poverty
Bernie on Francis
Inspiring essay on how to save the world
Wisdom from a Black Panther
An evangelical Christian on Bernie Sanders
Ancient wisdom validated
Real efficiency: shorter working week
Inspiring invitation from Andrew Gaines
Cat-love and dog-love: an essay at my blog.
Why forgiveness is powerful
Listen to this wonderful man: Dalai Lama
Compassion pill or compassion training?
Wisdom from an American senator
You need to know this about Amazon
More wisdom from my favourite Catholic
An answer to hopelessness
Mohammed on todayís extremists
Fish are people too
Malalaís wisdom
Iím not cured, but am healed
On war
John Harland, re being childfree
Francis on a poor, humble Church
Passionate wisdom from George Monbiot, again
What can we do, personally?
A journey
George Monbiot -- must read
The 6th great extinction event, confirmed
Beautiful words, inspiring message: the Popeís encyclical
The answer to ďWhy?Ē in pictures: unlimited growth.
Tibetan monk worth listening to
A voice of sanity
A beautiful Japanese story
Religion can save humanity
What if a homeless man OFFERED you money?
Excellent childfree article
When the sun goes from your life
Glen Barry has it right
Gandhi As An Economist
Octopus personality
Nonhuman placebo effect
What happens when we die?
Buddhist monk blasts business
A recipe for serenity
How all decisions should be made
On reproductive technology
An Open Letter To The Guys Who Run The World
What happened when I confronted my cruellest troll by Lindy West
George Monbiot, voicing my chant
Öand so does Richard Schiffman
How to live a meaningful life
Another valid argument for being childfree
The change we need, summed up in two words
A rave on rich kids
Compassionate animals
The meaning of life
Accept that you are a bombu
Repelling Evil with Something Lovelier in a World of Hurt
Pledge these 3 values
While youíre upÖ
How to deal with a crime from Roxahn Thomas
Pope: voluntary workers are builders of peace and harmony
Did these little birds show purpose, intelligence and communication?
About spiders
Refuge, the Heart of Buddhism by Rev. Ananda Paul Normann
Monbiot does it again: the age of loneliness
Honouring Martin Luther King
Pope Francis does it again
The role of suffering
29 and dying -- in an inspiring way
Instant peace
Mr Modi publicly voices my message: following Gandhi would save humanity
The meaning of life
The secret of happiness
Not everyone needs sex
Putting human concerns into perspective
Öand a different perspective; one of time
On vanity
Must read: I didnít know this about the Kurds
Childfree and no regrets
The relationship between climate change and war
Straight thinking
Why do young men become jihadists?
What consensus is ó and isnít
How to stay positive in challenging times (5 steps) by Pragito Dove
The ancient wisdom we need now
Creative genius and mental illness
Three choices
Dancing with systems by Donella Meadows
Captain Paul Watson on cetacean intelligence
33 Things I Learned by Age 33 (...or 37 things) by Mindy
I is a paradox
The answer: how to break the chain of hurting
A bit of wisdom from Janis Silverman
Forgiveness from the Dalai Lama
Dr Glen Barry: I too have a dream
Who is a primitive savage?
Best friends
Torn Between Russia and the West ó Is There a Third Way for Ukraine? by Martin Winiecki
Extremes of Inequality and limits to wealth by Dr Peter Cock
Two more reasons why I love Pope Francis
More evidence for reincarnation
Toledo, Ohio and Chippewa, Wisconsin declared Compassionate Cities
...And the Colombian city of Medellin: from drug capital to fair and livable
Buddhist equanimity is USEFUL
One of those vagaries of nature?

How to Paint a Lady by Emmanuel Ogundipe
Crying Walls by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Cinders by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Alien Life by Magdalena Ball
From Arianna
Monarch (a pantoum) by Clive Warner
Itís all in the mythology by Ian Higgins
Fax man by Clive Warner
Colony Collapse by Magdalena Ball
Insect poems
Seventy Seven Not Out, Not Yet by Ian Higgins
The White Collar Conman, by Alfredo Zotti
Horsing Around for a young friend
Christmas Magic Wrought by Googleís Keyword Elves by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Antiguaís Hope by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Poetic therapy by Alfredo Zotti
From Pendantry. A brilliant little gem.
Halloween Every day by Harry Nydick
Christmas Magic Wrought by Googleís Keyword Elves by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Such is that it may always be by Tim Knight
Fat lady, walking

