The Birds of Moora Moora

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   This list of birds observed at Moora Moora was supplied by Russell and Carmel. Much of the work of collecting the information was done by Tut Wellington, Ruth Miller's friend. The page numbers are from the Readers Digest "Complete List of Australian Birds".

Page Name2 Name1 AltName1 AltName2 Comment
88white ibis   
102black duck   
109wood duckmaned goose  
116black-shouldered kite   
124grey goshawk   
129wedge-tailed eagle   
139 bush turkey   sanctuary escapee
142sp.quail  ? brown
171masked ploverspur-winged plover  
231domestic pigeon   
240common bronzewing   
241brush bronzewing   
248wonga pidgeon   
252yellow tailed black cockatoo   
254gang-gang cockatoo   
256 galah   
258sulphur-crested cockatoowhite cockatoo  
260rainbow lorikeet   
266king parrot   
276crimson rosella   
279eastern rosella   
295pallid cuckoo   
296fan-tailed cuckoo   
303boobook owl   
310 tawny frogmouth   
314white throated needletailneedle-tailed swift  
318laughing kookaburra   
332superb lyrebird   
339welcome swallow   
342richard's pipit   
344black faced cuckoo shrike   
351ground thrushwhite's thrushspotted thrush 
352 blackbirdOuselmerle 
356rose robin   
358flame robin   
359scarlet robin   
364eastern yellow robin   
372olive whistler   
372rufous whistler   
375golden whistler   
379grey shrike-thrush   
391grey fantail   
393 willie wagtail   
396eastern whipbird   
408suberb bluewrenfairy wren  
423 pilot bird   
429white-browed scrubwren   
435brown thornbill   
440yellow-rumped thornbill   
440striated thornbill   
452white-throated treecreeper   
455red-browed treecreeper   
474lewin's honeyeater   
496new holland honeyeater   
496crescent honeyeater   
507eastern spinebill   
516 mistletoe bird   
517spotted pardalote   
523 silver eye   
524european goldfinch   
528red-browed firetail   
546common starling   
566australian magpie-larkmud lark  
573grey butcherbird   
575australian magpie   
576pied currawong   
577grey currawong   
578australian raven   
579little raven   

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