Who would Jesus vote for? by Brandi Miller
We can defeat hate
Defenders against inhumanity
Kids deserve decency
Climate change is World War III, and we are leaderless
What have facts to do with energy policy?
Energy is politics
Another tragedy on the way?: ready for a new holocaust?
AVAAZ report on Trump: Financially, Putin owns him.
Mapping war
Sanity wins in Costa Rica
Solar panels block pipeline route
Malaysia moving toward compassion
Scientists into politics
Crying Wolff
Australiaís refugee policy
A compassionate view of Trump
Who is a terrorist?
Why I donít consider Trump as president
The cost of war
Prophecy comes true
Why Trumpís impeachment scares me
Canada is moving
Aliís wedding
Refugee girl is in NZ parliament
USA as the next Rwanda?
Coal kills: the disconnect in politics
Branson to Trump
Brilliant idea: Trump forest
A WW2 veteran reads the times right
Comedy in parliament
Does it fight terrorism to keep Afghan schoolgirls from entering a contest?
A pastorís rave about presidents
Nonviolent protest against Adani
A compassionate response to Trump
Climate change is a security risk, NOW
How Trump is destroying American farming
Trumpís Paris announcement boosts sales of electric buses
Trickle-down economics
Bob Brown on Adani
Dakota pipeline has leaked already
Trump and Russian criminals
Marches for science
Thank you for EPA dump
Why America needs more arms spending
Not all conservatives are climate idiots
Dutch spearhead funding for womenís services
What threatens Americans the most?
Prince Charles is a voice of sanity
German call to defend sanity, truthfulness and decency
Librarians for truth
I am Jewish, and I oppose Netanyahu
Japanese Americans for equality, from George Takei
Those jobs Trump promised AmericaÖ
Americaís first victim
What is Fascism? by Karl Kofoed
The best explanation (or the bizarre fact of Trump's success)
Pull a tigerís tail...
A good explanation of Trump
Naomi Klein on what to do
Karl Kofoed has it right
Staci Sprout on rape culture
Listen to this chess champion
Open letter to a Senator
The REAL reason Dilma was shafted
The truth about logging
Can a Christian support Trump?
The terrorist invaders swamping us with Islam
Climate action
Guardian exposes crimes against humanity
George Marshall on why Britain voted to leave the EU
What do you do with a dead nuclear reactor?
Strike 3 in Australia
Those floods explained so even politicians can understand them
Modern Nazis A report from Paul Stevenson
Brilliant satire: Stop the Votes!
Heart-rending reply to cruel ignorance
Richard Flanagan takes a stand
600 American writers against Trump
Understanding Trump
Politicians ignore the biggest issue
Is Hillary getting money from big oil?
Naomi Klein on Clinton and Sanders
I signed an open letter to Donald Trump, and you should too by Owen Jones
Greens' policy on asylum seekers
The real reason theyíre impeaching Dilma
Pope Francis Endorses Bernie Sanders for President
Robert Reich on the American fascist
How Hitler came to power
The right response to terrorism
Canadian cabinet
What's wrong with the TPP?
Whatís behind that bizarre occupation?
Robert Reich explains why itís Bernie and Donald
An eye-opener, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Trump proves Martin Luther King right
Wisdom on war
I agree with a politician Bernie Sanders on the fossil fuel industry
Islamophobia? Go back 100 years for a parallel
George Monbiot on the Paris climate talks
That rarity: an honest politician
War is wealth: here is how
My view on the reason for the attack on Paris
Terrorist vs. Muslim
Prince Charles identifies a root cause of terrorism
Goebbels was right: propaganda works
The coming source of refugees
OíMalley on TPP
Why is Julian Assange still hiding?
Australian Greens leader, on change of prime minister
Bill McKibben on Newcastle, Australia
Lessons from Chinaís environmental catastrophe
Whatís life like if youíre successfully declared a refugee in Manus Island?
Bernie Sanders at Liberty University
What does pro-life mean?
Facts about Indiaís need for coal
Kiribati: stop new coal mines
Nurses endorse Bernie Sanders
Turnback is murder
Why I am an Australian Green
We DO have an impact
Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change
Mini ice age coming???
Not all politicians are idiots
Has Donald Trump any chance? And why? by Thom Hartmann
Monsanto: I agree
Understanding the Iran deal
Domestic violence is unacceptable
Time to give Fox the boot
Can we learn from Scandinavia?
IMF: $10 million a day subsidy to fossil fuel
A bit unfair?: tax deductions for mining companies vs. green groups
Refugee petition tabled
12 Reasons America Doesnít Win Its Wars
GMOs and global food supply
Neil Young Takes on Monsanto
Climate change on trial in Holland
Australiaís cuts to foreign aid
Letís copy Alaska from Peter Barnes
Sri Lankaís new prime minister on human rights
Prime Monster doesnít want solar gift
Obama has declared war on Alaska! through nature protection.
An ďIke RepublicanĒ speaks out
Sri Lanka rejects gambling
Greens leader gets it right
Russell Brand on refugees
Monsanto shareholders attack
Uncoaling Britain
Has America gone crazy?
Australian Greensí climate policies
Inequality is not inevitable, itís engineered
Sense from a politician: Bernie Sanders
The GDP is the wrong measure, and there is a better one
An alternative to Australia's evil refugee policy
Mining is so good for the economy! Then why does it need government subsidies?
A Tale of Two Girls: Malala and Nabeela
Karl Kofoed on torture
What does ďRepublicanĒ mean?
The demise of a great nation
Want to boycott Koch?
Help a poor country fight Monsanto
Second chapter of Koch expose
A history of the rulers of America: Rolling Stone article on Koch brothers
A Prime Monsterís report card
A Republican for a carbon tax
Freudian typo? A little mistake by Tony Abbott
A telling sculpture
Janet off to Canberra. Janet Rice is travelling to her new position as Senator for Victoria -- on a bicycle.
Australiaís Prime Monster neglects global health
J'Accuse: open letter on asylum seekers
Australian immigration protesters march in silence for 300km
Advance Australia Fair? What to do about growing inequality in Australia from David Morawetz
Vermont defies GMO
Karl Kofoed on what being a Republican used to mean
Letter to the Editor of my local paper
How to change public opinion from Professor Bob Douglas
An excellent basis for politics
A little country with the right priorities
The videos 125 world leaders saw
A rare voice of sanity
Be inspired: Janet Riceís maiden speech
Defend America
Asylum-seeker children: self-harm 'shockingly high,' national inquiry hears
The Myths of Big Corporate Capitalism by Ralph Nader
The way to stop corporate lawbreaking is to prosecute the people who break the law says Robert Reich
Australian budget takes from ordinary citizens to fundÖ torture of asylum seekers
A fact of our times
Coal is good for humanity?
Pacific Islanders stop coal ships
The climate march
A picture is worthÖ
Good on you, Grannie
LAST CHANCE to avert a disaster Deprive monstrous coal mine of funding
You MUST read this interview Cecily McMillan on life in jail
Stop future whale murder
The Death-cycle of Fracking
The right way to combat Muslim extremism
Australian Greens want to counter extremism among youth, using outreach body
Poem from a child within the concentration camp on Nauru
Islamic State: listen to this analyst
Wisdom from a President
Remind me, why did Bush invade Iraq?

Sleep loss and suffering
Another insightful set of results at Queendom Blog
The power of music by Will Tottle
Hugs and happiness by Linette Garcia
On forgiveness
New parentsí depression
Protecting yourself from the news
Building resilience in kids
Less judgmental and more compassionate
Greenery is good for you
New book illustrates positive psychology
Terribly traumatised kids can be led to a good life
How to improve your marriage
What are the people who are supposedly lying about climate change supposed to be gaining from it?
ADHD as a cultural phenomenon
A brief primer on "mental disorders"
Links for PTSD
Secondary gains for acting depressed
Wisdom about depression
Could you be brainwashed?
Tortured by terrible urges: sexual abuse and murder
Difficult kids
Electronic Devices Make Caring for an Elderly Parent Easier by Marie Villeza
Answers to self-assessed sexual abusers
20 minutes of peace to change your world
Difficult kids
Maybe facts are helpful
Exercise leads to sanity
Coping with loneliness (or any other problem)
The healing power of love
Stress and health
Alcohol and antidepressants
Sex as performance
An essential step toward enlightenment
Assisting A Senior After The Loss Of A Spouse: How To Sort Through The Belongings by Marie Villeza
Climate anxiety doesnít have to ruin your life. Hereís how to manage it
Let go, and perform better
Terrorist in the family?
The Recovering Actor Gains Appropriate Knowledge by Alfredo Zotti
Doomsday psychology
Mental health effects of climate change
Happiness is a byproduct
What happens if we forcibly relive the past?
Commonsense wrong, Jesus (and Mohammed and Buddha) right
Welcome mistakes
Brief intro to positive psychology
But where does the chemical imbalance come from?
Negative Emotions Are Key to Well-Being
Despair is a killer
Motivational Interviewing for society
Mindfulness vs. resistance
Fear of flying
A marriage gym
A few hints on coping with newsitis
George Monbiot on the power of kindness and connection
Do psych drugs drive you mad?
Anxiety and addiction from Jessica Campbell
The man who is raping a nation
How to free yourself from your personal stories
Do you have a perfect soul mate?
How to meditate
Online help with depression
Rejecting diagnostic categories: a better approach
Antipsychotic drugs
Overcoming anorexia
Diagnosis: global warming
Mindfulness-based CBT
Free internet-based meditation course
Schizophrenia and substance abuse
When someone is grieving
How do I increase my working memory?
Addiction and PTSD
Guided imagery in solitary confinement
How to talk to children (even if you donít have any)
What causes mental illness?
Young lives matter -- Kate Middleton
Pain that rules your life
Drug-free ADHD treatment
No such thing as harmless gambling
How to recover from rape
The more you give, the more you get
Tantrum Taming
Dealing with despair
A better way to report violence
How to Get Out of the Dark Side of Emotions by Joan Y. Edwards
A meditation, from Janis Silverman
Mental health, not mental illness
The wonderful joys of suffering schizophrenia
Link between anxiety and alcoholism
Giving can change your life by Lois Holzman
How to help someone with anxiety
Climatologist despair; and I offer free counselling for it
Does schizophrenia require drug treatment?
Is physical punishment of kids OK?
Response from Lance Collins to physical punishment
Psychiatry coming in touch with reality?
What works for psychosis? by Alfredo Zotti
Impact of stress on health
Keep praise realistic
Recognizing Each Childís Particular Genius by Laura Grace Weldon
On "mental illness" from Alfredo Zotti
How to have a good relationship
Why can't I just get over this? Anna Baranowsky on PTSD
Pictures of grief


My books, reviewed by others
Books I have reviewed
Reviews submitted by others

My books, reviewed by others
Ascending Spiral: Humanity's last chance
Anger and Anxiety: Be in charge of your emotions and control phobias
Anikó: The stranger who loved me
Bizarre Bipeds: What IS humanity's role in the universe?
Cancer: A personal challenge
The Doom Healer series
Earth Garden Building Book: Design and build your own house
From Depression to Contentment
Guardian Angel
Healing Scripts CD
Hit and Run
Personally Speaking: Single session email therapy with Dr Bob Rich
Sleeper, Awake
Striking Back from Down Under
The Making of a Forest Fighter
The Start of Magic
The Travels of First Horse: a trilogy
Through Other Eyes
Woodworking for Idiots Like Me

Ascending Spiral
Amanda Armstrong
Greg Austin
Lauren B
Darrell Bain
Magdalena Ball
Beverley Bateman
Cathy Brownfield
Frances Burke
Brian Burt
Robert William Case
Christina St Clair
Rhobin Courtright
Allen Currie
Dave Laing
David Denham
Sara van Dyck
Chris Rhyss Edwards
Mindy Eklove
Bob Gannaway
Rayne Golay
Liana Hammersley
Carolyn Harris
Stephen Hazlett
Susan Hornbach
Veronica Knox
Cynthia Sue Larson
Jay Levy
Shirley Martin
Robin Marvel
Dean Mayes
Merisha Moora
Maria Nieto
David Norman
Cheryl O'Brien
Max Overton
Connie Peck
Yvonne Rowan
Penny Rudolph
Joyce Scarborough
Jan Sikes
Esther Simons
Kurt Springs
Caitlin M. Smith
Dr Carl Stonier
Christina St Clair
TA Sullivan
J. M. Sutherland
Michael Thal
Tyler Tychelaar
Dale Walters
Florence Weinberg
Megan Williams
Brandon Wilson
Alfredo Zotti


Anger and Anxiety: Be in charge of your emotions and control phobias
Victor Volkman


Anikó: The stranger who loved me
Michael Larocca
Cheryl OíBrien
Michael Thal


Bizarre Bipeds
Jennifer McRae
Michel Thal
Rebecca Minto
Bent Lorentzen
Robin Bayne


Cancer: A personal challenge
Janis Silverman
Gerogiann Baldino
Micahel Larocca
Paula Bentley
Nowick Gray
Brandon Wilson
Charlene Austin
Lillian Cauldwell


From Depression to Contentment: A self-therapy guide
Currently only available for advance reviews.
Theresa Hortley
Walter Stoffel


The Doom Healer series (currently only available for beta read)
Seamus Beirne
Brian Burt
Gary Clough
Gary Clough again, on The Final Battle
Jack Gilbert
Theresa Hortley
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Abasin Mandozay
Anthony Mays
Joyce Scarborough
Dita Skalic


Earth Garden Building Book
Dr Murray Hollis


Guardian Angel
Roberta Abba
Kathryn Bennett
Booklife assessment
Cathy Brownfield
Margaret Carter
Gary Clough
Rachael Kane
Ken Kroes
Rajat Mitra
Max Overton
Kevin Richardson
Margaret Tanner
Michael Thal
Sandra Warren
Florence Weinberg
Kristin Yodock


Healing Scripts CD
Janis Silverman


Hit and Run

   You will find many reviews on the book page.
Dianne Beth
Dorothy Carroll
Dorothy Day
Erik Fogg
Patricia Walker


Personally Speaking
Comments from a reader
Victor Volkman


Sleeper, Awake
Stephanie Black
Web Weber
Gianfranco Cazzaro
Su Halfwerk
Carolyn Harris
Nick Lomb
Marilyn Peake
Margaret Tanner
Michael Thal
Florence Weinberg


Striking Back from Down Under
Gloria Oliver
Susie Hawes
Michael Thal


The Making of a Forest Fighter
Max Overton
Florence Weinberg
Margaret Tanner


The Start of Magic
Charlene Austin


The Travels of First Horse


Through Other Eyes
Alan Clay


Woodworking for Idiots Like Me
Woodworking for Idiots Like Me reviewed by Ron Peters.
A response to Ron Peters.

Books I have reviewed
Dream Teams, by Shane Snow
Lance: A spirit unbroken, by Walter Stoffel
Stories of the Elders by Veronica Kirin
Brogan, by Kevin Richardson
Prosilience, by Linda Hoopes
A New Reality, by Jonas & Jonathan Salk
The Coal Truth by David Ritter
From Timor Leste to Australia Edited by Jan Trezise Also see my interview of Jan.
Moral Panic by Kevin Ecke
Elysian Dawn by Sally Odgers
Return to Life, by Jim Tucker
Whatís making our children SICK? by Michelle Perro and Vincanne Adams
Cross-Cultural Dialogues on Homelessness: From Pretreatment Strategies to Psychologically Informed Environments edited by Jay Levy and Robin Johnson
The Choice by James Alexander
Alexander the Great
Green Boat by Mary Pipher
The power of good people, by Para Paheer and Alison Cork
Loving ordinary life by Anastasia Petrenko
Half Life, by Scott Skipper
Formatting e-books for writers, by Susan Stewart
Havenís End by Greg Austin
Strong is the Maíat of Re, by Max Overton
The Infidel Next Door, by Rajat Mitra
Getting Home by Jennifer Poulter
The Chaos of Mokii by Geoff Nelder
We bought a WWII bomber by Sandra Warren
The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton
Savage Possession, by Margaret Tanner
Write Way Home, by Hedley Derenzie
Telemachus, by Peter Gray
How Far Can You Go? by John MacLean
Unmaking Atoms by Magdalena Ball
Dangerous Sanctuary by J. Q. Rose
Leaving Time, by Jodi Picoult
Prince Preemie, by Jewel Kats
Dark Seed, by Lawrence Verigin
Einaudi: Elements
Beautiful Hero by Jennifer Lau
How to get great book reviews frugally and ethically by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
I am Malala
Solutions: The Palestinian-Israeli conflict made simple by Samer Muala
Donít: How using the right words will change your life, by Bob Selden
Art Therapy and the Creative Process: A Practical Approach by Alfredo Zotti
Rarity from the Hollow, by Robert Eggleton
Tinker Bee by Erin Beth Liles
Tarmac Tales by Wendy and Dave Laing
Breakout from Sugar Island, by Seamus Beirne
Sufficiency Thinking: Thailandís gift to an unsustainable world Edited by Gayle C. Avery and Harald Bergsteiner
Persian roulette, by Oscar King
Joanís Elder Care Guide
Racing Extinction ó the movie
Ideas and Inspiration for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers by James Hutchings
Koolura and the Mayans by Michael Thal
Gaiad, by William Burcher
Shades of Blue, by Joyce Scarborough
Imperfect Echoes, by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Halfway to the truth, by Anthony Mays
Wedged: How you became a tool of the partisan political establishment, and how to start thinking for yourself again, by Erik Fogg and Nathaniel Greene
Ark, by Karl Kofoed
Blood Tide, by Brian Burt
Good reasons to kill, by Chris Rhyss Edwards
Relocated, by Margaret Fieland
Rogueís Rules, by Rhobin Courtright
Calm Ground, By Megan Williams
Dolet, by Florence Weinberg
Flowers from the Grave, by Wendy Laing
Breaking the silence, by Maria Nieto
Tales of the Symbiont Safety Patrol, by Samuel King
Quantum jumps, by Cynthia Sue Larson
Lucky go Happy, by Paul van der Merwe
Freedom is for the birds, by J. M. Sutherland
The Dreams of Kings, by David Saunders
The Star Family by Theresa Crater
Donít Even Think About It, by George Marshall
Samanthaís talent, by Darrell Bain and Robyn Pass
With Liberty and Dividends for All, by Peter Barnes
Price of Vengeance, by Kurt Springs
Dangerously In Love, by Aletta Hodges
Great News, by Karl-Friedrich Lenz
Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People, by Dennis Cardiff
The Hundred-foot Journey: the movie
Weatherwood, by Rosamond Carter
A Voice in the Night, by Erin Ireland
Blood of the Rose, by Kevin Murray
Aquarius Rising, Book 1: In the Tears of God, by Brian Burt
The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ronald R. Davis
Dyslexia, by Brenda Baird
Letís Talk About It, by Lea Rose
Arthurís Legacy, by Tyler Tichelaar
The Buddhist, by Stephen Hazlett
An artist's creative life with bipolar disorder, by Alfredo Zotti
The great first impression book proposal, by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Postcards from Mr. Pish III: East Coast, by K. S. Brooks
The 90 Day Plan To Marketing Your Book, by Melissa Se
Calm Ground, by Megan Williams
The Convict and the Rose, by Jan Sikes
The Abduction of Joshua Bloom, by Michael Thal
Recover: Healing And Renewal, by Janis Silverman
It Never Rains, It Pours: A Tasmanian murder mystery by Rosamond Carter
Calm Ground, by Megan Williams
Alchohemy: The Solution to Ending Your Alcohol Habit for Good-Privately, Discreetly, and Fully in Control, by David Norman
Ecologist Guide to Food, by Andrew Wasley
Memoirs of the 2008 and 2012 presidential election: Voice of a skeptical voter, by Katherine Greig
Ascension, by Max Overton
Dunnottar, by Janet Elaine Smith
Unrest in Eden, by Florence Weinberg
Storks of La Caridad, by Florence Weinberg
A Rose in No Manís Land, by Margaret Tanner
Dreaming Down Heaven, by Gini Gentry
Anselm, a Metamorphosis, by Florence Weinberg
The Life of Things, by Bernie Neville
Pretreatment Guide for Homeless Outreach & Housing First by Jay Levy
Flowers and Stone by Jan Sikes
Medicine Man I: The Chief of All Time by Shawn Howen
Over the Top, by Brandon Wilson
Jupiter's Reef, by Karl Kofoed
Gifts Of The Peramangk, by Dean Mayes
The Wooden Chair, by Rayne Golay
The Black Pony, by Connie Peck
Ten Yen True, by Amanda Armstrong and Christina St Clair
Listen to the Mockingbird, by Penny Rudolph
Cry Purple, by Christine McDonald
A Dream of Drowned Hollow, by Lee Barwood
The Boy Who Loved Ants: Edward O. Wilson, by Sara van Dyck
Goodbye Tchaikovsky by Michael Thal
Reshaping Reality by Robin Marvel
Build your backyard clay oven by Gavin Webber
Jamie and the Angel: Meeting Her Guardian Angel by Carol Guy
Stolen Secrets by Sandra Levy Ceren
Rouge Program, by Darrell Bain
Endless Time, by Frances Burke
Black Cow by Magdalena Ball
Animals at Play by Marc Bekoff
Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: The Manipulation of Attachment Needs
No comfort zone by Marla Handy
Hope for Tomorrow's World: A manual developed by Professor Bob Douglas
Homeless Narratives & Pretreatment Pathways by Jay Levy
Survivors: What we can learn from how they cope with horrific tragedy by Gregory Moffat
Savage Utopia by Margaret Tanner
Cara by Julia Barrett
The Area 51 Option, and 70 more speculative fiction tales by Mike Kechula
Personal Wisdom by Robert Brown
Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman
A chess book with a difference
Climate Change: An Australian guide to the science and potential impacts by Barrie Pittock
The Doofuzz Dudes Rescue Moondar by Roslyn Motter
Emotional Stimulus: How to write a personal program of wellness and healing by Georgiann Baldino
Sometimes Hearts Have to Break by Petrea King
Pay Attention, Say Thank You. Seven Rules & Practices for Joyful Living by Gail Woodard
In Memory of Central Park by Queenelle Minet.
The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif by Najaf Mazari and Robert Hillman.
Life Before Life by Dr Jim Tucker.
Coming to Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Yearning to Breathe Free: Seeking Asylum in Australia Edited by Dean Lusher & Nick Haslam.
When Kids Know Why They Try! by Dr Dan Doyle.
Natural Homebuilder, Volume Two edited by Alan Gray.
Tilting at Treadmills a DVD by John Benton.
Your designer diet by Todd Hoff.
Along the Templar Trail by Brandon Wilson.
Bodola: Chips and Pop by Christopher Chaplin .
Books by Harrison M.
Stumbling Upon my Purpose by Christopher Chaplin.
The Centurion by Alex Domokos and Rita Toews
Bird Flu: Everything you need to know about the next pandemic by Marc Siegel
The Australian Writer's Marketplace
Vassal of El by Gloria Oliver.
Climate Change: Turning up the heat by Barrie Pittock.
Blowin' In the Wind an Australian film you MUST see.
Wal*Mart the High Cost of Low Price a film review from John Gorman.
Tsunami Stories: Thailand Compiled by Bill O'Leary.
Dead Men Don't Leave Tips by Brandon Wilson.
Practical Straw Bale Building by Murray Hollis.
Coping With Physical Loss -- a workbook by Rick Ritter.
America's Unpatriotic Acts Walter Brasch.
The Complete Being by Tami Bradi.
The complete being: addendum.
Book Marketing from A to Z by Francine Silverman.
The Janus Protocol by Chas Eeles.
City of the Golden Sun by Marilyn Peake.
The Earth Garden Water Book edited by Alan Gray.
Sea Change by Cindy Dowling.
Beyond Trauma: Conversations on traumatic incident reduction.
The Fisherman's Son.
The Bean Patch.
Finding the Right Spot: When kids can't live with their parents.
The Golden King.
Funeral in Babylon.
He Never Said He Wouldn't.
Technology in Counselling and Psychotherapy.
The Bully.
The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing.
Only a Mother Could Love Him.
Nowhere to Hide.
Strawbale Homebuilding.
Anxiety Disorder Workbook.
The Winnowed Woman.
Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders.
McLellan's Bluff.
Forget Me Knots from the Front Porch.

Reviews submitted by others
Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life by Peter Godfrey-Smith reviewed by Elle Hunt
The Bookshop and the Junglest, reviewed by Clive Warner
Tinker Bee reviewed by Arianna Rich (aged 7)
It Never Rains, It Pours: A Tasmanian murder mystery by Rosamond Carter reviewed by Alfredo Zotti
The Witch-Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children, by Ross Cheit reviewed by Ken Pope
The Legend of Koolura by Michael Thal reviewed by Nancy Curteman
Rarity From the Hollow by Robert Eggleton reviewed by Adicus Ryan Garton
Fresh, a documentary by K8
The Great Disruption, by Paul Gilding reviewed by Dr Bob Douglas
Green Deen, by Ibrahim Abdul-Matin reviewed by Safa S
Love For No Reason:7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love, by Marci Shimoff reviewed by Steve Bhaerman
It was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences by June Casagrande, reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Somehwere to Turn by Linda Courtland, reviewed by Michael A. Kechula
Slang: The People's Poetry reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
A Healthy Way to be Sick reviewed by Denise Cassino
Publishing Possibilities by Cheryl Pickett, reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
A Faded Lilly by Taylor Ross, reviewed by Cassandra Skevis
A Spring Without Bees by Michael Schacker, reviewed by Lynne Cargill
Church Outside the Walls Video by David Frederickson, reviewed by Phil Harris.
Rarity From the Hollow by Robert Eggleton, reviewed by Darrell Bain.
Footprints in the Snow;Tales of Haunted Russia by James Choron, reviewed by Carolyn Harris.
Blue Diamonds by Spencer Dane, reviewed by Greg Cason.
From the Darkness Risen by Jessica Jewett, reviewed by Jim Choron.
Rural Sprawl by Ann Grobo, reviewed by Eugen Bacon.
Behind the Mask a movie review by Dr. James Choron.
Rarity From the Hollow by Robert Eggleton, reviewed by Evelyn Somers.
Dream Pictures by Carrie Lynn Lyons reviewed by Misti R. Brock.
Rarity from the Hollow, A Lacy Dawn Adventure by Robert Eggleton reviewed by Barry Hunter.
Eddie and Me on the Scrap Heap by Marc Littman reviewed by Charlene Austin.
A Murder Mystery: The Outcome Could Kill Any One or All of Us a movie review from Carolyn Howard-Johnson.
The Middle-Aged Man the Sea by Chris Meeks, reviewed by Carmela Ciuraru.
A Brief History of Neoliberalism by David Harvey, reviewed by John Gorman.
Thicker Than Blood by Penny Rudolph, reviewed by Dick Adler in the Chicago Tribune.
Alternatives to Economic Globalization by John Cavanaugh and Gerry Mander, reviewed by John Gorman.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne by Georgia Richardson, reviewed by Lea Schizas.
Thicker than Blood by Penny Rudolph, reviewed in Booklist magazine.
Amanda's Rib by Cyndia Dupre, reviewed by Charlene Austin.
Dance with Your Heart by Shirley Cheng, reviewed by Shirley Roe.
The Simple Touch of Fate: Real Stories; Real People edited by Arlene Uslander and Brenda Warneka, reviewed by Heather Froeschl.
The Keeners by Maura Shaw, reviewed by Charlene Austin.
A Promise to Keep by Ann Durand, reviewed by Susan Stephenson.
Strange Valley by Darrell Bain, reviewed by Mayra Calvani.
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins, reviewed by John Gorman.
Grab the Queen Power: Live your best life by Allyn Evans, reviewed by Lea Schizas.
January's Paradigm by J. Conrad Guest, reviewed by Zinta Aistars.
Thrips by L. R. Farley, reviewed by Susie Hawes.
Legacy of the Black Dragon by Julie D'Arcy, reviewed by Kelley Hartsell.
The Take: a film review by John Gorman.
Silverdawn by Julie d'Arcy reviewed by Kelley A. Hartsell.
The Corporation: a film review by John Gorman.
Winter Mournings by Avie Townsend, reviewed by Selena Robinson.
Mardi Gravestone Reviewed by Anne Edwards.
Skull Dance by Gerd Balke reviewed by Michael Larocca.

I am now posting new stories directly to my blog.
Angel of Life
Ancient Wisdom
100 word story in Readers Digest anthology
Do onto others...
Francis and Tony

You can build your own bamboo bike
Shopping bags are easy to make
Good tips on reducing energy use
Roof cleans air
Glyphosate-free, fair trade
Leaf blowers
Dirt into soil
Meat without killing
The ultimate solar cooker
Electronics cook the planet?
Fishermen fixed plastic problem
Untangling whales in Hawaii
Simple Ways To Go Green On The Cheap by Bailey Newman
Green toilet paper
Recycling is a con game
Bikes: bright legs better than bright body
Green clothes washing
Take away food, not packaging
More ways to unplastic
There are simple ways of saving the world
Your home can be a power station (in South Australia only)
Fuel from air almost here, butÖ
Heating/air conditioning for plants
Energy positive, in the Arctic
Coal failed -- renewable to the rescue
Sun in Britain
Leshoto solar home is a winner
Nuclear fusion power
Multipurpose urban farming
Worldís first 100% solar train
Plastic bottles strengthen concrete
Organic but chemical pest control
Stone paper
Plastics from potatoes, by Kaili Killpatrick
You donít need to poison weeds
Texas wind turbines kept working
Cow manure powers semi and other vehicles
What is cheaper: coal or wind?
Algae to the rescue?
Clothes that grow with the child
One-wheeled electric transport?
Organic footwear
CO2: turn bad into good
Water pipe generates electricity
Energy from landfill
A brilliant watering system
About clay watering pots from Lance Collins
Desalination without heat
An electric shopping trike
Plastic-eating grubs
10 things not to replace once theyíre used up or broken
Edible bottles?
A portable, modular thermosolar device
Solar charger in a pocket?
Bring your own jar in Canada
Killer waste into useful products
Solar school
Happy harbour cleaner
But why generate that waste in the first place?
Electric buses on the market, now
Wind-powered trains
Sami Grover on leverage
A new kind of solar cell on the market in 2017 = hope
Solar aluminium
Grow a chicken on your kitchen counter?
Clean without paper or chemicals
Farming of the future?
Kite power is ready
Cowless milk comingÖ
ÖAnd meatless meat, too
Donít waste the odd sock
Sunlight kills germs
Rotting batteries are good for us
Zipper stuffed? Fix it
How to use tropical soil
Young man fighting marine extinction
Sunlight into hydrocarbons
Electric highway cuts emissions
Sprout pencils
On driverless cars
You too can cook with the sun
Saving the world, one plastic bottle at a time
Peeling hardboiled eggs
Roads to glow with solar energy?
Gem stones from air pollution!
How to create a need for consumer garbage
Electricity from cheese
One for the robot: hit and run driver caught
10 tips for reducing fuel consumption
Wood to replace concrete and steel?
Baltimore cleans its harbour with clean power
Orbital rocket safely lands, but why launch it?
Seaweed farmer wins Bucky award
GMO to organic = profit
Cook with your compost
Top 10 climate change reducing ideas
Green burial taking off
Urine power
Off-grid is the future?
Salt water light
Go Elon!
5 Simple Life Tweaks to Help the Planet
Letís match the space race, for survival
Roadmap for a renewable-energy USA
West Australian wave energy project up for a prize
A house with a small footprint
Deplastic the ocean
Electric cars will soon match price of petrol guzzlers
Share solar power
8 Common Things You Didnít Know You Could Recycle
The wisdom of Edison
Hydroelectric sewerage
Turn into a tree after death
New French roofs green
An app for compassion
The unsolvable problem for nuclear power
Small is beautiful: 2 kids build lovely but cheap
The outback handwash
Worldís first wave energy project is online
Freedom from the grid?
That wretched heat-shrunk plastic wrap
Matthew Wright on evaporative coolers
8 Reasons to adopt a car-free lifestyle
Matthew Wright suggests you get rid of gas
Agricultural waste saves forests, returns kids to school
Nuclear powerís unanswerable question
Öand 3 Mile Island
Graphene: the new battery magic
Poop-powered bus
Personal power: 10 tips from Nick Sharp on saving
Breathing solar cell is a battery
Meet the Zero Energy building
Solar power has the power
Nuclear hope?
Indiaís solar canals
Save money by going carbon neutral
Wind turbine technology flies
Electric vehicle charging made easy
Some solar panels are cleaner than others
Mow without a motor

Matching language to content
Free short stories for your phone
How has writing rewarded you? What has it cost you?
Comma tips
Submissions for magazine with a message
Groups for book marketing
Writing group lists
Mary Todís annual survey of reading preferences
Encouraging youngsters to read
Freedom of the press starts with each word by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Free-to-enter contests
Free ebook converters
Book covers for a series
Beware scam publishers by Caleb Kaiser
Twitter education
Where to submit short stories
Reader survey: have your say
New book review site
Chocolate icing on the cake of life
A daisy chain of scenes
The Bio
Please protest Amazonís new review policy
Grabbing pics legally
Hints on structure
So a Reviewer Said Yes. Now what? by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Where do your story ideas come from?
Being a Childrenís Ghostwriter by Karen Cioffi
Headline analyser: a useful tool
My fictional teachers
A magic trick for writing
Iím Talking About One Person!
Bringing a story to life
Do it yourself book design
The back cover blurb
Survey of 10,000 readers
How to get a PDF onto Kindle
The Rabbit and the Seed
The Art of Critique
What makes a childrenís book stand out?
Eric Hoffer wants to love your book
Americans need not apply
A few odd points you may have worried about too
How to Handle Book Bigotry by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Copyright basics for writers by Cheryl Holloway
Writersí Boon would like to partner with you
New reader forum
Whatís wrong with head hopping?
Glimmer Train contest
Writing and suicide
Annual international contest is on
Bob Rich on writing
Toni deMaio on book promotion
The New Book Review
Do You Have a Chase Scene in Your Story?
Book contest with big prize
Designing the back cover
A writerís reward
New publisher for Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance
Are your books being pirated?
Making description invisible
Mystery Writing and the Art of Misdirection by Terri Main
An entertaining take on grammar
How to write bad sex scenes
Bookdaily with my essay on the prepublication page
What does a beta reader do?
Advice from Asimov
Fear of plagiarism by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Selling books in Britain? Support Hive
How to write a review
Avoid RejectionÖ An Editorís Checklist by Dee Lloyd
Multifarious notes
The prepublication page
100 word story contest
Is my writing right for you?
The Wounded Healer
Telling your story
Free writing resources at Open Colleges
Book blogger survey results
What makes your writing memorable?
Oh, the weather!
Extra comes to life
Writing as if there was a future
My thoughts on Christmas
One of my angels
Things that go bump in the night
What matters in todayís world?
Preparing Your Goodreads Marketing Timeline
Joan Edwards on getting reviews
Will Greenway on world building
Emotion in writing
How to start a book
Minimising rejections
Now youíve got your book, how do you get it out?
An amusing and accurate grammar guide
Pitch Perfect: 10 Tips for Writing a Successful Query by Barbara Kyle
How to respond to negative feedback
Valuable review site
Guest spot with Carolyn
They like my work
How an unknown can gain influence
Whatís fiction about, anyway?
Amazon to encourage editing
If you are offered a contractÖ
Writing tips from Hollie Glover
The tricks of telling a series, by AJ Maguire
Plaiting information
How to do description
How to write a review
What does a beta reader do?
Kidsí writing contest open for entries
A wonderful magazine
When youíre asked for a bio
Excellent resource for editors
Hacking Amazon
Who can market
Comma tips
Comma addendum
Poor structure is a book killer
Unblocking the Writer
The inquisition
Theft at Amazon
Facebook parties from Desiree Holt
Semicolons explained, very well
Do YOU think in past tense?
The mystery of -ing
Will Your Writing Be Remembered?
Iím Talking About One Person!
Getting to know you: developing character
Name traps
Better dead than said?
Me, myself and I by Florence Weinberg
Where should you question mark?
A publisher's response to a review and critique
Writing from within
12 most common word confusions cleared up
A criterion for writing decisions
Signs of the times from Michael Larocca
Grammar help
Planning instructional nonfiction
Trouble with some words?
Half the job doneÖ
"Oh, I never read a prologue..."
The Real Cost of the 99-Cent eBook by Donna Brown
Need a little help with the stupidities of English?

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